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Men's Lifestyle

GQ April 2017

GQ is the authority on men and is the premier men's magazine. With its unique and powerful design, the best photographers, and a well of award-winning writers, GQ reaches millions each month. Get GQ digital magazine subscription today for the best in men's fashion and style, beautiful women and culture, news and politics.

United States
Conde Nast US
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gq hq

Grammys gone wild: gq + Lil Chano Thanks to three Grammy wins for co-host Chance the Rapper, the GQ afterparty at the Chateau Marmont had a “We just won homecoming” vibe. The biggest names in music showed up and turned up, juggling drinks with bowls of Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream and dancing along to Migos. It was hard to say who looked happier: Chance or his fans. “It’s just great to see somebody that is making art that is different from everybody else,” Leon Bridges said. “It’s exciting to see a cat dedicated to making good music taking home some Grammys.” “He so deserves this. He’s so talented. I love how he creates new avenues for himself beyond the traditional. When he wins, I feel like it’s a win for everyone. Especially…

1 min.
manual look sharp| live smart

The New Velcro Sneaker • Like driverless cars and glutenfree pizza, shoelaces are one of those things in life we’ve convinced ourselves are necessary. Kids know better. They’ve been wearing Velcro sneakers for decades. And this spring, designers are rolling out sticky, strappy, stylized sneakers for grown-ups. They’re not novelty items; they’re actually made with the same high-end leather (and by the same high-end designers) as your best pair of dress shoes, which means they’ll last—and look fresh—well into old age.…

3 min.
three young designers bring back custom suits—and they’re actually affordable

P. Johnson SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA EST. 2006 “I’m Australian, mate,” Patrick Johnson says in an accent straight out of a Foster’s commercial. “I can’t have old wood and leather chairs in my showroom, where people are sitting around smoking cigars and drinking whiskey.” Johnson’s idea is to be more natural, more modern, to suck the pretension right out of the customsuit experience. Which explains the setup of his only American showroom (pictured at left), a serene white-walled New York oasis that’s flooded with sunlight and inhabited by a lazy spaniel named Layla. This is where you get fitted, flip through fabric swatches, and discuss all the tailoring parameters of the suit he’s about to make you. “Walking into a tailoring space is quite intimidating for a lot of men,” Johnson says. “One, you’re…

1 min.
thomas finney

BROOKLYN, U.S.A. EST. 2016 My suits have a particular cut to them—we based our sport coat off a 1940s golfing jacket that has this really forward posture. That stance gives you a toughguy appearance. The image I’m trying to put out there is a mix of wholesome Americana and also the flip side, which is overt masculine sexuality. When you put those two things together, it’s like Norman Rockwell meets Tom of Finland.” C LOCKW I S E F R O M TO P L E F T: COURT E SY O F J A M I E MCG R E G O R S M I T H / T H O M SWE E N E Y ; D AV I D M . B E N E T T/…

2 min.
who said a collared shirt needs a collar?

CONOR KELLY, 31 senior SoulCycle instructor Shirt $148 | Michael Bastian Gray Label | nordstrom.com ANDREW YOUNG, 28 creative director Shirt $90 | Club Monaco | clubmonaco.com ZESHAN MALIK, 3 1 creative strategist Shirt $375 | Brunello Cucinelli brunellocucinelli.com BLAKE KENNEDY, 21 student Shirt $690 | Visvim | visvim.tv MATEUSZ LILPOP, 36 co-owner of Lalo restaurant Shirt $295 | Eidos | martinpatrick3.com H A I R : L I S A- R AQ U E L U S I N G R + CO. G R O O M I N G : B A R R Y WH I T E AT B A R R YWH I T E M E N S G R O O M I N G . CO M . C LO C KWI S E F R O M L E F T, 1 . SWE AT PA…

3 min.
the style guy

I have like 50 weddings this year, including my own. So I’m thinking I’d mix it up on my big day. Thoughts on a turtleneck under a suit? When the ancient Egyptians created the wedding ring, it wasn’t about announcing your status. It was about the simplicity of the circle: infifinity and eternity. Your weddingday outfifit should be considered with that kind of timelessness in mind. So, with the Egyptians gazing down on you, do you want to wear a turtleneck to your own wedding? The answer: Hell no. I’ve tried to do the “air tie,” but it just looks like I forgot my tie. What am I doing wrong? Easy! Wrong shirt. Your collar is probably too spread and it looks like something is missing. Solution: You can get a killer pointed-collar,…