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November 2020

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ever-green sets

Although we continue to mourn the recent passing of Peter Green, the gods of synchronicity at least offer us one small consolation, in the form of a lavish, and richly deserved, deluxe edition of his final album with Fleetwood Mac, 1970’s Then Play On (BMG). It’s spread over four sides of vinyl, doubling its size from the first time around; first by splitting the original 14 track U.K. pressing over three sides (the original U.S. edition dropped two tracks) and then appending both sides of the band’s last couple of singles across side four. Remembering that two of those tracks, “Oh Well” parts one and two, were also added to later pressings of the LP (replacing two more of the original’s contents), it really is the whole thing in one place. The…

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ask the expert

Q With John Lennon’s 80th birthday, I decided to start investing in collectible vinyl of his solo work. I know there will be plenty of renewed albums by the record companies, but I want original vinyl. Which Lennon record is the best to invest in and which one of his records is worth the most? — Mark Vankirk, via Facebook A The items that see steady increase from year to year are the older and less common ones — in high grade. For John Lennon, this would mean albums like Two Virgins (especially the U.K. mono copy), the Wedding Album (especially sealed copies) and records from the Apple period that are already hard to find. A white-label promotional copy of Some Time in New York City can sell for $2,000 or more in…

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truth remix box for lennon’s 80th

SHAVED FISH (1975) WAS THE FIRST John Lennon compilation, and in subsequent years have seen the release of a number of greatest hits/best of collections of varying sizes; single disc, two discs and box sets. Now, in commemoration of Lennon’s 80th birthday on October 9, comes Gimme Some Truth, featuring 36 tracks spanning the years 1969 to 1980 (confusingly, the same title was also used for a 4-CD box set released in 2010). What’s different about this set is that the songs have been completely remixed, using new transfers of the original multi-tracks; hence the songs are billed as “ultimate mixes.” “Instant Karma!” kicks things off, and the difference in sound is immediately apparent. In the excellent book that’s part of the deluxe edition, Paul Hicks (chief mixer and engineer), says the…

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10 albums that changed my life

HENRY GROSS Henry Gross had the rare opportunity to make a double impression on rock and roll history. The first time was as a charter member of the original oldies cover band Sha Na Na, and the distinction of becoming the youngest musician to perform at Woodstock. He later distinguished himself again by writing and recording the mega-hit song “Shannon,” a tear-stained ode to a deceased dog that once belonged to Beach Boy Carl Wilson. Following the initiation of that solo career in 1970, Gross would go on to be a studio musician and share his musical skills with Jim Croce, and then score success with a second single ”Springtime Mama.” He continues to write, record and tour with his one-man show “One Hit Wanderer.” With nearly two dozen albums to his credit,…

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bob mould

Merge Records (CD, LP) **** The latest solo effort from the former Hüsker Dü and Sugar frontman is really a recording in two parts. Half of the album is comprised of songs that take on many of the issues plaguing America in the present day. The remaining songs are more personal. Bob Mould produced the album as well as providing lead vocals, guitar, keyboards and percussion. He recorded it with his longtime sidemen, bassist Jason Narducy and drummer Jon Wurster. The album was engineered by Beau Sorenson. The acoustic opening track, “Heart on My Sleeve,” is a stark, powerful and moving song about the ravages of climate change. The following track, “Next Generation,” is a ferocious rocker that is a call to arms for people unhappy with the current situation in America…

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for vinyl citizens

The heyday of vinyl records — the so-called “album era” — spanned from 1964 to the mid’90s. But the advent of CDs and then the internet seemed to spell the end for the cherished format. In 1993, vinyl album sales in the United States had dropped to their lowest-ever point, with only about 300,000 units sold. (Compare that figure to those of Pink Floyd’s 1973 LP The Dark Side of the Moon; it sold nearly twice as many units in its first month.) Seemingly superseded by CDs and downloads, vinyl records continued to be pressed, and sold in limited quantities. But — according to figures from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), through 2007 vinyl album sales were essentially flat, hovering around the one million units per year mark. Though…