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GQ March 2019

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MOBOLAJI DAWODUFashion directorThis month’s cover shoot marks Mobolaji Dawodu’s first as GQ’s fashion director, a role that requires him to “push people to be themselves through style.” So what exactly does style mean to the most stylish man at GQ? “Self-expression. But also appreciating other people’s style. It’s not about wearing the most expensive clothes.” ■…

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office grails

Megan TatemVisual designerChris YoungEditorial business assistant“I’m a complete sucker for band tees, the perfect combination of hard and soft.”Brennan CarleyAssociate editor, entertainment“I found this mint green Cherry Coke shirt at Macy’s. Old dog, see: new tricks.”“It took moving from Mississippi for me to realize that boots are made for walking.” ■…

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who’s in your style entourage?

(MATTEO MOBILIO)WELCOME TO THE first proper fashion issue of this new, more fashion-forward era of GQ. As you’ll see in these pages, we are smack in the middle of an anything-goes, no-holds-barred moment of style. For me, a world without dress codes is thrilling. But still: I need guardrails. I need guidance. I need the counsel of an entourage.When it comes to style, we all need a reliable cadre of designers—a squad whose clothes simply work for us, make us more ourselves. The cash you spend funds the designer’s vision. The designer’s vision helps define your own. It’s reciprocal. Everybody wins.So to encourage you to build your own crew, I thought I’d kick o≠ this issue by introducing you to mine. Feel free to borrow a few. I’m grateful for…

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fashion drops

Hermès Secures the BagDeveloped in the early 20th century as a carryall for horse riding gear, the Haut à Courroies (think of it as a Hulked-out Birkin) has a whole new groove for 2019. The tie-dye effect comes from hand-applying different hues during the tanning process, so each bag is one of a kind. We suggest putting your name on the waiting list, like, yesterday.Blazers, $1,195 each, by Boglioli.Bags, $1,780 each, by Goyard.Shoes, $490 a pair, by Marni.T-shirt, $390, by Loewe. (PROP STYLIST: STELLA REY AT MARK EDWARD INC.)Boglioli Takes a BathBoglioli specializes in tailored jackets that are as comfortable and unstructured as your favorite sweater. Now, after two soaks in a tinted salt bath, they’re like an expertly tailored take on the tie-dyed-T-shirt wave.Goyard’s Go BagThe ultimate status symbol…

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the first family of streetwear

ON BETHShirt by Bephie. Skirt by Sacai. Shoes by Nike x CDG. Socks by Prada. Jewelry, her own.ON CHRISVest by Kapital. Sweater by Raf Simons. Pants by Jil Sander. Shoes by Public School x Nike.1. Work by the Brooklyn-based artist Jayson Musson.Shoes by Union x Jordan.2. The much coveted Union-designed Jordan sneakers.DESPITE THE STOIC exterior of the Gibbs’ cement-Lego house, things were buzzing when I arrived. The family dog, Binga, greeted me enthusiastically in the yard, prompting Chris to wonder about who’d left the back door open again. (The dog had clearly snuck out.) Chris—who’s the owner of Union, L.A.’s streetwear-meets-high-fashion mecca known for specializing in what’s next—excused himself to take a quick call for his Jordan collaboration (a project that, even in an era when hyped sneakers are a…

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why does fame keep sticking to cole sprouse?

Turtleneck, $1,030, by Prada. Sunglasses, $300, by Moscot.COLE SPROUSE IS waiting for me at a Culver City bar. It’s a low-key artists’ hang in an industrial zone—not where you’d look for a TV star like Sprouse, 26, but where he fits nonetheless. Sprouse and I head to the quiet back patio, and he lights a cigarette. His dirty-blond hair is dyed jet-black for his role as Jughead on Riverdale, the CW’s Twin Peaks–y series set in the Archie Comics universe. The show is in its third season, and Sprouse is a breakout. But he’s accustomed to the weird aura of fame: He’s had enough time in the spotlight to figure out which parts suit him and which don’t.Sprouse and his twin brother, Dylan, started acting at 8 months old. Cole…