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GQ August 2017

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Small Talk with Clay Skipper In this month’s Manual section, GQ.com staff writer Clay Skipper mourns the death of small talk and overcomes his crippling fear of elevator chitchat. We decided to test him with some really hard questions about the weather. 1 What is your favorite weather + drink pairing? A cold beer during a locust swarm. 2 If you were lightning, whom would you smite? Gatorade, for making me a corporate sellout. 3 True or false: Menstruation is connected to the tides. False. Only suckers believe in tides. 4 Rank the different kinds of rain. 1. No rain. 2. Rain. 5 What were you doing the last time you got sunburned? Getting sunburned. 6 What is the first weather you remember? Getting sunburned. 7 If you were a weatherman, what facial hair would you have? A bushy beard I’d call the OverCast Away, so…

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Officine Generale suit and shirt More on page 56 L I K E WHAT YOU S E E IN THE PAGE S OF GQ? NOW YOU CA N GE T I T—AND WE A R I T— RIGHT AWAY EACH MONTH, the editors of GQ will select a series of items from our pages available through our online retail partner, Mr Porter.com TO LEARN more—and see different ways to wear what we’ve chosen this GQ.com/selects Just a few of our picks from this issue... PHOTO G R A P H S , C LOCKW I S E F R O M TO P : S E B AS T I A N K I M ( 2 ) ; E R I C RAY DAV I D S O N ; T R AV I S…

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GQ Endorses Mismatched shoes and socks for reference only. Do not attempt. Shin-Deep in Style It’s true, we’ve been telling you for years to go sockless in summer, mostly because socks always felt so…un-summery. But sporty striped ones have a very Venice Beach boardwalk feel, and they play right into the athletic trend (please don’t make us say athleisure) that’s dominating fashion right now. Steer into it: Find yourself a pair of unapologetically retro tube socks, wear them with your favorite skate shoes, and roll your pants high to show ’em o≠. Because socks can be style moves, too. Socks, from left: Adidas Originals $18 | Champion $25 | Sneakers Vans $60 | Khakis Pharmacy Boardshop P R O P S T Y L I S T : J J C H A N F…

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dennis hopper rides again!

• Let’s see: Marin Hopper’s father was Dennis, the late counterculture icon. Her mother was Brooke Hayward, daughter of agent to the stars Leland Hayward. Her godmother is Jane Fonda (the reason Dennis met Peter Fonda and made a little movie called Easy Rider). The point here is that Marin has juice, and at age 55 she’s channeling it into Hopper Goods, a glamorous homage to her pop’s rustic- Americana style, which he perfected in Taos, New Mexico, while living in a ten-bedroom house he dubbed the Mud Palace. “Taos was a lifelong creative escape for my dad,” Marin says. He crash-landed in New Mexico in 1970 and, in between wild benders in the desert, spent the next 12 years honing the look everyone now wears to Coachella: Canadian tuxedos (“He…

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best stuff

• At last, designers have found a way to deliver that tough leather-jacket look without that bulky leather-jacket feel. The solution? Suede. Take a cue from actor Fionn Whitehead and layer for cool summer nights with some napped cowhide that goes on less like a coat and more like a second shirt. The texture alone is a proven attention magnet. Just ask Whitehead: While wearing this one, he said, “everyone kept coming up and touching me.” For more suede and more on the man wearing it, turn the page. Jacket $4,990 Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello ysl.com Seen This Guy Before? If so, you must be a childhood friend. Because 20-yearold British actor Fionn (pronounced like Huckleberry) Whitehead is making his cinematic debut in Christopher Nolan’s World War II epic, Dunkirk. (It’s the one…

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the style guy

I’ve never switched my outfits by the season, but I feel like some guys rotate their closet four times a year. Am I being boring, or are they trying to look like they live in a catalog? Wearing wool in the wintertime and linen in the summer isn’t inherently stylish (or “boring” or “try-hard”). It’s inherently functional. Now, if that wool happens to be fashioned into a shaggy purple Louis Vuitton cardigan, that’s stylish. The point is: You should be changing your wardrobe according to the seasons. It’s a necessity. But, if I may play sartorial therapist for a second, I think the bigger issue is the idea of dressing boring. I don’t think “boring style” exists. You can have on khakis and a blue button-down seven days a week and…