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Geek Parenting September 2017

Geek Parenting is dedicated towards providing the best source of information to help parents in today’s technology-savvy and digital world! Covering broad areas such as Toys, Gadgets, Kidspreneur, Education, Travel and Photos/Videos, there will always be cool stuff you can do as a parent together with your kids all year around! Whether you want to teach your kids how to program or spoil them with geeky toys, you won’t want to miss out!

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editor’s note

Sometimes not enough emphasis is placed on creativity. Of course, ‘creativity’ can cover a broad spectrum and is not just confined to the arts, which is a common misconception. There is creativity in technology such as finding a way to rearrange components to fit a smaller device, or creativity in a business plan that can help a start up stand out in a saturated market. Some researchers have suggested that teachers tend to favour creative students less and are more likely to consider them unruly and unproductive, such as trying to do things their way, in a different way. There is the idea of conformity vs. innovation. For example would you consider a creative surgeon? Generally you would prefer the surgeon to use tried and tested techniques, however if there was…

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Amanda Wright Mum of two boisterous little girls, Amanda is a freelance copywriter and proof reader with over 10 years’ experience in the world of marketing and communications. Amanda writes for a number of publications and small businesses, whilst working around the school run, gymnastics, dance class, netball, cricket and well just daily life! David Layzelle David is the owner of 73 Ltd, the premiere freelance writing company, specialising in Academic work, Business writing, game reviews, and purely creative assignments. He is a single parent, juggling two kids, running a successful writing business, and playing the latest Xbox game throughout the day. Zunammie Keren Zunammie is a freelance writer who specializes in technology and education related topics. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Technology, Jamaica. On most weekends you can…

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the geeky monthly

SHIFU ORBOOT The Orboot updates the classic globe by making in interactable with Augmented Reality. By placing your tablet over any country it will bring up extensive details from wildlife to culture, along with educational voiceovers to even local music, presented with 3D animations! After a successful campaign on Indiegogo it will be released in October this year. BYTE SIZED NEWS Future Planet Defender Protecting the world from alien threats is a dream job for any 9 year old. And when NASA made an official ‘“planetary protection officer” position available, fourth-grader Jack Davis had no second thoughts about applying. He made his case by outlining his credentials as a guardian of the galaxy and having seen most space and alien movies that he can see (as well as his sister calling him an alien!)…

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ai games

Artificial intelligence has been getting a fairly bad press for decades now. Whether it’s the power behind killer machines, or simply making our decisions for us and effectively enslaving the human race, our celluloid visions of AI are generally dark and foreboding. While AI doesn’t yet exist in the truest sense, we are getting close, and with companies like Google developing the Deepmind program, and Facebook working on AI-driven facial recognition software, we have taken several steps towards true machine intelligence. While these two systems are fundamentally different in how they search, they share a common aspect in using advanced AI to run them. That’s all well and good, but there seems to be unexpected elements that are just a little bit sinister. Google’s Deepmind has been unleashed in the world of…

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getting kids creative

In the digital space now it can sometimes seem hard to get kids creative. For example, sitting them down with a coloring book and some pencils is not something which they might take on lightly (well not for very long at least). But what about if you downloaded Paint Sparkles Draw, or the Princess Coloring Book, apps which basically let your kids color in and draw on their tablet! You can choose what colors you use, erase any mistakes, save your work and of course with it being online you also have the option to print their artwork out. So you still have their handiwork proudly displayed on your fridge. More available than ever before It’s about finding out what’s out there in terms of gadgets, toys and apps and then getting kids…

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creative activities

If a week is a long time in politics, six weeks is an eternity for children, and keeping them occupied for all that time is a task for parents. Kids are easily tempted by expensive days out and we as parents often give in to them, just to keep the status quo, but it is perfectly possible to not only fill their days, but also feed their imagination for a lot less that you may think. All it takes is a little imagination, and a few props. Take, for instance, DIY funny faces, in which you construct an array of different faces on three sections of a flip book – Eyes, noses, and mouths – and mix and match them to make the funniest faces. Getting three or four children to…