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GQ December/January 2020

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the biggest fits of the year

1 POST MALONE NYC, August Post Malone is partial to Bud Light and custom Crocs. So when he hit The Tonight Show in a perfectly appointed suit and spit-shined boots? There’s your biggest fit of the year. 2 MARC JACOBS NYC, September No fashion designer has more fun wearing other designers’ gear than legendary fashion fan Marc Jacobs—seen here in a Chanel jacket, Rick Owens boots, and a mean vape rig. “Dylan showed up looking magnificent—very ’70s. Right on the money.”—PIERCE BROSNAN 3 PIERCE & DYLAN BROSNAN L.A., July How do you upstage the Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood premiere? Try hitting the red carpet with Thomas Crown—and dressing like you’re the star of the film. “It’s all thrift-store stuff. I was wearing that two nights before. And my dad was like, ‘Well, just go in that!’”—DYLAN BROSNAN 4 DAVID LETTERMAN Cross…

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breakout of the year lil nas x

IT’S SATURDAY MORNING, and Lil Nas X is spent. At an hour when many 20-year-olds are still sleeping off last night, he’s under the hot lights of a studio in downtown L.A., fielding on-camera questions from his fans on the internet. He does everything that’s asked of him, even delivers two line readings of the dictated script, but when the camera is off, he goes slack. “I’m sorry, I’m tired,” he says. This is not a solitary, one-rough-morning kind of sleepy (although maybe it’s that too). What it more closely resembles is the chronic exhaustion—that sadistic combination of isolation and vigilance and personal sacrifice—of the new parent, which, in a way, is what he is: Nas X’s career as a celebrity is still in its infancy and must be tended to…

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the most stylish character of the year adam sandler in uncut gems

IN ALL OF Josh and Benny Safdie’s films—pulse-pounding visits with complicated protagonists, like 2017’s blazing Good Time, starring Robert Pattinson—costume provides both style and backstory. But, Josh says, “in a film like Uncut Gems, which is all about showing your wealth and saying, ‘I belong,’ it becomes even more important.” And there is no character in the Safdie filmography with quite so personal a style as Adam Sandler’s Howard Ratner, the diamond-dealing hero of their newest—a two-hour speedball featuring the brothers’ coolest costumes to date. Ratner’s leather blazer, for instance, has a quasi-mystical power. “There’s a toughness to it that we thought was very important,” Benny says. Adds Josh: “It says business, it says grit, and it says chic. But it also says, ‘If you come near me, I will slap…

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books of the year

Go Ahead in the Rain by Hanif Abdurraqib Poet and essayist Hanif Abdurraqib combines his lyrical gifts with his bottomless musical knowledge in this book about the legendary rap group A Tribe Called Quest. Part history and part love letter, it’s a unique kind of music book that will have you revisiting Midnight Marauders ASAP. Hanif Abdurraqib Recommends Hard Damage by Aria Aber “This book has a real generosity and warmth extended, balancing not only accountability to the always shifting world but also forgiveness.” Say Nothing by Patrick Radden Keefe In 1972 a widowed mother of 10 was murdered in Northern Ireland. No one knew who killed her—until now. Deftly fusing the breakneck pace of true crime with crazily in-depth reporting, this account of the Troubles and their ongoing legacy is the most gripping nonfiction read of the…

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tour of the year dead & company

THE GRATEFUL DEAD, IN SOME VERSION OR ANOTHER, have been on the road for more than half a century. There have been lots of post-Jerry iterations, but none of them have created a nationwide flower-child wave so big that the whole traveling Deadhead apparatus sprang back to life in all its ’80s–’90s glory. With John Mayer up front, Dead & Company have fully transcended the bounds of the retrospective supergroup and become their own thing. This summer the scene—complete with its own lively Shakedown Street, a collection of food vendors and tie-dye-heavy-merch bootleggers that set up shop outside every show—brought everyone from Chloë Sevigny to Andy Cohen out to get involved. “The world’s on fire, and it is one of those hippie moments when peace and love is such a…

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power broker of the year rich paul

IN AN AIRY, high-ceilinged room that smells like palo santo, Rich Paul—an NBA agent with the power to set in motion a seismic reshuffling of the league witha single phone call—is considering buying some art. He solicits thoughts from David Kordansky, the owner of this Los Angeles gallery, on a list of artists that had been emailed to him. When Paul asks about Yayoi Kusama, Kordansky mentions that her artwork goes from $500,000 to $9 million. “Well, the email said ‘big shit,’ ” says Paul, chuckling. That Paul is spending the afternoon thinking about buying some big shit is testament to the reality that Rich Paul has also become, well, big shit. Not only is he a commanding player representative—he’s a completely new breed of power broker, landing NBA superstars LeBron…