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Globe June 21, 2021

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THUNDER THIGHS Former Jersey hard body TERESA GIUDICE shows off a fuller figure in Tulum, Mexico AIN’T IT HEAVY Hefty hitmaker MELISSA ETHERIDGE waddles around Venice, Calif., looking nothing like her former self GONE BANANAS! Joker JARED LETO monkeys around in NYC — but the movie hunk has lost his a-peel! SLOB SISTER Former blond bombshell JENNIFER LAWRENCE is a dud in oversized sweats in NYC SHOW ME THE TUMMY! Jerry Maguire’s CUBA GOODING JR. weirdly flashes his abs on the street in Santa Monica TOTES A MESS! Scruffy Lost actor M.C. GAINEY has his hands full after visiting an L.A. farmers market…

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angie freaks as brad wins equal custody!

VENGEFUL Angelina Jolie insists she’s not getting a fair shake in her cutthroat custody battle with ex Brad Pitt — because the judge didn’t let the former couple’s kids testify against their dad! Now the furious mom is hell-bent on ousting Judge John Ouderkirk, especially since he recently issued an order mandating Jolie and Pitt share custody on a 50/50 basis! Brad is delighted with the ruling, but Angie is spitting bullets since she feels her ex should have only limited contact with their brood, sources say. Insiders claim the Maleficent movie witch, 46, filed papers in L.A. Superior Court saying she and her kids wanted to testify their life was the pits with the Fight Club hunk, 57. The documents were sealed, but sources claim the Tomb Raider beauty intended to ensure the…

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kremlin kiss up seagal joins putin’s party!

TURNCOAT actor Steven Seagal’s bromance with Russian kingpin Vladimir Putin has taken a surprising new turn — the movie martial artist has officially joined the political party that keeps the tyrant in power! Seagal, 69, star of ‘90s action hits Hard to Kill and Under Siege, was shown getting his party card for Just Russia — Patriots — For Truth on May 29 in a propaganda video. At the ceremony, the potbellied six-foot-four tough guy, who got Russian citizenship from Putin in 2016, turned environmentalist by demanding prison sentences for execs who run companies that pollute. The actor also buddied up for a photo with writer Zakhar Prilepin, who led a rebel group of pro-Russian separatists accused of slaughtering 14,000 people in eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile, Seagal has accepted a gig from Putin to improve…

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judi’s time as queen was a gas!

REGAL actress Judi Dench struggled to stay in character as the prudish Queen Victoria while she was filming Mrs. Brown because the horse she rode kept passing gas! Judi, 86, says her flatulent filly repeatedly broke wind during a tender scene between the stately sovereign and her strapping Scottish servant, played by Billy Connolly, 78. “The pony farted at every single step we took,” says the Oscar-winning Shakespeare in Love actress. “And Billy said, ‘Is that you? Is it you?’” The scene was critical to the 1997 movie, because the uptight royal finally confesses her feelings for her gillie, John Brown. But Judi says it was nearly impossible to say her lines, because she broke out laughing whenever the nag farted!…

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william fears harry is killing the queen, 95!

FURIOUS Prince William has demanded his kid brother zip his lip, fearing Harry’s shocking attacks on the royal family are killing 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth, palace insiders tell GLOBE. William, 39, is “greatly concerned” 36-year-old Harry’s crusade against his royal relatives — branding them cold, uncaring and racist — has sapped their grandmother’s will to live, especially as she mourns the loss of her hubby, Prince Philip, who died earlier this year at age 99. “William’s had it with Harry’s TV trash talk, which is now almost a weekly event,” says a palace courtier. “Her Majesty was heartbroken when Harry criticized her parenting skills, especially since she’s doted on Prince Charles’ sons since the tragic death of their mother, Princess Diana, in 1997. Now things have gone from bad to worse.” Harry and his…

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elvis’ odd sex life was all shook up!

SWIVEL-HIPPED sex machine Elvis Presley was a secret kinkster who enjoyed playing doctor, filming bedroom romps and engaging in threesomes, ex-lovers and old pals dish! But despite sharing a bed with his future wife, Priscilla, when she was just 14, the Naked Gun beauty claims she remained a virgin until they married when she was 21! “Elvis would take me into his bedroom and then we would kiss long, deep, passionate kisses and his caresses would leave me weak with desire,” she writes in her memoir, Elvis and Me. Although Priscilla begged the Heartbreak Hotel singer to make love to her, he refused and engaged in long rounds of foreplay instead. “He worked his art of foreplay without penetration. In lovemaking, as in entertaining, Elvis’ outstanding talent was oral,” Priscilla writes. A member of Elvis’…