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Globe June 28, 2021

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UNBELIEVABLE! Time hasn’t been kind to confrontational comic ANDREW DICE CLAY — who’s gone from bold to bald! SLAPHAPPY Quirky Caddyshack cutup BILL MURRAY marches to the beat of his own drum at a NYC charity concert EYE, EYE, EYE! Onetime screen siren SOPHIA LOREN looks alarming with a crooked kisser and weird, winged makeup HOW CHEESY! Former Fifth Harmony singer CAMILA CABELLO hits the beach in Miami — hauling a large and lumpy caboose HOWDY-DO Movie cowboy SAM ELLIOTT moseys around L.A. on a rare public outing — and is still sporting his signature’stache THE BEST CELEB PHOTOS EVERY WEEK! GONE TO THE DOGS Modern Family’s SARAH HYLAND has her hands full in L.A. hauling chow for her hungry pups…

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lauer’s hearing wedding bells!

DISGRACED Matt Lauer has put his TV comeback on the back burner to focus on a fall wedding with Shamin Abas, sources say. The 63-year-old former Today show superstar, who left NBC in 2017 after a shocking sex scandal, has thrown himself into wedding planning now that most of his old colleagues have shown him the door — instead of inviting him back with a plum gig, spies dish. “Matt assumed he’d be back working at one of the networks, if not NBC, and it has finally dawned on him that no matter how hard he pushes or hollers, the entertainment world will never forgive him for being a creep,” spills an insider. “He thought the dust would have settled by now, but after putting his feelers out he now accepts it hasn’t.…

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robert duvall, 90, plans dream baby!

CHILDLESS Godfather star Robert Duvall is determined to finally become a dad at age 90 and give fourth wife Luciana Pedraza the baby she’s yearned for during their 16-year marriage, insiders dish. Sources snitch the couple have been happily wed after meeting in a bakery in her native Argentina, and the only thing that’s been missing from their lives is children. “I guess I’m shooting blanks,” quips the star of the Western flicks Open Range and Joe Kidd and TV’s Lonesome Dove. “I’ve tried with a lot of different women, in and out of marriage.” Childless with previous wives Barbara Benjamin, Gail Youngs and Sharon Brophy, “he always assumed he was the one with the problem,” notes an insider. “Luciana understood that, but he’s determined to make it happen … he’d like to do…

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i didn’t know his gun was loaded!

THE bizarre late-night killing of a top Belize cop by a sultry socialite on a deserted dock has taken a strange twist — Jasmine Hartin now claims she didn’t know the gun was loaded when she blew her friend’s brains out. Hartin, 32, daughter-in-law of British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft, says Police Supt. Henry Jemmott, 42, was teaching her how to handle his Glock pistol when it accidentally went off. But the Canadian-born mother of two — now locked in a dirt-floor jail charged with negligent manslaughter — keeps changing her story, local investigators say. As GLOBE previously reported, cops claim the stunning blonde, who manages her moneybags hubby Andrew’s Belize resort hotel, originally refused to talk — until threatened with cocaine possession charges. Then, according to lawmen, she insisted Jemmott was shot by…

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sajak, 74, wants his mojo back!

SNIPPY 74-year-old Pat Sajak’s trying to keep in step with young fans by undergoing secret nip/tucks to banish the telltale signs of aging, sources say. The Wheel of Fortune host, who’s had testy outbursts on camera since emergency 2019 surgery for a blocked intestine, is now sporting a brash new look next to timeless letter-turner Vanna White, sources snitch. “Pat ruffled a lot of feathers and he’s truly sorry and hopes his youthful appearance gets him out of the doghouse and back in people’s good graces,” tattles an insider. “He’s dying his hair and it’s even blonder than Vanna’s, and trying to be in tune with the younger fan base by learning the lingo and gestures. “He’s so desperate to be cool and he’s even talking about getting a tattoo and pierced ear.” Sajak is…

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harry and meghan insult queen again!

REBELS Prince Harry and Meghan continue to outrage the royal family with their shocking decision to name their new daughter with the queen’s private pet name, Lilibet. The moniker, coined by her grandfather King George V when she was too young to pronounce “Elizabeth,” was only used in private by her husband, Prince Philip, who she’s still mourning after his April 9 death at age 99. “Naming the baby Lilibet is outrageous,” charges a high-level courtier. “I’m told Her Majesty is desperately unhappy about it and other senior royals are stunned. “If the Duke and Duchess of Sussex thought this would mend bridges with the family they’ve trashed as cold, uncaring racists, they are very much mistaken. “We expected they would include ‘Diana’ in honor of Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana. “But the palace was blindsided…