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GQ August 2016

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GQ Endorses1 of 2The Totes Amazing Bag• Even if you’re wearing a suit, you can get away with carrying rocket ships—or military camo, or cartoon eyeballs, or a trippy red reptile. That’s because the humble tote bag has transformed from a drab canvas NPR pledgedrive giveaway to a luxurious go-anywhere, do-anything carryall. These roomy new bags have all the functionality you need to survive a day of work, gym, and adult sleepover. And with smart-ass graphics on nylon and buttery leather, they’ve got enough style to keep heads swiveling in your direction at every step along the way.Bag Prada | (price upon request)The New Way to Handle Your StuffUnless you’re handcuffed to America’s nuclear codes, you no longer need a hard-sided briefcase• In the old days, you were expected to…

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the rock ’n’ roll hat goes platinum

Hat, $565, Worth & Worth by Orlando Palacios. Jacket by Burberry. T-shirt by Agolde. Bead necklace by George Frost.• Most guys start with a baseball cap. Ben Bridwell did: South Carolina Little League snapbacks. But lately he and a whole lot of other men have gravitated toward hats that are less jockish and more bohemian western—conjuring up, as Bridwell says, “some Black Bart shit.” The coolest ones tend to be handmade and maybe even distressed, so they look and feel lived-in. Bridwell, whose Why Are You OK tour is coming soon to your town, says, “There is a fine line between looking like a total douche and looking like an absolute damn badass where the hat is an extension of your style.” To end up on the right side, look…

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a new beacon in the city of (red) lights

1 Pour out a little wine for Toulouse-Lautrec while you’re in the area.If you want to know where the youth are raging in love-and-lustobsessed Paris, look for the sex shops. They will lead you to Pigalle, the once sleazy (okay, still a little sleazy) former red-light district at the southern foot of the streets leading into Montmartre. New Yorkers will tell you it’s Paris’s answer to Williamsburg, but that’s selling the area short. Unlike the gut-renovated warehouses of industrial Brooklyn, Pigalle is old as merde,2 Though it may look and feel (and taste) French, Buvette was actually started by a New Yorker.Pigalle’s best bars and restaurants are all clustered around a single intersection, packed so tight it’s almost impossible to avoid a raucous night stumbling from one place to the…

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give your summer grilling a lot more seoul

• Summertime does not make me long for hot dogs and hamburgers and all those emblematic Americana summertime foods. It’s not that I don’t like them or can’t eat my weight in them. It’s just that, growing up, that’s not what my backyard-grilling experience included. My mom always— always—grilled marinated short ribs, known as kalbi. She cooked them at home on the old gas grill and on those gnarly public-use charcoal grills at the park when we were having a family picnic.The whole process couldn’t be simpler or more delicious. Marinate, grill, serve. I eat my kalbi with kimchi and rice, but they pair with all summer sides: corn on the cob, potato or pasta salad, coleslaw. Maybe they’re even better with those sides than burgers and dogs are, because…

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boring-ize the crap out of your love life

Turns out the mustachioed patriot/humorist/woodworker/husband to Megan Mullally (13 years!) is quite the romantic, too. Offerman, who is in the upcoming McDonald’s-originstory flick, The Founder, here unveils the secret to finding (and keeping) your soul mate: less Cirque du SoleilWhat Happens in Vegas…Is Rarely LoveIf you’re planning a date, don’t do something that’s supposed to be flashy or impressive, like go to a fancy restaurant or go to Vegas or go see Cirque du Soleil. Instead, go walk on the beach or go walk in the woods or just go for a walk, wherever you are. And that, to me, is a great pace by which two people can socialize and become familiar and see if there’s a ground upon which they can meet and dance and caper about and…

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survive rio’s summer olympics

BRAZIL’S TROPICAL breezes are currently under siege by swarms of virus-carrying mosquitoes. Its beaches are plagued by drug-resistant “super bacteria.” Its suspended president is staring down impeachment (for alleged financial fraud). The marriage of its other, secret president (Gisele Bündchen) has been rocked by Deflategate. Its favelas are being frantically bulldozed to make room for Olympic tourists, and its noble jaguar mascot was, uh, shot by soldiers. What happens when the world’s most prestigious athletic competition is hosted by its second-largest producer of Victoria’s Secret Angels? Pure redband pandemonium. Turn the page for our guide to the wildest Olympics in 3,000 years.TO EMERGE FROM THE PLANNING WRECKAGEWATCH THE OLYMPICS AT WORK WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT1. Position your phone at the base of your computer.2. Opt for 4G—3G, if you’re a caveman—over…