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star power

Its distinctive five-point logo is everywhere these days, but the Converse One Star did not have an auspicious debut. Introduced in 1974 as a member of the All Star basketball-shoe family alongside the iconic Chuck Taylor, it was shelved after only a year on the court. Two decades later, the first wave of retro-sneaker nostalgia hit and Converse realized it had a certified heater in the archives. Next thing you know, Kurt Cobain and members of the legendary Girl skate team were driving ’90s counterculture in their One Stars. Now that the legacy of grunge music and skateboarding looms large in fashion, these re-issues perfectly tag the style Zeitgeist of 2018. That’s why Tyler, the Creator, menswear’s wild child, picked the sneaker to be part of his raucous Golf Wang…

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the best of what’s in store

NORDSTROM MEN’S STORE N.Y.C. Jorge Valls, men’s designer and contemporary buying director Is there one brand to look out for this fall? Ring Jacket has perfected tailoring that balances vintage fabrics with a modern expression. For more than 60 years, these garments have been hand-sewn in Osaka, Japan. Any style trends you’re seeing? Street and athletic pieces with proportions and colors inspired by the ’80s and ’90s. In terms of color: Bottle greens and all shades of burgundy are great to add pop to wardrobe staples in navy, black, and gray. What are guys actually buying? Designer sneakers from Gucci, Dior, Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Valentino. Trail runners, knit runners, and dad sneakers. Where do you think men’s style is headed? The current trend is heavily influenced by streetwear and sneaker culture, but the most stylish customers are incorporating dress and…

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gq report

THE GENT—SOHO, NYC GQ’s invitation-only penthouse serves as an exclusive hangout in the heart of trendy SoHo, surrounded by fashionable boutiques, art galleries, and top restaurants. The luxurious apartment spans three floors and features architectural details such as exposed brick, slanted walls, skylights, and glass staircases. A combination of two pre-war buildings, the curved window frames, high ceilings, and two private outdoor spaces make The Gent the perfect combination of eclectic and cool. For more information, visit solyhalabi1.wixsite.com/springph. @GQTHEGENT GENTLEMEN’S QUARTERLY || EST. 1957 Twitter is a registered trademark of Twitter, Inc. Facebook® is a register trademark of Facebook, Inc. All Instagram logs and trademarks are property of Instagram, LLC.…

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r.i.p., skinny jeans

Now that fuller pants are the “in” thing, what do I do with all my skinny jeans? What a waste, right? I know your real identity. This whole “skinny jeans” question is a farce. You, good sir, are actually celebrated Brooklyn rapper Fabolous, right? And you made up this conundrum because you want to know what to do with the 100-plus throwback jerseys you purchased back in the early 2000s—that small fortune that’s now just taking up a massive amount of real estate in your closet. Well, Fab, a huge part of having great style isn’t just knowing where to shop. It’s knowing how to shop. Look at someone like Ryan Gosling. His style is dialed in, considered, and consistent. That’s largely because he knows how to shop. I bet his…

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evan peters is much chiller than his characters

The hardest thing about playing Ryan Murphy’s most sinister characters in American Horror Story? “Almost every role,” actor Evan Peters says, “there’s been some sort of weird sex scene.” Intimacy is hard enough. Now imagine being in your 20s, faking it on-camera, and hoping your, uh, protective gear (basically: a cock sock) doesn’t fall off: “Your balls are hanging out in front of Jessica Lange, and it’s like, This is not normal.” Surely it gets…a little easier? So far, Peters has done every season of Horror, playing all sorts of unsavory characters—a ghost, a serial killer, a cult leader, Charles Manson—most of whom have creepy, kinky sex. “It was season five, and I was more comfortable with the crew, so it’s like, Okay! I guess my butt will be out.” In Pose,…

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what’s my rating?

MY EXISTENTIAL SPIRAL began with Uber. It recently made its passenger ratings more easily accessible. Naturally, I, a validation seeking missile, couldn’t help myself. I opened the app as fast as I could, clicked the three bars in the corner, and voilà: 4.74. Which, out of 5, should be pretty good! But considering I’ve taken more than 320 rides, this meant I’d received more than my fair share of 4s—maybe even a few 3s. I’ve never made a driver wait (that long) or slammed a door (that hard). I wasn’t a 4-out-of-5 human. I tried to shake this dark cloud hanging over me, judging me, but I couldn’t. I decided I would prove Uber’s algorithm had made a mistake (which it obviously had) by tracking down other (much more reliable) forms…