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LIKE WHAT YOU SEE IN THE PAGES OF GQ? NOW YOU CAN GETIT—AND WEAR IT— RIGHT AWAY EACH MONTH, the editors of GQ will select a series of items from our pages available through our online retail partner, Mr Porter.com TO LEARN more—and see what we have chosen for you this month—go to GQ.com/selects Just a few of our picks from this issue...…

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manual look sharp | live smart

Kelly Slater’s Cool-Ass New Surf Line GQ Endorses 1 of 2 Allow us to re-introduce Kelly Slater. You probably know him as the most famous surfer in the world, but this summer he’s adding a new title to the résumé: fashion guru. Slater’s line, Outerknown, channels his tailoredchill style and his globe-trotting life into surfwear that works damn near everywhere, no sand required. It’s all perfectly fitted pants, shirts, and sweaters woven from luxurious and ethically sourced materials, and slim outerwear that’s built to cross latitudes with ease. Turn the page and you’ll see why, even if you can’t backsideshred a barrel, you’ll still be totally stoked on Slater’s newest moves. Sweater $385, shirt, $165, and pants, $185, by Outerknown | outerknown.com GQ Endorses 2 of 2 Surfwear for Anywhere Listen to Kelly Slater talk about…

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this season, the small tweaks make a big difference

PLAY THE MATCHING GAME When your tie perfectly matches your jacket, you get a clean, minimalist look designed to shine the spotlight on a bold suit, a gutsy shirt, or—why not?—both. Shirt $88 J. Crew Crosby | Tie $225 Prada | Tie bar $15 The Tie Bar | Where to buy it? Go to GQ.com/go/fashiondirectories LET THE BRITS INTO YOUR PANTS Englishmen basically invented the practice of cuffing pants, lifting the fabric above soggy streets. Smart move, mates. Pair your cuffs with an equally chunky sole on your wingtips. Shoes $1,520 Tom Ford Socks $29 American Trench MAKE EVERY DAY THROWBACK THURSDAY Stuff a retropatterned foulard pocket square into your doubly swaggerful peaklapel jacket. It’s a combo straight out of Hollywood’s golden era. Suit $1,445 Z Zegna Pocket square $185 Brunello Cucinelli Folio $645 Tod’ APPLY FOR AN EXTENSION You’ve…

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where can a man get a man-peel around here?

It turns out that when a cosmetic laser is aimed at dirty pores, the ensuing microimmolation makes a popping noise: not quite a gunshot, but definitely louder than a bowl of milky Rice Krispies. I’m lying on a glorified hospital bed as a woman named Candice vaporizes my skin gunk with medical-grade G.I. Joe weaponry. And I’m keeping it together, until I catch a whiff of my own flesh sizzling. That’s when I ask myself: Could a slightly prettier me be worth this sci-fi scenario? Lasers, I’ve learned, are the newest frontier in men’s skin care. Until now I thought I knew the rules: I wash my face every night. I (sometimes) wear sunscreen. I don’t even blink at moisturizing anymore. But facials? Lasers? Grandma’s chemical peel, the one that left…

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Your Jean Jacket Now Means Business On its own, a beat-up denim jacket can take you from regular Joe to extra in Badlands—but how do you translate that look to the office? You let the jean jacket toughen up your slickest suit—that’s how. Layering snugfitting denim under your suit coat instantly turns a respectable two-piece into a rock ’n’ roll threepiece. Just make sure to keep the tie and pocket square in place so everyone knows you’re still a professional. How to Run Away from Giant Logos Sometimes you just don’t want your kicks to double as walking billboards— which is why we’re very much digging Victory Sportswear, a loungey new line of sneakers with a throwback silhouette. They’ve got a madein-America quality reminiscent of classic New Balance, but Victory’s real bragging rights…

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“waiter, there’s too much internet in my food”

I am getting old. I know this because I routinely employ the classic old-person’s complaints: The kids today don’t know anything, they don’t have the work ethic of the people I trained under, all restaurants are the same, nobody’s doing anything new anymore, blah blah. Before too long, I’m sure I’ll be claiming I cooked uphill in the snow both ways, then use my cane to punctuate my rant. It wasn’t even that long ago that I was working shitty jobs in the best kitchens that would have me, reading books that changed my life (The French Laundry Cookbook by Thomas Keller; Marco Pierre White’s White Heat), hanging out at bars and trading stories with some cook who had returned from Spain or Japan, trying to learn everything I could about…