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Golf Tips November/December 2019

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golf tips

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it’s christmas year-round

For folks who write about golf for a living, the Christmas tide gets rolling every January, when the PGA Merchandise Show cranks up at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. And it doesn’t let up until … well, never. I have it on good authority that Santa nurses a serious golf jones. It’s so intense, in fact, that he can’t contain the fairway-friendly flood to just a few weeks between Thanksgiving (make that Halloween) and Christmas. So, golf companies large and small follow his lead, loading us up with goodies through the four seasons. All year long, the review samples of clubs, training aids, apparel, gadgets and God knows what else keep coming my way, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to give them a go on and off the course, then…

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for driver distance, widen your arc

Creating driver distance is all about a wide, even arc and generating as much clubhead speed as you can. What I like to do is start my swing from my core. While keeping my arms long and wide, I generate clubbed speed by rotating my core and shoulders back and through, as I’m doing in the photo below. Timing is everything. If you can’t come back to contact straight and with a square club face, you better start over. As I’m doing in the photo sequence at bottom, Stay Wide, Watch Impact, and Keep Your Balance. STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation (Required by 39 U.S.C. 3685) 1. Title of Publication: GOLF TIPS 2. Publication No. 1051-7758 3. Filing Date: September 12, 2019. 4. Issue Frequency: Bi-Monthly 5. No. of issues published annually: 6 6. Annual Subscription Price:…

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remember these chipping fundamentals

Having good fundamentals in chipping is so beneficial to creating solid contact. The two tendencies I see a lot of amateurs struggle with when chipping is using their hands too much and feeling like they need to lift the ball in the air. By creating some awareness in your chipping set up and motion, your chipping can drastically improve, thus lowering your scores. At Address: • Stance should be square to slightly open to target• Weight should be 70% on your front leg• Hands should be slightly in front of the ball……arms and club form a lower case “y” The Takeaway: • Rotation of swing on front leg axis……no weight shift in backswing• Swing low to the ground in pendulum like motion Impact: • Strive for same positions as at address• Maintain wrist angle through shot•…

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base your eye position on your stroke

When I talk about putting with my players I like to work on these top three skills: 1. Ability to aim2. Ability start putt on the intended line3. Speed control This tip will help you master the top two. Everyone’s sights and visuals are different, so it is important to calibrate each player specifically and find out where they operate at their best. The photo illustrates the position where my dominant eye is looking over the ball. I would like to see my players have their eyes directly over the ball, or inside their target line up to the width of two golf balls. There is no exact, textbook eye position over the ball, but those are my parameters — however, I never want to see a student’s head and eyes outside the target line. For…

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face is in fact the case

In a golf lesson, nothing is more important to achieving success on the lesson tee than clear, concise communication between a student and his or her coach. In life we use various media to communicate in a learning environment. We can verbalize, we can demonstrate, we can physically touch or move a person into a particular position. In the golf swing, the most important juncture of communication in space and time is that instant when the club face comes in contact with the ball. That “moment of truth,” as the great teacher of the game, Dr. Gary Wiren, describes it, is only a blip in time. That said, during that instant the face is attached to the ball, it in fact tells the ball what to do. It communicates a variety of commands…