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MOLLY YOUNG Contributing writer Young, who wrote this month’s cover story on Rami Malek, is fond of his role as Elliot on Mr. Robot. “Elliot and I are both tough cookies on the outside and tender muffins on the inside,” she says. But Young and the actual Malek don’t share the same predisposition for tripping in public. (Malek famously took a spill at the 2019 Oscars.) As Young describes it: “I’m physically agile but emotionally clumsy.” Office Grails MARI UYEHARA Culture editor “I grew up in the woods, so I feel a spiritual connection with the wooden buttons on this vintage Saint Laurent jacket.” MILES POPE Associate fashion market editor “I don’t usually wear a lot of color, but I very much needed to own this sweater.” KEIR NOVESKY Design director “There’s nothing cooler than wearing a classic piece that’s been passed…

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the suit for the suitless era

I LIKE WEARING SUITS. I do it between two and four days a week. Not because I have to, but because I want to. I get dressed faster on days when I wear a suit. I feel grown-up, handsome, even a little glamorous, on suit days. But recently I began to feel at odds with my suit wardrobe. Some of my older suits suddenly felt uncomfortably tight. Constricting. Dorky. Ugh. And I know it’s not just me: The suit has been in a tricky place for the past few years. Silicon Valley rejected the suit as a symbol of a whole global infrastructure that needed disrupting. The corporate world abandoned it. Fashion, too. My generation’s love of the sneaker and the T-shirt has evolved into an all-consuming obsession with product and brands. And…

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welcome to the wild-style suit revival.

A Word About NFL Star DeAndre Hopkins A TRULY TRANSCENDENT arena-tunnel outfit starts as a dream. One that, as dreams so often do, leads to Paris. Last summer DeAndre Hopkins, the Houston Texans wide receiver, went to the Maison Margiela boutique to find something special. The sales clerk rooted around the back room, then emerged with a $6,000 vest constructed entirely of belts—one of only three in the world. Hopkins remembers the feeling: “I got to have it.” Four months later, a photographer waiting in the stadium in Houston before a Cowboys-Texans game snaps a picture of him wearing the vest. The dream becomes a fit. During his first four years in the league, Hopkins plowed through franchise receiving records while playing with an assembly line of mediocre quarterbacks who came and…

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17 ways to expand your suiting universe


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how thom browne’s radical suit found its way to lebron james

WHEN THOM BROWNE debuted his signature shrunken suit in 2001, he had five made for himself and wore the schoolboy-size blazers and tailored shorts every day. Reactions were not promising. “The initial reception was: ‘What are you doing?’” Browne recalls. Needless to say, his fortunes soon changed. Now you can’t swing a Thom Browne dachshund bag in Brooklyn without hitting a grown man wearing high-water pants. But the true legacy of the Thom Browne suit may only just be coming into focus. It has become the unexpected uniform for some of the world’s biggest athletes. Literally the biggest. Check out LeBron James’s personal Thom Browne kit here. Several years ago, perhaps in a quest to solidify his rep as the NBA’s menswear classicist in a league of radically dressed Westbrooks and Hardens,…