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Globe July 19, 2021

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globe up front & personal

BIG GAMBLE Kris Jenner’s ballooning boytoy, COREY GAMBLE, hit the big 4-0 in November, and he’s getting a head start on that middle-aged spread! DOG TIRED Woof! Onetime Wild Things beauty DENISE RICHARDS looks mighty ruff with a frumpy frown and sagging jowls CONE HEAD That ’70s Show hunk ASHTON KUTCHER laps up a lazy summer day in Los Angeles FUR-GET ABOUT IT Songbird RIHANNA pairs a bizarre bucket hat with a flesh-flashing slip dress for a rude retro look better left in the ’90s THE BEST CELEB PHOTOS EVERY WEEK! FLASH IN THE PAN Reality TV train wreck COURTNEY STODDEN is no stranger to baring her soul — but she should have quit while she was ahead! MAD HATTER Goofy BRODY JENNER, star of The Hills: New Beginnings, lets his hair down at a California theme park GLOBE (ISSN 1094-6047) Vol. 68…

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odd reason baby mom won’t wed statham!

VICTORIA’S Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has a shocking reason for not tying the knot with action star and her baby’s daddy, Jason Statham — at this point in their 11-year relationship it seems “silly,” pals dish. “Of course someday Rosie would like to be Jason’s wife,” says a source. “But when she thinks of putting on a long white dress and walking down the aisle like a blushing bride, the whole idea seems silly after she’s already spent nearly a third of her life with her man.” Six years into their relationship, Transporter hunk Jason, now 53, actually proposed to the 34-year-old catwalker and slipped a five-carat, $350G sparkler on her finger. But work and other issues kept getting in the way of her waltzing down the aisle with the former British Olympic…

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jason & keeley make it official!

SMITTEN Jason Sudeikis was caught on camera looking cozy with galpal Keeley Hazell in NYC — nearly four months after rumors first emerged about the cutup being hot and heavy with the busty British babe! Smiling Jason, 45, was spotted strolling in the Big Apple with his arm around the beautiful blonde, 34. The couple went public with their new romance in June nearly nine months after Jason announced the end of his seven-year engagement to baby mama Olivia Wilde, 37, who’s since taken up with Watermelon Sugar singer Harry Styles, 27. Jason, who shares kids Otis, 7, and Daisy, 4, with the Don’t Worry Darling director, first met Keeley when they co-starred in 2014’s Horrible Bosses 2. But eagle-eyed fans suspected the old friends were dating — and possibly living together in London…

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duck dynasty queen’s face shredded by dog

A DUCK Dynasty dog chomped down on Kay Robertson’s kisser, mauling the reality TV clan matriarch’s mouth! Shocking photos reveal Miss Kay’s dog, Bobo, split her top lip and gouged a gash in the bottom one! The former reality star, 73, was rushed to a hospital in Monroe, La., where doctors stitched her up and gave her antibiotics and skin cream. For now Phil Robertson’s wife can only drink through a straw. The mother of Alan, 56, Jase, 51, Willie, 49, and Jep, 43, says she will need four weeks to heal, and still loves her pooch to pieces. She says she can’t blame Bobo for the big booboo, because she woke him suddenly for a kiss — and he nailed her before the dynasty dame could duck!…

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crocodile tears for skinny kim!

DESPITE shedding 44 pounds North Korea’s evil dictator, Kim Jongun, is still fat as a pig, but he’s getting butt-kissing messages from suck-up officials who insist his enslaved people are “heartbroken” over his physical condition and worry about his health. The bizarre brouhaha over the pipsqueak strongman’s physical condition came after recent photos showed he’d shed about 44 pounds from his 308-pound, scale-smashing bulk. While 260-plus pounds is still obese for the reviled runt, the state-controlled media used the change to paint him as a martyr who lost weight due to his devotion to his Communist regime, which uses money that could feed his starving people to build A-bomb toting missiles. State TV called his new look “emaciated” and used the image as a chance to praise him for risking his health and…

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navy’s secret ufo project exposed!

BOMBSHELL official documents reveal the U.S. Navy has a secret project to build a UFOtype craft that would defy the known laws of physics and be able to stop and turn on a dime and zoom at massive speeds in space and under the ocean! Now sources on Capitol Hill are telling GLOBE the super weapon may be behind the rash of UFO sightings that triggered last month’s Pentagon report on strange incidents over U.S. military installations, which failed to draw any conclusions about the Tic Tacshaped phenomena caught on warplanes’ gunsight cameras. Apparently, the beyondearthly aircraft are actually the brainchild of Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais, an engineer at Maryland’s Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD), according to a patent application for the UFO in December 2018. NAWCAD spokesman Timothy Boulay claims…