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Girls' Life magazine August/September 2021

Girls' Life is the #1 magazine for girls ages 10+. Expert advice on school, friendship, family and crushes plus fab fashion inspiration, skincare and beauty tips, pro fitness advice, craft and party DIYs, celeb interviews and more. Parents' Choice award winner.

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xoxo karen

To say that this will be a school year unlike any other is, um, an understatement. Everything has changed…and yet it hasn’t (masking might still be a thing for a bit longer, but caf mystery meat = forever). And while being back might feel super weird (especially if you haven’t been in person since who knows when), this year is also the chance to take everything you learned in 2020 (think: how you want to spend your time and with whom you want to spend it) and put it into action. There’s no doubt that learning to put yourself first and communicating your needs takes practice, patience and more than a little guts—but being honest about what makes you happy is a skill you absolutely can master. Think back to where your journey…

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back-to-school fun and freebies

TO ENTER Go to girlslife.com • Look for the giveaway box • Click on the prize and enter • Enter for all prizes all month long • Enter as many times as you want • Open to U.S. residents only GRAND PRIZE One glam girl will win this dazzling beauty bundle from Smith & Cult (worth $263!). Create endless epic lewks with these glitter eyeshadows, lip glosses, nail polish and more. 1. INSTAGRAM.COM/CHARLIDAMELIO, 3. INSTAGRAM.COM/WALKER_ASH, 5. INSTAGRAM.COM/YAYA.HOME.VINTAGE, 7. INSTAGRAM.COM/HIGHSCHOOLMUSICALSERIES, 9. INSTAGRAM.COM/URBANOUTFITTERSHOME, 11. INSTAGRAM.COM/PRESSLEYHOSBACH, 13. INSTAGRAM.COM/KHERISPOPPIN, 19. INSTAGRAM.COM/THEGIRLS.INSPO, 20. INSTAGRAM.COM/THENECTARY, 21. INSTAGRAM.COM/STARBUCKS, 23. INSTAGRAM.COM/MOLLIEMAERESIN, 25. INSTAGRAM.COM/YOURAESTHETIC_JOSOS, 29. INSTAGRAM.COM/FRANGIPANIBINE, 31. INSTAGRAM.COM/VANESSAFERRAIOLO.…

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Do these 10 things before summer is over Chewing gum is one of them! 8 somewhat surprising study hacks 5-minute breakfasts to jump-start your morning 25 fire first-day fits The perfect playlist for any back-to-school mood Quiz! Which after-school passion should you pursue? How to get your crush to notice you this year School’s back in sesh so make the weekend *count* 10 THINGS: INSTAGRAM.COM/BRYANT, CRUSH: INSTAGRAM.COM/BROOKLYNANDBAILEY, WEEKEND: INSTAGRAM.COM/BRYANT, PLAYLIST: INSTAGRAM.COM/MAKHYLI, FIRST DAY: INSTAGRAM.COM/ZAHARAJUAREZ, STUDY HACKS: JULNICHOLS/GETTY IMAGES, QUIZ BRUSHES: MITSHU/GETTY IMAGES…

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addison’s all that

Addison Rae traveled from our phones into our hearts thanks to her incredible TikTok vids. Now she’s officially invading larger screens as the star of He’s All That, Netflix’s gender-swapped remake of the classic '90s rom-com She’s All That. In the movie, Addison plays popular girl Padgett, who bets that she can turn “loser” Cameron (played by Tanner Buchanan) into the prom king. We caught up with Addison, 20, who spilled the tea about the movie, her co-stars—and her IRL high school experience. Girls’ Life: You’ve been open about how much work you put into preparing for your acting debut in He’s All That. What was the biggest challenge? Addison Rae: Not looking at or in the camera, which is a big change from filming the content I’m used to creating. But it…

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12 recs for tfw you need new content

NEVER HAVE I EVER (NETFLIX) Never Have I Ever is one of those rare shows that actually gets high school—and all the drama that comes with it. In season two, we delve deeper into Devi’s life *plus* see her navigate some new romance as well. Which, yes, please. JULY 15 THE BOSS BABY: FAMILY BUSINESS (THEATERS AND PEACOCK) Tim and Ted (aka the OG Boss Baby) have grown up (and grown up apart) by the beginning of this sequel, but they’re reunited when a new Boss Baby named Tina sends them on a fresh mission. JULY 2 GOSSIP GIRL (HBO MAX) Embrace your bougie side and get ready to sip some steamy Upper East Side tea because Gossip Girl is officially back. Yes, the characters are different, but the mix of luxe fashion and addictive…

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we found the perfect pages for your pack

HOW TO BECOME A PLANET BY NICOLE MELLEBY ALGONQUIN YOUNG READERS, $17 Pluto, 12, wants to have a fun summer spending time with her bestie Meredith and hanging at the planetarium—but her depression and anxiety has other ideas. When Pluto's mom persuades her to work at their pizza shop, Pluto bonds with Fallon. Together, they forge a friendship while learning to navigate the challenges of growing up. THE BOX IN THE WOODS BY MAUREEN JOHNSON KATHERINE TEGEN BOOKS, $19 High schooler (and amateur detective) Stephanie “Stevie” Bell is back to solve another deadly mystery. This time the year is 1978, at a camp called Sunny Pines. As she investigates, Stevie winds up on a true crime podcast about the case. But things at Sunny Pines soon take a dark turn: Forget solving the case—Stevie needs to make…