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GQ April 2016

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Grammys + NBA All-Stars We love a party like Kanye loves himself, so in February we threw two on the same weekend— first for the NBA All-Star Game in Toronto, hosted by Future, and then for the Grammys in L.A., hosted by birthday boy The Weeknd. (Winning two Grammys is a pretty solid birthday present, but he also got a fancy car and two cakes.) Here’s the tale of the tape. Grammys 1 Taylor Swift (above, with GQ editor-in-chief Jim Nelson) 1 Justin Bieber 6 Grammy winners 3 DJs (Diplo, Skrillex, A-Trak) 1 McLaren, wrapped in a bow 2 giant birthday cakes for The Weeknd 1 wrecked prop car, per “The Hills” video NBA All-Stars 1 Future 1 James Harden dancing to Rihanna 2 Pop-A-Shot hoops 6 0 points scored by J. J. Redick at Pop-A-Shot –12 degrees in Toronto 7 feet of Andre Drummond 1, 000,000…

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get the gq look

LIKE WHAT YOU SEE IN THE PAGES OF GQ? NOW YOU CAN GET IT—AND WEAR IT— RIGHT AWAY EACH MONTH, the editors of GQ will select a series of items from our pages available through our online retail partner, Mr TO LEARN more—and see what we have chosen for you this month—go to Just a few of our picks from this issue... AMI Alexandre Mattiussi blazer p. 152 Burberry trench coat p. 134 Tom Ford jacket Cover Tomas Maier shirt p. 66 C LOCKW I S E F R O M TO P : A L AS DA I R MCL E L L A N ; J O N AT H O N K A M B O U R I S ; A L AS DA I R MCL E L L A N…

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the style guy

I was stylish before I had a kid, and I like to think I still am, now that I have a young son. But when I wear slim denim and suede Chelsea boots to the playground, I get some sideeye from the other parents. Should I back off my style? Never retreat. Never surrender. Fight with shield and blade and tailored fits—with all your might, my brother. I’m not sure where you live, but in my home base of Brooklyn, stylish dads are on every corner. Daily I see reminders that dads can dress stylishly— offspring and Off-White can co-exist. My only advice: Keep it practical. If you’re hitting the slides, maybe leave the Cucinelli cashmere sweater at home and grab some sneakers—even if they are Tom Ford trainers that cost…

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the rock ’n’ roll polo

GQ Endorses • Sure, it’s a menswear classic that can call to mind Waspy pastimes like golf, country-clubbing, and, well, equestrian sports—but the polo isn’t all champagne and caviar. The shirt and its history have as much to do with the underground as they do with the upper crust. Rock gods from Bowie and Jagger to Pharrell have worn them in crazy colors and eye-popping patterns, paired with eff-you pieces like beat-up moto jackets. And you should, too. Pull on a polo that’s loud enough for a lead singer, along with your skinniest suit or ripped-to-shreds jeans, and no one will ever mistake you for a man with a 5 handicap. Polo shirt by David Hart | $595 |…

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how to find a great tailor and make him your best friend

Leave the T-Shirt, Bring the Charvet If you’re getting a suit tailored, wear your dress shoes and a dress shirt. Having jeans hemmed? Lace up the sneakers you wear most. Good Work Costs Good Money Ask up front about the cost of alterations so you’re not surprised later on. A tidy hem should be no less than $10; slimming a jacket might run upwards of $50. As Saltos says, “If a guy charges you $3 for a hem, don’t expect nothing. It’s gonna be crappy.” You shelled out $100 for pants—and five or ten (or 50) times that on a suit—so don’t cheap out now. First, Ask Around Badger a particularly sharp friend—or the suited guy next to you in the elevator—for his tailor’s info. Pay it forward later. And please, never, ever pay a…

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it took a decade to bring you this much awesomeness

The King of Suave > Michael Bastian ESTABLISHED: 2006 GQ CLASS OF: 2007, 2011 HOMETOWN: New York City The Résumé of Tireless Cool • 2005: Bastian peaces-out as men’s fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman to follow a dream: launching his own Italian-made brand of “menswear building blocks at a luxury level.” Good idea: He soon wins his first GQ Best New Menswear Designer award. • 2010: Starts a fouryear run designing a Gant line infused with Wes Anderson whimsy. He then wins a second BNMDA nod, the only man to ever repeat. • 2013: For Uniqlo, designs polo shirts with pocket flaps and quirky prints—the first (and only) time we’ve wanted to wear the waving Japanese “lucky cat.” • 2016: His hundredpiece namesake line includes everything from gym clothes to formalwear—so the Gap collection, at maybe a dozen pieces,…