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Globe June 7, 2021

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up front & personal

KING-SIZED KEVIN Tubby comic KEVIN JAMES — former star of The King of Queens — is living large in the Big Easy THE BIG CHILL EMMA CORRIN clutches a hot water bottle for warmth in Brighton, England, where she’s shooting My Policeman THE JOINT IS JUMPIN’ Up in Smoke’s TOMMY CHONG mixes with high society at a charity tennis event in Beverly Hills TOTAL WIPEOUT Scrawny Sharknado actress TARA REID is a shore loser in Miami with a bloated belly and saggy boobs CROWNING GORY Class beauty JACQUELINE BISSET gets a failing grade for her limp and frizzy locks HANGING OUT PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER, son of Terminator legend Arnold, keeps himself limber before heading home in Santa Monica…

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snoop’s gal bares suicide ordeal

SNOOP DOGG’S daughter, Cori Broadus, has made a shocking confession: She’s battled the blues all her life and even attempted suicide! The 21-year-old reveals she felt like a “monster” as a child when she began battling lupus at age six. “My face used to peel and my hair was falling out. People looked at me like I was an alien,” she says. Her self-image was in the dumps because “I grew up with two light-skinned brothers — I was the only chocolate one. I was overweight.” She became so unhappy that by “13 I was ready to die — crying to my mom [Shante], ‘I’m so ugly.’ I hated everything about me.” Now, she says her family and beau Wayne Deuce “give me a purpose to live.”…

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truth about johnny cash race scandal

COUNTRY star Johnny Cash spent years battling white supremacists who claimed his first wife, Vivian Liberto, was Black — but now a shocking DNA test proves it’s true! Johnny and Vivian’s oldest of four daughters, singer Rosanne Cash, 66, was stunned to learn her mother’s great-great grandma, Sarah Shields, was a Black slave after the PBS show Finding Your Roots ran her DNA test. Her ancestor’s harsh life was “heartbreaking,” says Rosanne. Sarah was born a slave, but her white father freed her and her eight siblings in 1848. She went on to illegally marry a white man and passed her “whiteness” on to her children and theirs, which included Vivian, Rosanne reveals. In an era when overt racism was rampant in America and the south was not integrated, Johnny, then 19, met 17-year-old Vivian…

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storage jarrod & brandi at war!

STORAGE Wars stars — and former flames — Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante butted heads at a California watering hole, cops say, and the bullying bidder was charged with domestic violence after allegedly shoving his ex — twice! The onetime couple, known as The Young Guns during their 13 seasons with the A&E show, confirmed their 2018 split earlier this year. But police say Jarrod, 43, recently showed up at an Orange County bar where Brandi, 41, was with friends and their verbal confrontation quickly turned physical. According to lawmen, Jarrod claims he never laid a hand on Brandi, who’s the mother of his two kids — daughter Payton and son Cameron. But authorities didn’t buy his story and charged him with one count of misdemeanor domestic violence battery! So far, he hasn’t…

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kelly’s ex making sour grapes whine!

KELLY CLARKSON’S whiny estranged hubby, Brandon Blackstock, desperately wants to convince the world the chatterbox is a phony, insiders say! Now that Kelly, 39, is set to take over Ellen DeGeneres’ throne as queen of daytime TV, the 44-year-old talent manager is griping even louder, sources snitch! “Brandon thinks it’s a joke when everyone bows to Kelly like she’s a mini goddess, while he’s been painted as a douchebag by her team,” spills an insider. “Besides that, Kelly treats him like crap and humiliates him on her show with her constant moaning. “Brandon’s a successful guy in his own right with a respectable list of clients, including Blake Shelton and Rascal Flatts. “It’s hard for him to suck up the fact Kelly’s become Ellen’s successor-in-waiting when he believes he put her there in the first…

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toxic ellen is raising a stink!

EMBATTLED Ellen DeGeneres is stuffing her face with vegan comfort food, but the talk show queen’s plan is raising a big stink — her body odor is noxious, sources tattle. Reeling from plunging TV ratings and accusations she ran a toxic show, the 63-year-old has become a binge snacker and doesn’t seem to care what people think of the way she smells, spies say. “Eating nonstop seems to be the only pleasure she gets these days,” dishes an insider. “But the after effects aren’t nice to be around, plus she’s never been big on perfume or deodorant!” Now that she’s announced her show will end in 2022, “she’s stuffing her face” like there’s no tomorrow, claims the source, who insists her comfort snacks include figs, stuffed grape leaves, vegan mac and cheese, tofu…