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Girls' Life magazine August/September 2020

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Girls' Life is the #1 magazine for girls ages 10+. Expert advice on school, friendship, family and crushes plus fab fashion inspiration, skincare and beauty tips, pro fitness advice, craft and party DIYs, celeb interviews and more. Parents' Choice award winner.

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sabrina carpenter is embracing her inner awkwardness

Last summer, Sabrina Carpenter was sweating it out every day on the set of her new Netflix movie Work It. These days, her life (like everyone else’s) is in extended chill mode—which mostly involves hanging out with her dog, Goodwin, who she says was “literally passed out” right next to her when she called us to talk about the movie and life in general. In Work It, Sabrina, 21, plays Quinn, an overachiever who ends up fabricating an award-winning dance team in a bid to get into the school of her dreams—and then has to make the lie a reality, turning a ragtag group of non-dancers into a competitive team. If imagining Sabrina Carpenter—who has slayed audiences with her singing and choreography chops during her world tours—as a truly terrible dancer is…

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must list

tv | streaming UPSIDE-DOWN MAGIC DISNEY CHANNEL At the Sage Academy for Magical Studies, Nory Boxwood Horace (played by Izabela Rose) figures out how to shapeshift into animals. Which is awesome—except when she turns into a “Dritten” (half-dragon, half-kitten, ofc). Her magic is deemed defective (aka Upside-Down). Nory sets out to prove her special talents aren’t so backward after all. JULY 31 THE SLEEPOVER NETFLIX Sadie Stanley stars in this adventure comedy about two siblings, Clancy and Kevin, who discover that their “normal” mom is actually a former thief, now living in the witness protection program. When their parents are forced to pull off one last heist, things go sideways—and Clancy and Kevin team up to rescue them. AUG. 21 SECRET SOCIETY OF SECOND-BORN ROYALS DISNEY+ Second-in-line to the throne, Sam (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) winds up in boarding…

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8 new books to toss in your beach bag

(now that you can, you know, go to the beach) PARACHUTES BY KELLY YANG KATHERINE TEGEN BOOKS, $19 Claire comes from a wealthy family in China. Dani is a standout debater with big dreams—and takes serious issue with privileged kids buying their way to the top. When Dani becomes Claire’s scholarship student host sister, both are reminded things are never as they appear. An excellent story of two girls from opposite worlds who emerge from the ashes stronger, together. THE KINDER POISON BY NATALIE MAE RAZORBILL, $19 In the fantastical world of Orkena, Zahru is a lowly Whisperer. Even though she can talk to animals, Zahru will never rise much above her stable-girl status. But that changes when the Grand Leader announces the Crossing, the race across the desert between three heirs. At the end, the race winner…

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kiss and tell with joel courtney

In The Kissing Booth 2, Joel Courtney plays the kind of BGF every girl dreams of. In real life, he’s just as awesome as his character, Lee Flynn—and equally great at giving advice on all things related to life and love. Need proof? Just keep reading. How do you and co-star Joey (King) compare to Lee and Elle? One of the best things about our on-screen relationship is how similar and exact it is to our offscreen friendship. I think the fans are going to absolutely love the sequel—it’s just more of Joey and me being goofy and funny and side-stitching together. What’s the biggest relationship lesson you’ve learned? Communicate openly and kindly, and be willing to listen. There are a lot of things that are just awkward to talk about, but if you…

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going back to school

it’s that time of year again, when we start putting away our flipflops and sunscreen and stock up on backpacks and books. Been there, done that, right? Not this year. This is not just any back-to-school season. Thanks to all the social distancing and lockdown orders we went through last spring, this is poised to be a back-to-school season of epic—even cinematic—proportions. Regular school life may feel like a distant memory, but don’t forget just how wrong Hollywood gets all things academic sometimes. Here are three lies movies and TV love to tell about #StudentLife—and two things they get right. School hallways are like miniature fashion runways. THE TRUTH: Fashion is way, way less of a priority at school IRL than shows would have us believe. First of all, a lot of schools have…

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good jeans

THE ’80S SLOUCHY DENIM 101 CHECK THE LABEL Jeans made with more stretch (elastane) are more likely to get baggier with wear—so consider sizing down. Even if they feel tight at first, they’ll relax as you live in them. HELLO, JEAN QUEEN Polished, classic basics like a silky blouse and a moto jacket = you living out your ’80s movie dreams. THE WIDE LEG DENIM 101 SKIP THE WASH Hear us out: Don’t wash your jeans often if you want them to keep their color/shape. Instead, stick them in the freezer for a few hours to help kill any smelly bacteria. Good as new! SOFT + FLOWY Pro tip: All that volume pairs best with a fitted silhouette up top. Cinch your jacket or half-tuck your sweatshirt to nail that very of-the-moment look. THE NEW BOOTCUT DENIM 101 RECYCLE IT What do…