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Google Tips and Tricks
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Google are full of surprises. Very few companies can cause such discussion when they change their logo. But there is far more to Google than meets the eye, such as their very own mobile hardware, and the plethora of things you can use it for as well as the new Google Home.

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tips & tricks

The Google team are full of surprises. Just when you think they’ve gone and outdone themselves they roll out another improvement that completely changes everything. The last biggest change was the logo, made with the ‘Alphabet’ font, they went from the old Times to a new and sleek look across the board. Now, however, they’ve upped the ante. With their own mobile device, the Google Pixel, which is due for an update soon, and the voicecontrolled Google Home. The company who made the Internet search what it is today, has taken the OS they developed and produced their own hardware to go with it. Google Home will completely change how the user interacts with their gadgets and day-to-day tasks making even the most tedious processes that little bit easier.…

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the power of google

When you think of Google, search engines and emails may come to mind, but there is a lot more to the company than just these runaway successes. It is true that Google dominates search and email, but did you know that YouTube is owned and powered by Google and so are many other online services that you may already be aware of. Over time, Google has grown from a company that provides the best search engine on the internet to one that can power almost every aspect of our computing lives. Google now provides the most popular email service in the world and enables people to store billions of documents online. It provides ultra-fast broadband and the operating system for the most popular smartphones – it sometimes feels that everything…

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history of google

1998 It’s born Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google on 4th September 1998. 1999 Google get their first office dog, Yoshka 2003 Google AdSense announced 2004 Gmail is born Gmail was launched on 1st April 2004 and now has 900 million users. 2004 Time to go public The company grew and became public in August 2004. 2006 YouTube acquired Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in October 2006. 2009 Chrome announced 2012 Google Fibre Google Fibre was launched in 2012 to provide ultra-high-speed broadband. 2015 Getting bigger Google announced revenues of $17.7 billion in the second quarter of 2015. 2016 Google launch their first self-made phone, the Google Pixel 2017 Google Home Google’s new voice-controlled device is launched.…

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essential apps to use every day

Maps Travel anywhere Google Maps offers some of the most accurate and complete online maps in the world. The coverage has improved over the years thanks to a huge investment by Google and you can also use it to navigate anywhere. Current traffic conditions are a feature and so it can also be used in place of a commercial navigation solution. The level of detail for each establishment you locate is impressive, thanks to the connection to Google Search, and the Street View feature adds even more realism to the experience. No matter what type of mapping requirement you have, this is the ultimate solution for any occasion. It is quite brilliant. Gmail Stay connected If you use Gmail, you will want to download the associated app. It includes all of the major features you…

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the best of google’s hidden apps

You will likely know the most popular apps and services that Google runs, but there are other apps that the company has either acquired or developed over time that may surprise you. Some of these apps offer no obvious indication at all that Google is involved, but you can be assured that they will work flawlessly and bear all of the hallmarks of the Google system behind the scenes. Reliability, accuracy and speed are obvious throughout. From communitybased navigation to image editing, Google’s reach extends way beyond the obvious and into a variety of areas, but ones that remain eminently useful. The company is now even delving in to the world of home automation, too, but no matter what unusual Google app you use, chances are that it will work…

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the history of android

Whether you were aware of Google’s global prowess or not, one thing is abundantly clear, its mobile operating system, Android, is currently the most used across the globe. Here’s a brief history of the story so far… 2003 Android, Inc In 2003, Android, Inc was created by Andy Rubin. 2006 LG Prada announced 2005 Google buys Android Google bought Android, Inc and its key staff in July 2005. 2007 The Open Handset Alliance The Open Handset Alliance, which included Google, announced itself in 2007. 2008 Revealed to operate on Linux 2008 The first Android phone The HTC Dream, powered by Android, was launched in 2008. 2010 The first Google phone Launched in 2010, the Nexus One was the first Google branded phone. 2011 Ice Cream Sandwich OS released 2012 Three quarters Android’s market share in 2012 reached 75 per cent worldwide. 2012 The Nexus 7 The Nexus 7 Android tablet…