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Globe April 12, 2021

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up front & personal

CAN NOT DO WORSE Life after reality TV ain’t so grand for former Vanderpump Rules hunk JAX TAYLOR, who’s stuck hauling trash outside his L.A. home LOVE MATCH Tennis star VENUS WILLIAMS has some courtside cuddles with her pet pup in Miami — but her funny face is doggone awful! UP TO SCRUFF Sitcom star turned pot peddler JIM BELUSHI isn’t his usual cleancut self during a spin around Santa Monica A HOT METZ This Is Us star CHRISSY METZ is living large as the roly-poly actress runs errands in L.A. TOTALLY JAW-SOME Big mouth DAVID HASSELHOFF chews the fat in Calabasas with wife HAYLEY ROBERTS QUEEN BEE LENA HEADEY, who played Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones, buzzes around in L.A. on an electric bike — leaving her hair a windblown wreck…

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ellen fights to save career and marriage!

TOXIC TV talker Ellen DeGeneres is trapped in a tragic tailspin — belting back booze while struggling to get a grip on her fading career and rocky marriage, insiders claim! After losing 1 million viewers this year alone, sources tell GLOBE Ellen’s once highflying show is on thin ice — and she’s fighting with wife Portia de Rossi amid talks of a $300 million divorce! “Ellen’s been hit by a double whammy and her nerves are frayed,” tattles a snitch close to the 63-year-old, who has been branded TV’s Queen of Mean. “Her ratings are tanking, and her marriage is coming apart at the seams. I hear Ellen’s knocking back the red wine” to drown her sorrows. Ellen’s image took a giant hit last year when charges of behind-the-scenes bullying and misconduct rocked her…

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chevy chase lucky to be alive after heart surgery

CADDYSHACK cutup Chevy Chase secretly cheated death after a secret heart condition landed him in the hospital for five long weeks — and now friends fear the crotchety comic may never be out of the woods! The 77-year-old, who is now recovering at his Westchester, N.Y., home, recently revealed a “heart issue” snuck up on him. But according to tipsters, the 1970s-era Saturday Night Live funnyman needed valve replacement surgery — and recovering boozer Chevy’s long history of swilling alcohol had left him with an enlarged heart and acute cardiomyopathy — a disease that makes it harder for the organ to pump blood to the rest of the body. An insider dishes, “His heart problems stem from his years of drinking — plain and simple. It’s affected his heart, weakened it over the…

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violence claims by dr. dre’s bitter wife

DR. DRE’S estranged wife, Nicole Young, claims the rap mogul “knocked me out cold” during a “drunken rage!” It’s the latest bombshell in the couple’s brutal divorce war — with Nicole making the explosive charge in an application for a restraining order that was denied by a judge. She also alleges Dre punched her “squarely in the face” after he felt she “disrespected” him at a party in 1999. Nicole claims she woke up in their car “with Andre speeding at over 100 miles per hour, drunk and out of control. He was swerving and weaving. I thought I was going to die.” She also claims a “drunk and angry” Dre held a gun to her head during a 2012 dispute, saying: “I was terrified he was going to kill me.” Dre has denied…

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a-rod & j.lo sex therapy

IN A desperate bid to save their crumbling romance, Jennifer Lopez and baseball icon Alex Rodriguez are seeing a sex therapist to spice up their fizzling bedroom romps, sources say. The on-again duo called off their wedding plans after a stormy four-year affair and are reportedly on the brink of the end. A-Rod staved off a break at the last instant by dashing down to the Dominican Republic, where J.Lo’s filming her new flick — ironically titled Shotgun Wedding — and patching things up for the moment. “The biggest issue has been Alex’s roving eye plus sexting various women on the side, and Jennifer wants to get to the bottom of why she’s not enough for him,” blabs an insider. On top of the 45-year-old former Yankee’s kinky sexting spree with other gals, the…

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dr. oz’s game show gig in jeopardy!

JEOPARDY! contestants want celeb medic Dr. Mehmet Oz axed as guest host! Casting the “dubious” doc celebrates “the elevation of talking head[s] at the expense of academic rigor and consensus,” a group of the game show’s former winners and contestants wrote in a letter published on medium.com. The letter cites instances in which Oz “used his authority as a doctor to push harmful ideas,” and referred to a 2014 letter penned by faculty at Columbia Medical School, where Oz also teaches, calling for his removal from the program. Inviting Oz “to guest host is a slap in the face to all involved,” the letter concludes. Other fans piped up on social media, noting a 2014 study found “half” of all Oz’s medical advice to be “baseless and wrong.” The TV doc did not respond…