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the chief of grief

THERE’S SOMETHING I can’t get out of my head since the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. I don’t mean the sheer terror of it or the realization that since Columbine, mass shootings in high schools have become literally as normalized as fire drills. I don’t mean the steeliness of those student protesters who, in the weeks after, did what adult politicians were too milk-livered to do: forced us all to go to our rooms and talk about gun control. And I don’t mean the inanity of President Trump—a barely concealed weapon of the NRA himself—calling for a militia of well-armed teachers. No, I’m talking about the president’s strange and stilted “grief speech” to the nation the day after the shooting, the hollowed-out way he spoke and tried to soothe…

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gq hq

Meet Molly Young When she’s not hanging out with Donatella Versace (page 104), Molly Young is an artist, a veteran branding genius, and an author: D C-T!, written with illustrator Joana Avillez in a truly weird phonetic language, hits shelves in May. Below, she fields the big questions. 1 What’s the most Donatella Versace thing you’ve done? Reckless sunbathing. 2 Donatella is to fashion as you are to. Solving crossword puzzles. 3 Describe yourself in an angry Yelp review. “ZERO STARS! Terrible vibes, overly expensive, no vegan options.” 4 We’ve read that you enjoy micro-dosing. What else do you micro-do? Manage. 5 What are you doing when your name flashes across the screen in the opening credits of your teen soap opera? Reading an upside-down copy of War and Peace in the bath. 6 What’s on your rider? Three jars of peanut butter.…

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office   grails

Special Style Bible Edition • Chris Gayomali, news editor “This coat has so many extraneous zippers on it. I’ve never owned anything like this before. Being able to spin around in the rain is just so appealing.” • Sam Schube, deputy style editor “I like that it’s a coat that looks like a robe. It’s definitely more coat. It only took me wearing it while naked and sopping wet once to figure that out.” • Jon Tietz, fashion editor “If I’m going to do an animal print, it has to be discreet. Everything else has to be simple so that that’s the only thing talking.” • AJ Gibbson, associate social-media manager “I’m from Texas, where it’s never cold. This is the warmest coat that I have, and I wear it anytime it drops below 30 degrees.” • Will Welch,…

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it takes a big man to wear a small watch

ACTUAL SIZE Here’s how the dials measure up IRL. A funny thing happened when the smartphone took over all of our time-keeping needs: Men got really into watches. Aesthetics (as opposed to pure horological utility) became everything. Some guys went the über-macho route, strapping on pieces reminiscent of the wrist cannons Sylvester Stallone was fond of wearing in the ’90s. Others went for pure blinged-out maximalism, which peaked around the time Beyoncé gave Jay-Z a $5 million icy Hublot for his 43rd birthday. But along the way, an undercurrent of enthusiasts sought to correct course with quieter, smaller vintage timepieces—and all of a sudden, the status-symbol watch shrank. That’s because for most of history men’s watches have measured less than 40 millimeters in diameter, from World War I trench watches right up…

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don’t leave home without your shopping buddy

A few weeks back, I met my buddy Chris at Nepenthes, an unusually adventurous men’s boutique on a nondescript block in New York City’s Garment District. He tried on some five-pound wool pants, and I gave my advice: I’m not letting you leave without those. I tried on a red fringed coat seemingly made from an old blanket, and he gave his advice: You can’t live without it, $3,000 price tag be damned. We left the store (he bought the pants; I didn’t buy the coat), headed to a bar, and chatted over a couple of beers. It was a great hang. I don’t want to pretend that this was some sort of radical activity. The mangoes-shopping caricature—the boyfriend posted up on the couch at Anthropologie, scrolling through Instagram and praying…

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giant leap for mankind: the hottest womenswear designers move into menswear

ISABEL MARANT’S decision to add menswear to her successful 24-yearold women’s-only label was an easy, if long overdue, one. “For years all the guys around me—my friends, boyfriends, boyfriends of my girlfriends—said they want to wear my clothes,” she says. And who would want to turn down those droves of fashion-hungry men? Especially when they’ve got cash to spend and they’re eager for fresh ways to make waves with what they wear. She’s not the only one out there tapping into the lucrative, not-so-little market of men’s high-fashion gear, either. The French designer is the latest member of an elite crew of creatives—which also includes Stella McCartney, Anthony Vaccarello at Saint Laurent, and Clare Waight Keller at Givenchy—who are bringing their talents (and special abilities to separate people from their…