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January/February 2020

Gluten-Free Living is completely dedicated to information for those who follow a gluten-free diet. We pack issues with essential reading about food labeling, ingredients, medical challenges and lifestyle solutions. No other specialty publication matches the depth of our editorial or the thoroughness of our original research.

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Cozy Cold-Weather Recipes If you loved the recipes in this issue, find hundreds more to keep your kitchen sizzling all winter long. From crowd-pleasing comfort favorites to decadent desserts and satisfying beverages, you’ll discover dishes to savor until spring has sprung. Gluten-Free Travel While you can travel anywhere while living a gluten-free lifestyle, you do have to be cautious and prepared. Get all the tips and travel resources you need on packing, gluten-free apps and guides to specific destinations. Not Just Gluten Free! If you or a loved one deals with more than one dietary restriction, check out our Not Just Gluten Free section, which includes expert advice, product picks and fantastic recipes for those who avoid dairy, meat, sugar, soy, fish, nuts and more in addition to living a gluten-free lifestyle. Newsletter SIGN UP: glutenfreeliving.com/newsletter Socialize gfliving gflivingmag gflivingmag glutenfreelivingmag GPOINTSTUDIO/SHUTTESTOCK, 9DREAM…

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Ann Whelan FOUNDER Matthew Bernat EDITOR Diane Fennell EDITORIAL DIRECTOR, WELLNESS DIVISION Van Waffle RESEARCH EDITOR Anna Sonnenberg TRAVEL EDITOR Toni Fitzgerald COPY EDITOR Jennifer Harris NEWS EDITOR DESIGN Carolyn V. Marsden ART DIRECTOR Allyson Preble GRAPHIC DESIGNER ADVISORY BOARD ALESSIO FASANO, MD Center for Celiac Research, Massachusetts Hospital for Children • Boston, MA MARILYN GRUNZWEIG GELLER, CEO Celiac Disease Foundation, Los Angeles, CA PETER H.R. GREEN, MD Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University New York, NY IVOR DENNIS HILL, MD Wake Forest University School of Medicine Winston-Salem, NC KAROLY HORVATH, MD, PHD Center for Pediatric Digestive Health and Nutrition, Arnold Palmer Hospital for ChildrenOrlando, FL SYLVIA HSU, MD Baylor College of Medicine • Houston, TX JOSEPH MURRAY, MD Celiac Disease Research Program and Clinic, Mayo Clinic • Rochester, MN MICHELLE MARIA PIETZAK, MD Children’s Hospital Los Angeles • Los Angeles, CA CYNTHIA RUDERT, MD Medical Advisor, Celiac Disease…

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editor’s note

Dear Readers, Are you ready for another year of Gluten-Free Living? Our first issue of 2020 is brimming with expert advice, helpful tips, practical pointers and, as you’ve come to expect, many delightful recipes. As you look ahead to a year full of fresh beginnings, we have assembled a robust guide to help you keep those resolutions and reach your goals. While the holiday season brings plenty of joy, with it comes a fair amount of stress. If you’re having trouble decompressing after ringing in the new year, we have a tried-and-true method for putting any anxious mind at ease. Mindfulness (page 40) has been a buzzword for a while now, but at heart, the practice is a simple, effective way to reduce stress. We have four ways to get you started. Even though…

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mix it up

Fasting improves chronic inflammatory disease, reduces inflammation: study New research has shed light on the benefits - both for longevity and fighting disease - of intermittent fasting. In a study that appeared in Cell, Mount Sinai researchers discovered that fasting reduces inflammation and improves chronic inflammatory conditions such as celiac disease without affecting the immune system’s reaction to acute infections. While acute inflammation is a normal immune process that helps fight off infections, chronic inflammation can have serious consequences for health, including heart disease, celiac disease, diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and inflammatory bowel diseases. “Caloric restriction is known to improve inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, but the mechanisms by which reduced caloric intake controls inflammation have been poorly understood,” said senior author Miriam Merad, MD, PhD, Director of the Precision Immunology Institute at the Icahn…

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upgrade your pantry with these healthful and nutrition-forward products

As we roll into 2020, upgrading our health ought to be a top, if not the No. 1, priority. Joining a gym, eating at home more often, and taking the time to grocery shop are important steps toward achieving this goal, but why not start by giving your pantry the glow-up it deserves? A pantry makeover doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Start by making changes to the ingredients/products you use most often, and branch out from there. Following this step gives you a chance to try new products designed to transform the way we eat, and it helps you identify products that aren’t as beneficial as you thought, so you can kick them to the curb. We put together our top tips for product swaps with an emphasis on taste,…

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take health to heart this year

Amy Keller, MS, RDN, LD, is a dietitian and celiac support group leader from Bellefontaine, Ohio. Q I’ve been eating gluten free for about five years and feel like I eat pretty healthy. However, at my last doctor’s appointment, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and was given medication. I don’t like the idea of having to take this medicine forever—is there something I can do to improve my lifestyle that might improve it? A High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is very common; it affects about half of adults. It’s more common in men and older adults, in those who have a family history of high blood pressure, and in people with other health conditions such as sleep apnea and chronic kidney disease. Because it typically has no symptoms,…