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Girls' Life magazine October/November 2020

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Girls' Life is the #1 magazine for girls ages 10+. Expert advice on school, friendship, family and crushes plus fab fashion inspiration, skincare and beauty tips, pro fitness advice, craft and party DIYs, celeb interviews and more. Parents' Choice award winner.

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xoxo karen

Full confession: I came late to the whole The Baby-Sitters Club thing. I never read the classic books growing up (though my 8-year-old entrepreneur self, who was busy with a barrette business, wholly approved of bossing up the babysitting game). So whenever the series came up in conversation, I wasn’t ever *really* sure if I was a Claudia, Kristy, Stacey, Mary Anne or Dawn. Fast forward to now: Netflix let me know they were rebooting the series…and would GL be interested in doing a cover? While I may not have been the OG BSC super fan so many of my friends are, I knew it would be huge, so I started streaming…and I couldn’t stop. OK, sure, it began as research. Then it morphed into hours of eating Twizzlers (how Claudia of me),…

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get xochitl and shay’s beauty vibe

It’s PSL (or whichever fall classic you have no shame in loving) season and we’re all about the cozy vibes. So let your makeup reflect your mood. First, sweep a gorge rosy blush on the apples of your cheeks for a firesideworthy glow. Then, define your brows—they do frame your whole face, after all—by filling them in with a brow pencil or just setting them in place with a clear gel. To add a little dimension to your dreamy look, mix and match shadows from your fave palette (we love Xochitl’s pop of peach for school and Shay’s golden glimmer for an evening out). Keep your lips natural with a bit of shine to tie it all together. WIN this collection for you and your bestie! Go to girlslife.com/lacolors2020 SHOP THE LOOK AT…

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the not-somysterious millie bobby brown

Make a list of everything you want to be when you grow up and, chances are, that list will basically describe Millie Bobby Brown. You know, minus the actually being grown up part. Yes, she’s an actor (look for season four of Stranger Things next year), but she’s also a beauty mogul (her line, Florence by Mills, is seriously amaze) and, now, a powerhouse producer, too. At 16, Millie just helmed her latest masterpiece, Enola Holmes (premiering on Netflix Sept. 23), in which she stars as Sherlock Holmes’ equally brilliant, masterful, mystery-solving younger sister. With a résumé like that, it should go without saying that Millie is one of the busiest humans on the planet. But playing Enola clearly rubbed off on Millie, because she solved the real-life mystery of how to carve…

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MAX MAX, COLOUR VISION MAX, the musical genius behind 2018’s megahit “Lights Down Low,” is releasing his third studio album this fall with singles like “Love Me Less” and “Checklist,” plus collabs with Kim Petras and Hayley Kiyoko. INTRODUCING… Madison Reyes If you love High School Musical and Descendants, then get ready for your next big obsession: Netflix’s Julie and the Phantoms. The series stars newcomer Madison Reyes, 16, as Julie, who finds an old CD while cleaning out her garage after her mother passes away. When Julie plays the CD, she unleashes three ghosts (three cute, teen boy ghosts, ofc) who help Julie find her voice in the midst of her grief. And just like that, their band, Julie and the Phantoms, is born. IRL, Madison is a force to be reckoned with. The New York…

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we’ve found your perfect scary reading pick!

CHOOSE A SPOOKY EMOJI, THEN YOUR FAVE HALLOWEEN CANDY A WICKED MAGIC BY SASHA LAURENS RAZORBILL, $18 The Black Book granted Dan and Liss the power to perform spells—leading to all kinds of witchy fun. That is, until a spell goes wrong, leaving Liss’ BF, Johnny, missing. Their friendship ruined, Dan and Liss abandon their witchy ways—until new girl Alexa arrives, who also has experience with dark magic. DAUGHTERS OF JUBILATION BY KARA LEE CORTHRON SIMON & SCHUSTER BFYR, $19 Controlling her superpowers isn’t 16-year-old Evvie’s biggest strength, but she must learn to contain her genetic gift so that she can fight against the evil that is coming for her African-American family in the 1960s Jim Crow South. CITY OF SECRETS BY VICTORIA YING VIKING BFYR, $21 Ever is an orphan assigned to guard a secret in a complicated puzzle of a…

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A BABYSITTER’S GUIDE TO MONSTER HUNTING NETFLIX First-time babysitter Kelly Ferguson runs into a major issue when the kid she’s watching is stolen by the Boogeyman. Luckily, there’s a very special group of people out there to help Kelly: a secret society of babysitters. THE MANDALORIAN: SEASON 2 DISNEY+ Obsessed with The Mandalorian? Hi, us, too. Prepare to enter your happy place: Baby Yoda, aka the cutest little alien in all the galaxy, is back. ISSAC RYAN BROWN is your next BGF…you just don’t know it yet Raven’s Home is back for season four—and that means more of the show’s crushable breakout star, Issac Ryan Brown. How do we know he’s your next low-key perfect best friend? Well… HE KNOWS HOW GIRLS THINK—SERIOUSLY. “I have four sisters. I never want them to feel like they can’t tell me…