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Geek Parenting June 2017

Geek Parenting is dedicated towards providing the best source of information to help parents in today’s technology-savvy and digital world! Covering broad areas such as Toys, Gadgets, Kidspreneur, Education, Travel and Photos/Videos, there will always be cool stuff you can do as a parent together with your kids all year around! Whether you want to teach your kids how to program or spoil them with geeky toys, you won’t want to miss out!

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editor’s note

Our kids go through a lot of ‘firsts’ throughout their childhood into their teens (some more scarier to deal with than others). But is the relatively new and ever evolving one of how to deal with the internet something we might be neglecting? The advent of coding and technology being so available to children is a wondrous thing and opens a whole host of possibilities for their futures. However, having all that information and interaction can be overwhelming for a young developing mind, in ways they might not realise. It is especially important in those first few years where they venture out beyond the apps we let them play, or youtube videos we let them watch, that we need to make sure they are equipped to deal with their digital adventure.…

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Amanda Wright Mum of two boisterous little girls, Amanda is a freelance copywriter and proof reader with over 10 years’ experience in the world of marketing and communications. Amanda writes for a number of publications and small businesses, whilst working around the school run, gymnastics, dance class, netball, cricket and well just daily life! David Layzelle David is the owner of 73 Ltd, the premiere freelance writing company, specialising in Academic work, Business writing, game reviews, and purely creative assignments. He is a single parent, juggling two kids, running a successful writing business, and playing the latest Xbox game throughout the day. Zunammie Keren Zunammie is a freelance writer who specializes in technology and education related topics. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Technology, Jamaica. On most weekends you can…

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the geeky monthly

BYTE SIZED NEWS GOOGLE I/O ROUND-UP Google have announced the new feature rich Android 0 (most likely the new Android 8.0) which has also undergone some cosmetic changes to it’s UI. One of which is the notification dots, somethings already seen on iOS. However, by long pressing on an active notification dot, you can access a number of quick links, including a preview of the notification itself (see left). Here’s a quick round-up of the other features: Picture-in-Picture Whilst on youtube, you can press the home button and continue to view the video you are watching in a small pop up screen. Useful if you want to take notes of it in a note app. Smart Text Selection Phones are able to pick up numbers, but this will be smart enough to recognise entire addresses by…

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how best to use your home assistant

Back in 1977, Ken Olsen, the founder of the Digital Equipment Corporation, predicted that no one would need a home computer, such was their specialism. He was pretty much looking good with his prediction until the advent of microelectronics and usable operating systems, but his sentiment was based more on a question of “why would people need them?” Plainly, people did find a need for them, but that didn’t stop many uttering a similar question was uttered on social media sites when Amazon launched their Alexa. What, they asked, would one do with a voice-operated computer device? The answer, it turns out, is lots of stuff. THE GROWTH OF HOME AI In 2015, Alexa was installed in around 2.3 million homes and that had reached 5.2 million a year later, so undeniably…

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the best alexa tips & skills

Shop til’ you drop. Being an Amazon product, Alexa excels at buying your products from the online retailer. Just ask Alexa to order something by reference number and it’s on its way. Stream Music. Ask Alexa to steam through either Amazon or Spotify and you’ll have music to your taste on tap. If you subscribe to Premium, you can ask for specific songs and artists too. That’ll brighten up your day. Find your phone. Simply sign up for a TrackR account and find your mislaid phone. Asking Alexa to find your phone makes it ring at full volume and identifies where it is. Useful if you have put it down somewhere in the house, but less useful if it has been lost in the street, left on a train, or dropped overboard…

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the best home things to do

Forget everything. With Home and Todoist, you don’t have to remember those niggling little things like what day it is or your partner’s birthday. Whatever you want remembered, can be fed into Home and is available whenever you ask for it, which you still have to remember to do. Translate. Google Translate is beloved of anyone translating emails of blocks of text, and this has been placed into the Home device too. Speak a phrase and let Home tell you what it means, though based on your ham-fisted pronunciation. Adjust the Heating. Home connects effortlessly with Nest, Hive, Samsung SmartThings, WeMo, and Honeywell smart appliances. Turn up the heating, dial down the lights, and stick your feet up in front of your favourite Netflix or Chromecast shows – which Home can stream…