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Globe November 11, 2019

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1 min.
up front & personal

WHALE OF A TIME JONAH HILL flaunts some flab as he doffs his wetsuit after surfing in Malibu HUBBLE BUBBLE GWEN STEFANI chills out with some gum as she gets her nails done in Beverly Hills POOP PATROL Bravo bigwig ANDY COHEN, here in NYC’s West Village, isn’t too fancy to pick up after his dog BUTTHEAD BACHELOR! Bachelorette hunk SCOT FULLER flashes lots of skin after swimming on Australia’s Gold Coast FINGER LICKIN’ GOOD LIV TYLER savors a tasty snack while at an L.A. pumpkin patch with her kids HOLY COW! Busty TRISHA YEARWOOD lets loose with a tune at a Country Music Hall of Fame event in Nashville THE BEST CELEB PHOTOS EVERY WEEK!…

1 min.
helen haunted after horror crash!

SCREEN and sitcom star Helen Hunt “saw her life flash by” when the SUV she was riding in rolled over in a terrifying L.A. crash. The severely shaken 56-year-old Oscar winner for As Good as It Gets told pals she thought her vehicle would burst into flames, burning her to death and leaving her kids, Emmett, 21, and Makena, 15, without their mom, say sources. “Once the car started rolling, she was terrified this was the end,” confides an insider. “She’s telling friends she immediately thought of her children being alone. “Miraculously, she was pulled from the wreck by a Good Samaritan.” Helen was riding in the back seat of the SUV when it collided with a white Honda at a busy L.A. intersection on Oct. 16. The star of the hit ’90s sitcom Mad…

2 min.
scarred kim is scared of marriage! exclusive:

SCREEN hottie Kim Basinger is madly in love with beau Mitch Stone — but she won’t tie the knot because pals say her bitter divorce from ex Alec Baldwin has totally soured her on marriage. The 65-year-old blonde and hairstyling mogul Mitch, 55, were rumored to have wed earlier this year. But the L.A. Confidential Oscar winner has become a commitment-phobe and tells pals that while “Mitch is her boyfriend … a wedding just isn’t in the cards,” tattles an insider. In an exclusive to GLOBE, Mitch, who was her hairstylist before they started dating in 2014, dishes, “Kim and I have never been engaged … or plan to be. ‘Alec was always losing his temper’ - insider “We don’t like lawyers much, and a piece of paper … doesn’t really do much for love…

1 min.
elton’s craziness puts hubby in rehab!

SUPERSTAR Elton John’s nonstop life in the limelight and touring schedule drove hubby David Furnish to the bottle — and rehab! The 72-year-old Rocket Man rocker reveals he “thought David had slipped into Elton John World with remarkable ease and confidence” when they became lovers in 1993. But it turned out Furnish hated “being photographed all the time, or being under press scrutiny, or public speaking.” And that’s when Furnish, 57, began boozing heavily. Finally, in 2014, the lovers got into a huge fight when David wanted Elton to delay the start of a tour, writes the hitmaker in his new memoir, Me. “I said no.” The next time Elton heard from his longtime lover, he was in a Malibu rehab.…

2 min.
gwynnie’s got too thinnie!

GOOFY Gwyneth Paltrow has melted 20 pounds off her screen-siren bod — and is alarming pals with her too-skinny look! An insider describes the 5-foot-9 actress as “terrifyingly thin,” but Gwyneth, 47, insists she’s just following lifestyle suggestions on her wacky Goop website to get to your “leanest livable weight.” Her 800-calorie-a-day diet of raw fruits, veggies and water plus hectic workouts have made “her ribs stick out more than her boobs, and half her clothes are hanging off her,” dishes the spywitness. “The problem is she’s loving how she looks and she’s not done with her ridiculous dieting yet. She’s insisting she’s healthy and there’s nothing wrong with it, but it certainly doesn’t look that way. Gwyneth has gotten so thin and gaunt friends fear she could be suffering from anorexia.” Gwyneth…

1 min.
britney to look like billiard ball!

WACKY Britney Spears is in danger of going bald — because her hair has had way too many dye jobs! “She’s suffering from years of hair abuse and if she’s not careful, she’ll lose it all and be in a wig for the rest of her life!” worries an insider. The 37-year-old mom of two’s bod is in great shape from gym workouts, but her hair is “a fried … tangled, knotty mess” from repeatedly “going from blond to brunette and back to blond within a matter of weeks,” says the snitch. The problem, says the tattletale, is the Oops … I Did It Again song bird “doesn’t know what she wants to be.” Britney showed brunette locks while on a recent vacation in Maui, but on Oct. 10, the singer shared a video…