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GQ November 2019

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NORA CAPLAN-BRICKER Writer Caplan-Bricker has written extensively about gender and feminism for The New Yorker, the Washington Post, The New Republic, and other publications. She contributed many of the interviews for our “Voices of the New Masculinity” package and says the most surreal one was with John Waters, as she couldn’t imagine what the man behind Hairspray was like in conversation. In the package, she explores “the pleasure and beauty in subverting and reinventing what masculinity and femininity mean.” ANGAL FIELD Photographer Before the New York–based photographer visited Jonathan Lyndon Chase at his Philly art studio, Field was already an admirer of the artist’s work—both Chase and Field show their artwork at Company Gallery, in NYC. “His figurative paintings of black-queer fluidity are striking in their scope and subject matter and are punctuated by a…

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masculinity is changing and change is good

BACK IN SEPTEMBER of last year, when I found out that I would be the editor in chief of GQ, most people said stuff like “Amazing!” and “Congrats!” But one particularly perceptive friend reacted in a way that I’ll never forget. “Yikes,” she said. “Hell of a time to be in charge of a men’s magazine.” It was a hard-core thing to say—which is exactly what real friends are for. She was right, of course. It was and is a precarious moment. Our society had been wearing blinders that shielded a pervasive culture of sexual intimidation and violence and blatant gender inequality. But some exceedingly brave people—many of whom were the victims of that unequal, violent, and discriminatory culture itself—were in the process of showing everyone the plain truth. So the essential…

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when the night falls

As we head toward the end of the year, your calendar is bound to fill up with festive occasions. From fall weddings to friendsgiving, holiday get-togethers and New Year’s Eve galas, every event has its own vibe and calls for a different look. Men’s Wearhouse has a wide selection of options to help you dress for any celebration. Whether you’re looking to make a statement in a Paisley & Gray dinner jacket, class things up in a timeless tuxedo or spearhead the after-party in a look that’s all your own, our guide has you covered.…

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step up your style

Stand out from the sea of black ties with exquisite woven Italian fabrics and daring prints. Joseph Abboud Custom is the perfect choice for the formal wedding—or for hitting up the holiday party circuit. No matter how rowdy the evening gets, everyone will remember your style. JOE Joseph Abboud Custom is proof you don’t need to deck out in red-and-green everything to look holiday-party appropriate. Make an entrance in a custom suit tailored to you for a flawless fit. Pair it with a statement piece—like a patterned shirt, playful tie or smoking shoes—and go get festive. Formalwear is all about elevating your aesthetic and nailing your look with conviction. Whether you rent, buy or go custom, our assortment of stylish options will give you confidence at any end-of-the-year occasion. So before you…

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unexpected fashion flexes to make this month


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ON THE COVER of his new album, Free, Iggy Pop is pictured naked, walking away into the ocean in the half-light of a Miami Beach dawn. This turn of events can’t be considered entirely surprising, given that Pop has spent a lifetime—he is 72, at least in human years—finding various ways to be less dressed than most of us, just one part of the ongoing Iggy Pop master class in doing things your own way. Told through the soft gauze of nostalgia, Iggy Pop’s story is one of the great ones: In the late 1960s, James Osterberg, a small Michigan youth with big ideas, takes a new name and forms a group, the Stooges, in which he lays down one of the no-nonsense propulsive templates for punk rock, years ahead of…