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Globe August 2, 2021

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globe up front & personal

STEPPING OUT Dapper TONY BENNETT returns to his NYC pad after the Alzheimer’s stricken crooner gave a rare public performance ADAM’S GRODY Scruffy ADAM BRODY can wave goodbye to his teen idol days — The O.C. star has lost his a-peel GOBBLE, GOBBLE! Downton Abbey’s MAGGIE SMITH has a day out in London, but her sagging turkey neck is for the birds! YANKEE DOODLE DUD Pop star PINK shows some patriotic spirit by sporting a teeny top hat in Malibu — but the pudgy performer is no beach babe DRAWING A BLANK Former tennis bad boy JOHN McENROE isn’t making a racket for once — but looks more than a little lost in London WHOOMP, HAIR IT IS! SARAH JESSICA PARKER’s flyaways are in full force on the NYC set of the Sex and the City sequel…

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joanna & chip rule out divorce!

TRUSTY Chip and Joanna Gaines are shackled together for life — they reveal no matter how bad things get, they’ll have to fixer-upper their 18-year marriage because divorce is “not an option!” The high-profile reality partners insist they will never split up — even though they “had multiple opportunities to quit and it’s just not in our DNA,” according to Chip, 46. “Jo and I are not quitters. Throwing in the towel is not something that ever really comes to mind. Divorce or leaving one another is not really an option for us!” He and Joanna, 43, share a business empire — including their new Magnolia Network — and five children: Drake, 16, Ella Rose, 14, Duke, 13, Emmie Kay, 11, and Crew, 3. “We’re in it forever!” says Chip.…

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tom cruise’s marriage boot camp

TOM CRUISE is putting his prospective bride, actress Hayley Atwell, through a grinding gauntlet as part of her Mission: Impossible to become his fourth wife, spies say. Apparently, the 39-year-old British beauty passed the first stage of her bridal boot camp and attended the Wimbledon tennis matches with the 59-year-old Scientology poster boy — her leading man in Mission: Impossible 7, insiders dish. “Being paraded around Wimbledon is a huge step, and now Hayley will be intensely vetted by Tom and his people to check there are no hidden surprises down the line,” blabs an insider. “She’s fallen head over heels in love with him, and the feeling’s pretty mutual. But with all the pain and trauma he’s suffered in the past, especially with ex-wives Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman, Tom needs to…

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albert trashing runaway wife!

MONACO’S horndog Prince Albert is trashing his runaway wife, Princess Charlene, as a weakling who can’t handle the pressure of being a royal celebrity, stunned insiders dish. The 43-year-old blonde and former Olympic swimmer exposed the huge chink in their marriage by bolting for her native South Africa — after he was accused of fathering a third love child — and snubbing their recent tenth wedding anniversary. Now, royal insiders reveal 63-year-old Albert has been talking down his wife — who left Monaco months ago — saying she couldn’t cope with the demands of being the principality’s first lady like his late mom, American movie star Grace Kelly. Royal expert Phil Dampier says before the couple wed, “Albert was worried about the inevitable comparisons to Grace Kelly. “He was concerned that Charlene might not…

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kelly fuming over blake wedding snub

INSULTED Kelly Clarkson is fuming after pal Blake Shelton shockingly didn’t invite her to his wedding with pop sexpot Gwen Stefani, insiders say. The 39-year-old mom of two was counting on joining other stars when fellow Voice judges Blake and Gwen tied the knot at their weekend wedding extravaganza in Oklahoma, spies claim. But Blake “made it clear it was going to be a small affair and there was no need to hop on a plane,” spills an insider. “Now she comes to find out it wasn’t that small after all. There were quite a few people there and not all of them were family. She counted over 50. “She would’ve loved to clink beer mugs at the pre-party Blake threw at his Ole Red eatery in tiny Tishomingo and be there for the…

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dolly’s partin’ with fake pals!

FED UP country queen Dolly Parton is giving the boot to fake friends who kiss up to her to boost their own careers, sources say. Now 75 years old, insiders dish the 9 to 5 diva hasn’t the patience or the time to put up with the name-dropping stars who publicly boast they know her but really don’t. “She doesn’t like being pestered by these up-and-comers and Hollywood types,” spills an insider. “It irks her when she hears them drop her name in interviews. “While she wishes them the best in their careers and lives, she can’t be bothered. She’s not answering their phone calls or returning emails. “She’s sorry but she doesn’t have the time.” Dolly considers Kelly Clarkson, Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks to be true blue, spies snitch, but thinks most Nashville…