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Globe July 5, 2021

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up front & personal

LET ’ER RIP! TORI SPELLING’s dumpy duds are a fashion don’t — her shredded jeans barely cover her thunder thighs! YOU’RE SO VEIN! Cougar SHARON STONE ain’t the cat’s meow with that frightful-looking neck MAKING A RACKET Scruffy MEL GIBSON can’t contain his reaction while catching a tennis match in France FLAB-BERGHASTLY! Grey’s Anatomy actor KEVIN McKIDD shows off his doughy beach bod in Santa Barbara MORNING GORY Good Morning America’s AMY ROBACH is sporting some ugly wrinkles on the NYC set LIP SERVICE Home Improvement star TIM ALLEN doesn’t seem to give a lick about his looks while walking in L.A. THE BEST CELEB PHOTOS EVERY WEEK!…

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vanna, 64, tying knot!

RAVISHING Vanna White is finally ready to say “I do” to her contractor boyfriend, John Donaldson, after a decade together, GLOBE has learned! A source dishes the timeless 64-year-old Wheel of Fortune co-host and letter-turner is turning the page on unmarried life — because even after ten years, she and John have never had a fight! “She wants to be married by the time she’s 65 next February,” spills an insider. “They have a perfect life and get along so well, and she can honestly say they’ve never had a single argument in all the years they’ve been together. “Plus, he’s so supportive and often visits the set just to see her high-heel it across the stage!” This will be Vanna’s second trip down the aisle. She was previously wed from 1990 to 2002…

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blake finally puts a ring on it!

AFTER being “kidnapped” by her family, pop dish Gwen Stefani escaped with cowboy king fiancé Blake Shelton and tied the knot in an apparent secret elopement, insiders claim. Buzz about the rumored hitching of the 51-year-old mother of three and 45-year-old Voice mentor exploded as Gwen flashed a new three-diamond band snuggling next to her engagement ring as she and the six-foot-four country hunk posed for lensmen in Santa Monica on June 12. The lovebirds, who met while working as judges on The Voice, had just arrived back in L.A. following some canoodling at Blake’s Oklahoma ranch. The day before, Gwen, who has three sons with musician ex-hubby Gavin Rossdale, hinted getting hitched was near as she blabbed on social media about the surprise bridal shower her loved ones tossed. “I got kidnapped by…

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bennifer’s hiring wedding planner

JENNIFER LOPEZ played The Wedding Planner in her 2001 flick and now she’s hiring one — because she’s set on getting hitched to former lover Ben Affleck, sources say. And the 48-year-old movie Batman is so lovestruck, he’s ready to trip down the aisle with the 51-year-old Latin hottie, insiders dish. But J.Lo wants their knottie to be “the most spectacular in Hollywood history,” blabs a snitch. “That’s going to take a lot of time. “Jennifer is being proactive and Ben is all for it. Ideally, she’d like it to be this year, but it all depends on the venues that are available and the schedules of her high-profile guests.” Witnesses, who gawked at their lovey-dovey canoodling while celebrating the 50th birthday of Jennifer’s sister Linda at Malibu’s Nobu eatery on June 13, had…

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tiger is worse than we know!

TORMENTED Tiger Woods is so devastated by the car crash that has crippled him — possibly for life — he couldn’t even take a speaking gig on the recent U.S. Open golf classic, insiders say. TV kingpins thought a commentator stint for the June 17–June 20 tournament at San Diego’s Torrey Pines course would be an easy putt for recovering Tiger, but the 45-year-old jock slammed their offer into a bunker. An insider tattles “he’s still in a lot of pain and it’s a lot worse than he lets on. Tiger’s recovery is proving agonizing and slow-going. The cold reality is that he’s in no position to be going anywhere publicly — least of all where all the cameras are on him.” Sources predict the pain-wracked former links lion won’t be out and…

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drew vs kelly: hollywood takes sides!

QUIRKY queen bee Drew Barrymore is giving TV rival Kelly Clarkson a run for her money as Hollywood’s biggest names have promised to throw their weight behind the beloved actress’ recently renewed chatfest, insiders dish. During the first season of The Drew Barrymore Show, the former child star turned power player reeled in plenty of big fish, including Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner and her ultra-private Music and Lyrics castmate, Hugh Grant. Sources tell GLOBE Drew, 46, is quickly becoming a celeb and fan favorite — especially as Ellen DeGeneres is set to ditch her show in 2022. “Once Ellen officially steps down and Kelly takes her time slot, things will get really competitive,” spills an insider. “Drew’s A-list friends are seriously old school about this stuff, and they’re going to band together…