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Gluten Free Heaven

April 2020
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Gluten-Free Heaven brings you 101 carefully selected, seasonal, gluten-free recipes every issue. Whether you choose to eat gluten-free as part of a healthy diet, are gluten-intolerant or have coeliac disease, the great range of tempting and nutritious recipes in this beautiful magazine will help you enjoy varied and tasty meals every day of the week. And with a new issue every month, you'll never run short of new ideas, features and inspiration. Eating gluten-free can be a challenge - let Gluten-Free Heaven make your life just that little bit easier - and a whole lot tastier!

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United Kingdom
Anthem Publishing
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Well, what a prolonged winter that was - so much rain and so much devastation across the country. It’s okay though, because spring is most definitely here. The daffodils are out, the lawn has finally had a trim and the water tap from up high has tightened its nozzle somewhat. Best of all though, we are into spring food, which means lovely greens, light and healthy tarts and pies, frittatas and salads bursting with vibrant colours, and of course flavour. We have put together a spring section recipes from page 12 that covers all those recipe ideas and many more… Also this issue, we continue with our gluten-free Q&A series, answering everyday questions you might have about living on the diet on page 30! We also get to the bottom of common…

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nutritional information

Our symbols Gluten-free Sugar-free Dairy-free Egg-free Veggie We have adopted the nutritional criteria used by the British Food Standards Agency (FSA) who define the colours in its traffic light labels based on comprehensive scientific studies and consultations. This system uses a reference value of 100 grams for food products and 100 millilitres for drinks and classifies levels of fat, saturated fat, sugars and salt as low (green), medium (amber) or high (red). We have added Protein. Daily GDA’s Calories 2,000 kcal Protein 50g Carbohydrates 300g Sugars 25g Fat 70g Saturates 20g Salt 6g…

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awareness week 2020

The impact of undiagnosed coeliac disease on children is huge. By highlighting the main symptoms of coeliac disease in children, Coeliac UK hopes to empower parents to take action, so that they can find the half a million people living with undiagnosed coeliac disease in the UK. This is their focus for Coeliac Awareness Week (11-17 May). They’re urging parents who recognise symptoms in their child to take their online assessment (www.isitcoeliacdisease.org.uk) which will provide them with a result that they can take to their GP, and use to talk about getting their child tested for coeliac disease. With your support, more children can be put on the path to diagnosis and a happy, healthy life. There is an Awareness Week pack to give children, parents, teachers, leaders and anyone who wants…

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oxford hosts free from festival to showcase latest products from around the market

Spring is coming, and with it plenty of events, markets and food festivals. While offering plenty of culinary choice to most, such events often do not cater for the dietary needs of people with food intolerances following a specific diet. Free From Festival wants to address this issue and will offer a chance to enjoy a food festival where intolerant visitors can sample delicious products ‘free-from’ gluten, dairy and refined sugar. Following their highly successful events in London, Bristol and Manchester, Free From Events will be holding their Oxford edition of their Food Fair at The King’s Centre, 10 minutes walk from Oxford Railway Station on Saturday, April 4 from 11am until 5pm. Free From Event’s mission is to organise events for people living their lives ‘free from’ either gluten, refined sugar…

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we tried…

Bol Fire Roasted Cauliflower-Tikka Masala Substantial, spicy flavours abound. The big cauliflower florets pack a satisfyingly punch. The creamy coconut daal and the pleasingly tangy chutney complete the picture. This is a fragrant, veg-heavy dinner (there are generous amount of everything). Satisfaction for the head, stomach and heart. Current stocists are Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Ocado. RRP £4. wwwbolfoods.com Kirsty’s Lentil Cottage Pie with Sweet Potato Mash Perfect for adults and kids alike, these 400g packs are a meal in themseleves, although we do reccomend cokking up some greens to add the perfect side. It’s hearty, tasty and nourishing, great for when you are in a rush and can’t be bothered to cook! RRP £ 3, available in Morrisons, Sainabury’s Waitrose, Co-op & Booths. www.kirstys.co.uk…

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nutty bruce creates range of activated nut m*lks

Nutty Bruce (www.goodbetterbruce.com) is a new plant-based brand giving people a short-cut to wellness by creating nutritious, delicious and convenient products, starting with the UK’s first and only range of activated nut m*lks. Nutty Bruce’s plant m*lks are unlike any other on the market and are set to shake up the way that Brits have been enjoying the power of plants. Each one contains a high content of almonds, (the highest being Activated Almond M*lk, containing 5% almonds), and the whole range is made using organic whole activated almonds. It is claimed that activated nuts are closer to being alive, giving them increased nutrient value. The gummy truth about most plant m*lks… Unlike other plant m*lks, Nutty Bruce contains absolutely no nasties. That means no thickeners, gums, preservatives, colours, stabilisers, nut pastes or added…