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May 2021
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Girls' World is a children's magazine for girls ages 7-12. It's filled with crafts, party ideas for fun with friends, and advice for everything in a girl's life! It's designed to inspire creativity through artwork, crafts, and recipes.

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United States
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2 min.
make a tabletop basketball game!

What you’ll need: • scissors• paint brushes• glue• permanent markers (in various colors)• crayons• paper plate• bottle cap• rubber band• paint in various colors• construction paper• metallic markers (optional)• glitter glue (optional)• shoebox (one that has a connected, fold-over lid)• popsicle sticks• small paper cup• white modeling clay Directions: 1 Unfold and cut off the three flaps around the lid of the shoebox; cut off the front panel on the bottom of shoebox. Cut diagonally down the side panels on the bottom of the shoebox. Turn the box so the bottom of it is facing away from you. 2 Next, lightly mix brown and white paint on disposable plate. Paint flat areas of the shoebox to make your basketball court. 3 Trim construction paper into a rectangle for the free throw lane. Glue it to…

1 min.
happy birthday!

Headband 1. Draw a circle that’s open at the bottom with a short line at the end of each side. Outline the shape. 2. Draw bubble letters that spell out “Birthday Girl” on top of the headband. 3. On top of the letters, draw two lines connected to star shapes. 4. Use all different colors to color in your creation. Cake 1. Draw a horizontal circle with a triangle indent on the left side. 2. Underneath, add a rounded square in front and a rounded half-square in back. 3. Draw five rounded layers on the left side of the cake. 4. Draw five circular cherries on top and squiggly lines on the cake. Color! Candles 1. Create bubble letter-style numbers “1” and “2” right next to each other. (If you’re not turning 12, feel free to draw your own age.) 2. Outline…

4 min.
make macarons!

INGREDIENTS: • 1 cup almond flour• ⅔ cup powdered sugar• 2 medium egg whites, at room temperature• salt• ¼ cup caster sugar• food coloring• ½ cup unsalted butter, softened• ⅓ cup powdered sugar• 1 teaspoon almond extract• piping bag• ⅓-inch piping tip• silicone mat DIRECTIONS: 1. Preheat your oven to 300°F. 2. Sift the almond flour and powdered sugar into a large mixing bowl, getting rid of any lumps. Mix the almond flour and powdered sugar together. 3. In another bowl, use a hand mixer to beat the egg whites and salt until they form soft peaks. A little at a time, add the caster sugar and whisk until the egg whites are thick and glossy. Add food coloring and mix to combine. 4. Gently fold the sugar and almond mixture into the egg whites. Make…

1 min.
get to know vice president harris!

Kamala Devi Harris was born on October 20, 1964 in Oakland, California. Kamala’s name means “lotus flowUr” Yn tXU language Sanskrit. It’s an important symbol for her Indian culture! Kamala learned all about politics and law while she was in college. That prepared her for her career in politics! Her mom, Shyamala Gopalan, was born in India and her dad, Donald J. Harris, was born in Jamaica. One of her favorite books is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Kamala’s family includes her husband, Doug Emhoff, and her stepchildren, Ella and Cole. Their nickname for their stepmom is Momala! She has one younger sister named Maya Harris. Kamala had a lot of important jobs before becoming vice president! She was a district attorney: a lawyer who makes sure criminals are charged for their crimes; the attorney…

1 min.
are you an earth expert?

1 Earth is the third planet from the sun. 2 Earth has been around for about 150 years. 3 It’s the largest planet in the solar system. 4 The planet is mostly covered in land. 5 Earth orbits, or moves, around the sun. 6 Earth also moves by rotating on its own axis. 7 Earth’s outer layer is hard and rocky. 8 The equator is an imaginary line around it. 9 Earth is shaped like a perfect circle. 10 We know that Earth tilts on its axis. 11 Gravity stops it from floating into space. 12 Earth is 10 miles away from the sun. 13 It’s the only planet that supports life. 14 About 8.5 million people live on Earth. 15 At the center of it, there’s an inner core. 16 The majority of Earth’s water is salty. 17 There are seven continents on Earth.…

1 min.
make someone smile!

DIRECTIONS: You can make this compliment box for your mom or your grandma! Cut out the shape below, making sure not to cut off the tabs. Fill in the blanks with a pen or marker. Afterwards, fold in the tabs, arrange all the sides into a box and tape everything together. If you want, you can place a small photo of the two of you (or some other small present) inside. Give it to your mom or grandma on May 9 and tell her to roll the box like a dice whenever she needs to hear some kind words!…