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Globe July 12, 2021

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globe up front & personal

BALANCING ACT CSI’s MARG HELGENBERGER displays some fancy legwork in Santa Monica as the former TV cop investigates her packages BALD AMBITION Cue ball KEVIN JAMES shows he’s a smooth operator while playing New Orleans coach Sean Payton in the upcoming flick Home Team BREW-HAHA Skinny SELMA BLAIR polishes off her beverage while getting pampered at an L.A. nail salon LET IT ROLL BRECKIN MEYER buzzes around L.A. — more than 25 years after playing a skateboarding slacker in Clueless OH, NO! Former Grey’s Anatomy doc SANDRA OH looks mighty confused on the London set of Killing Eve FIELD OF SCREAMS MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY — who infamously tangled with cops in 1999 after the stoned star’s bongo-playing triggered a noise complaint — is still marching to the beat of his own drum…

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brolin & babs drifting apart

JAMES BROLIN has been gushing about his 22-year marriage to Barbra Streisand, but sources tattle there’s trouble in paradise because he craves socializing while the superstar songbird prefers living as a reclusive shut-in. “It’s true they were stuck together during lockdown and made the most of it, but since L.A. opened up again, James has been making up for lost time socially,” an insider spills. “He’s going out and enjoying the fresh air with friends and doing fun stuff. Yet Barbra rarely, if ever, joins him and it’s frustrating for the poor guy.” The 79-year-old Funny Girl legend “has always been on the shy and reclusive side, in spite of her Hollywood fame and fortune and opinionated personality,” notes the source. “She used to be famous for her dinner parties and matchmaking, but in…

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monaco prince’s marriage is on the rocks!

MONACO’S rocky royal marriage is teetering on the brink after charges Prince Albert sired a third love child sent his humiliated wife, Charlene, packing, insiders say! The playboy prince, 63, and shamed Charlene have not appeared together in public since late January — and a Monaco spy tattles the 43-year-old beauty has fled to her family home in South Africa while the late Princess Grace’s son deals with his latest paternity scandal. “It’s an open secret their marriage is in crisis and may not last, and this latest love child case appears to be the final humiliation!” spills the insider. “Charlene has had a bellyful!” Scandal-scarred Albert already supports two illegitimate children from previous relationships. But the new claim — which his lawyers dismiss as a “hoax” — alleges the love-rat royal fathered a daughter…

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kurt russell deadly 90 lbs. overweight!

GOLDIE HAWN’S long-time lover, Kurt Russell, is sporting a ballooning belly and crunching the scales at 250-plus pounds after bingeing on fine food and drink — and now a health expert warns the obese star seems headed for an early death! The five-foot-11 Hateful Eight chunk went hog wild during the family’s annual vacation in Greece with Goldie, her daughter, Kate Hudson, and baby daddy, Danny Fujikawa, says an insider who claims Kurt downed “10,000 calories a day” and now looks “like a beached whale.” Says the spy, “Kurt’s always been a sucker for the best food and drink imaginable, but since the pandemic it’s gotten way out of control. “He’s been feasting on huge breakfast buffets, creamy pastas for lunch and steaks for dinner on a near-daily basis — and washing it…

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fraser’s journey to center of the girth!

FORMER George of the Jungle muscleman Brendan Fraser stunned horrified fans when he waddled onto the red carpet looking like a balding, bloated blimp to promote his new crime thriller, No Sudden Move, in the Big Apple! Ironically, spywitnesses claim the gigantic 52-year-old actor seemed to have trouble moving during the screening for his HBO project. But Brendan reveals his next movie, The Whale, is the reason for his shocking appearance. He plays a heartbroken 600-pound gay recluse in the tragic love story about a married man who deserts his family to be with his male lover. After his lover dies, Brendan’s character turns into a human eating machine to numb his heartbreak. Incredibly, Brendan’s still not done packing on the pounds — but the Mummy action man insists he won’t ever hit…

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power, money & murder!

THE grisly double homicide of a high society mother and son in South Carolina has left detectives scrambling for clues and put a national spotlight on a politically powerful family’s checkered past! Maggie Murdaugh, 52, and her troubled son Paul, 22, were gunned down outside the family hunting lodge in Islandton on June 7. Both were shot multiple times — with a semi-automatic rifle AND a shotgun. Lawmen believe the homicides could be revenge for pampered Paul’s involvement in a teenaged beauty’s boating death — or an outlaw settling a score with his prosecutor dad, Alex Murdaugh! Legal eagle Alex — Maggie’s husband — found the bodies around 10 p.m. and called 911 to report the crime, according to a police report. Deputies from South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) immediately swooped onto the…