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November 18, 2019

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up front & personal

ONE OF THOSE DAZE Cutup BILLY CRYSTAL appears befuddled on the NYC set of the upcoming comedy Here Today EARS TO YOU Corny JANUARY JONES is far afield from her polished Mad Men character as she digs into a messy meal HEAD CASE JOHN TRAVOLTA has fully embraced his chrome dome — but looks like he’s lost more than his hair! BUSTING OUT Modern Family’s ARIEL WINTER needs a bigger shirt — that tiny tank can’t contain her ample assets PANDA-MONIUM! Action star — and panda ambassador — JACKIE CHAN is un-bear-ably cute in Beverly Hills THE MANE EVENT Former pinup turned reality babe HOLLY MADISON horses around at Disneyland THE BEST CELEB PHOTOS EVERY WEEK!…

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lonesome ben strikes out in love!

LONELY lothario Ben Affleck has been hound-dogging hotties on a celeb-friendly dating app, but sources tell GLOBE the troubled actor has been striking out — and turning to booze to drown his sorrows! “He was excited and raring to go when he joined the app, Raya,” tattles an insider, “but then people started making fun of his profile, and his confidence plunged.” “The truth is that it’s not going too well for him,” says the source. “Ben’s hooked up with a few younger women, but they don’t want to talk about anything except Hollywood and how he can help them get in the movies.” The latest bout of lovelorn boozing came when the Oscar-winning stud, 47, got sloshed at a Hollywood Halloween bash — and then hit a casino in the wee hours with…

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regis to kelly: let’s make up before i die!

AGE-ADDLED Regis Philbin is pleading with his former Live! co-host Kelly Ripa to end their bitter feud before it’s too late! Sources tell GLOBE the ailing 88-year-old TV icon desperately wants to hear Kelly, 49, call him “Reege” on the air one more time! “Friends don’t think Regis has much time left, but he would go to his grave with a smile if only Kelly would stop being mad at him,” snitches an insider. “He’s reached out to let Kelly know how much she means to him and pleaded with her to let him be her guest co-host.” As GLOBE has revealed, Regis inadvertently ignited the feud by leaving Live! in 2011, which Kelly took as a slap in the face! “They have rarely spoken, and it didn’t help when Regis told people how they’ve…

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how isis sex slave got even with terror chief!

ISIS monster Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ruled thousands of fearful followers with an iron fist, but the most ruthless terrorist on Earth was finally brought down by a helpless woman he cruelly brutalized as a sex slave! After eluding U.S. military intelligence experts for years, the cowardly scum was cornered like a whimpering rat by American Special Forces led to his Syrian hideout by information from the “wife” of one of his vicious henchmen. The battered, terrified woman was captured in Iraq while accompanying one of the couriers the ruthless terrorist used to avoid traceable emails or calls — and quickly turned on the terrorists who used her for their vile pleasures. “He surrounded himself with trained intelligence experts, spies, hardened soldiers from the old Saddam Hussein in Iraq,” says terrorism expert and Clarion…

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kim shoots down jesus freak kanye!

KOOKY Kanye West says he’s gone from being a porn addict to a reformed “son of God” — and is even trying to curb his collaborators’ bed-hopping! The 42-year-old Gold Digger rapper admits while recording his recent release, Jesus Is King, “there’s times where I was asking people to not have premarital sex while they were working on the album.” Amazingly, the bipolar performer also appeared to extend his holier-than-thou attitude to wife Kim Kardashian by griping about her sexy style. The bubble-butt beauty, who rose to fame with a scandalous sex tape, shot back: “Just because you’re on a journey and you’re in a transformation doesn’t mean I’m in the same spot with you!”…

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miley’s got addicted — to the pot biz!

MILEY CYRUS is really high on the pot industry — so much so she’s pouring her bucks into L.A.’s first “weed café” and other cannabis deals that could turn her into a drug queenpin! The 26-year-old has already funneled some of her cash stash into Lowell Farms in West Hollywood, where patrons can toke a joint over lunch — and is also investing in other pot businesses. “She’s sinking tens of millions into ventures, including the sponsorship of new cafés, funding for weed farms and training specialists,” spills an insider. “People thought it was a big joke when Miley backed Lowell Farms, but she sees huge potential here to dominate the cannabis world among young people.” And by linking her name to the eatery, the café has turned into a “tourist attraction with…