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Globe April 26, 2021

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marrying man russell crowe’s 100-pound diet!

ROLY-POLY Russell Crowe is in a panic to peel 100 pounds so he won’t look like a hippo waddling down the aisle when he weds svelte lover Britney Theriot, sources say. The 5-foot-11 former Gladiator hunk now weighs a scale-crushing 300 pounds after packing on weight to play loathed, sex-harassing jumbo Roger Ailes on TV’s The Loudest Voice series, insiders say. “He lost at least 30 or 40 pounds since filming stopped, but he’s still pretty big,” notes an insider. But the 58-year-old wants to lose a small mountain of flab before popping the question to the blond Louisiana real estate agent, who at age 30 is young enough to be his daughter, spies dish. “Russell is crazy in love with Britney and dead set on making her his next bride,” the insider says. “She…

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kelly clarkson fat farm drama

CHATTERBOX Kelly Clarkson has a lot weighing her down — a demanding career and an increasingly ugly divorce — and now pals are urging the talk show titan to kick back at a fat farm, whittle her waistline and shed some stress, sources tell GLOBE. The pudgy pop singer, 39, bragged about dropping 37 pounds last summer. But insiders dish she’s gained it all back — and then some, and now crushes the scales at a tremendous 200! Her ballooning body and nasty split from hubby Brandon Blackstock — father of her kids, River Rose, 6, and Remington, 4 — have concerned friends encouraging The Kelly Clarkson Show host to take a break, sources spill. “The logical solution is for Kelly to check into a health and fitness farm to recharge,” an insider…

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reality diva jen’s hairy adventure!

REAL HOUSEWIFE Jen Shah did what a girl had to do after her recent arrest by the feds for scamming folks out of a staggering $5 million — the unrepentant diva popped into a beauty salon for a quick refresh! The 47-year-old Salt Lake City reality star visited her fave stylist, Endo, to get her hair silk-pressed before she pleaded not guilty at a Manhattan arraignment! She and co-defendant Stuart Smith are accused of leaving a trail of “hundreds” of victims — many of them elderly — across the nation in long-running telemarketing tax preparation and website development schemes. Lawmen insist many of the alleged victims didn’t even own computers! But Jen has her priorities, according to hair whisperer Endo, who posted video of his client lounging in a Gucci tracksuit, captioned: “Big…

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dad tries to put bite on britney!

BRITNEY SPEARS’ fight to make her own life decisions just took a bizarre new twist — her dad wants her to pay millions in legal fees so he can continue controlling her money! Jamie Spears, 68, has filed legal papers in the struggle over his daughter’s conservatorship, asking the court to make the 39-year-old pop star foot the $3 million bill. “She essentially would be paying her own father’s lawyers to fight her in court!” says a source.…

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jackass bam: docs made me suicidal

PROFESSIONAL prankster Bam Margera blames his “suicidal tendencies” on piles of pills prescribed to him in rehab after he was booted from Jackass 4! “I went to rehab for Adderall and alcohol” as a condition for returning to work, says the troubled 41-year-old, and emerged from the facility with a laundry list of moodaltering drugs. “This is what the doctors say I need,” he notes. “And then it led to suicidal tendencies on all 18 medications I was on!”…