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Geek Parenting May 2017

Geek Parenting is dedicated towards providing the best source of information to help parents in today’s technology-savvy and digital world! Covering broad areas such as Toys, Gadgets, Kidspreneur, Education, Travel and Photos/Videos, there will always be cool stuff you can do as a parent together with your kids all year around! Whether you want to teach your kids how to program or spoil them with geeky toys, you won’t want to miss out!

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editor’s note

Could chatbots replace mobile and web applications as we know them? It’s not entirely unthinkable, and there is certainly a convenience and natural ease in ‘talking’ to your device which the likes of Siri and Google have already kicked off over the past few years, and more recently home assistant devices like Alexa and Google Home. It also has the added benefit of keeping your hands free to focus more on parenting purposes! Having your diary, emails etc. read out to you instead of flicking through your phone whilst getting the kids ready in the morning definitely improves the hectic multitasking we all go through. It’s a growing, teething technology not without it’s drawbacks. For example, more than a few chatbots still cannot quite understand more complex questions and will repeatedly…

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Amanda Wright Mum of two boisterous little girls, Amanda is a freelance copywriter and proof reader with over 10 years’ experience in the world of marketing and communications. Amanda writes for a number of publications and small businesses, whilst working around the school run, gymnastics, dance class, netball, cricket and well just daily life! David Layzelle David is the owner of 73 Ltd, the premiere freelance writing company, specialising in Academic work, Business writing, game reviews, and purely creative assignments. He is a single parent, juggling two kids, running a successful writing business, and playing the latest Xbox game throughout the day. Zunammie Keren Zunammie is a freelance writer who specializes in technology and education related topics. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Technology, Jamaica. On most weekends you can…

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the geeky monthly

PING Ping is a tiny GPS tracker that can track your little one (or anything you need to track) anywhere in the world. As well as GPS, it also utilises cellular and Bluetooth to increase it’s chances of being picked up (the cellular comes with a data plan which they offer). It features a button which when pressed once, alerts you of their location and when pressed for longer, sends out a distress signal. What’s also neat is that it is waterproof by up to 30 feet. BYTE SIZED NEWS Brained Powered Facebook Facebook are reportedly working on a way for us to use computers with only our thoughts. They want to develop a technology that will allow us to type directly from our brain, bypassing speech or physical typing, without the need for…

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rise of the human machines

GHOST IN THE SHELL This month has seen a Hollywood reboot of Japanese media franchise phenomenon Ghost in the Shell, the anarchic Manga series dealing with human-machine enhancement. While the Japanese original won many fans, Tinseltown has bought the notion of cybernetics to a far greater audience, and with it comes the recurring dream of enhancing our bodies with technology, something that continues to influence us. WHERE ARE WE NOW? While the resilience of our bodies are improving, thanks mostly to improved lifestyle as much as better medical care, our technology is fast overtaking our ability to heal and repair, and in doing so offers a new route to a more active life, but possibly also a more fulfilled one too. The human body is an amazing piece of equipment, but it is…

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the cloud explaining it once and for all

Ok, this may not be true for everyone but for many parents we aren’t as up to speed with our kids when it comes to technology and certainly when we talk about “The Cloud” we may know the basic concept, but do we really know what it is, what it does and what it’s capable of in terms of helping us? The truthful answer is probably not. The hardest thing, understanding how it’s now impacting on our children’s lives in terms of how they operate and work, for example does anyone still write out and hand in an assignment? Or meet their team at the library to work on their project? With everything moving towards the cloud (if it’s not already there) maybe it’s time to find out some further information…

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will chatbots take over?

What would Alan Turing have made of Alexa? Well one thing’s for sure; he wouldn’t have confused it with a real person within the prescribed five minutes, given the home control ‘bot’s frequency of misunderstanding commands and inaccuracy with regional dialects. But Alexa isn’t intended to be perfect – not yet anyway – as we are still only in the beginnings of Artificial Intelligence (AI) but judging where we are now, compared to just a few years ago, seamless commands and impeccable understanding are only a short way off. Give it a couple of years, and Turing could be chatting to a ‘bot as though it were his mother and never know the difference. Chatbot’s are going to change how we do everything!! OK, COMPUTER Chatbots’ – computer programs that interact with…