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GQ February 2020

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GABRIELLA PAIELLA Staff writer While profiling the high-flying DJ known as Diplo, Gabriella Paiella had one big fear: falling asleep at the club, only to be left behind by Diplo’s posse. Thanks to her first 5-hour Energy in 10 years, she was able to avoid that cruel fate. Afterward, she says, “it took a couple of days to recover, but then I was ready to return to the Diplo lifestyle.” Office Grails…

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new gear, new you

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the instagram champ

IN A BOXING GYM in San Diego, Ryan Garcia is dancing. The 21-year-old phenom has been training here for six months now, preparing in an anonymous industrial park to face Romero Duno. The gym belongs to the Mexican fighter Saul “Canelo” Alvarez; posters of Canelo cover the walls, and occasionally the familiar sight of Muhammad Ali’s cocky grin appears among them. Canelo is the three-time world champion, boxing’s biggest star—Garcia calls him “the head honcho, my guy”—so the message is clear: In the eyes of Canelo, at least, Garcia is next. But is he? Part of the excitement of watching Garcia right now is the tension that surrounds him. Yes, his 19-0 record and 16 knockouts are promising, but then there’s the other, somehow more remarkable stat: 4 million. That’s the number…

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ripped from the tabloids

FAME, AT LEAST the good kind, is a great sacrifice—one that demands hard work. Part of the hard work is making it all appear effortless: When we see celebrities, they’re almost always immaculately groomed, with implied Adonis bodies lurking beneath expensive clothing someone else chose for them to wear. Celebrities embody that tired old mantra “Never let them see you sweat.” Indeed, you might say that celebrities, whose work takes place in closed studios, private gyms, and gated homes, live by those words. The less they look like they’re exerting themselves, the more superhuman they appear, and the further we fall under the spell of their fame. The magnificent exception to this rule is the occasional, glorious moment when a photographer catches a celebrity in-medias-workout. This is especially true in the…

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universal perfection

THE GREATEST WATCHMAKER working today isn’t in a lab putting together Rolexes or Pateks. He’s a 71-year-old artisan named Philippe Dufour who works in a converted schoolhouse in the Swiss countryside, painstakingly creating a minuscule number of timepieces. Dufour turns out so few watches that it’s more likely you’ll be struck by lightning than encounter one in person. In a good year, he produces just over a dozen. His influence, however, far exceeds his output, because each watch bearing his name represents a singular technical and aesthetic achievement. Take the Philippe Dufour Simplicity. Using traditional Swiss watchmaking techniques, Dufour has harnessed the unfathomable concept of time in one of the most beautiful objects I have ever seen. With a creamy white lacquer dial, blued Breguet hands, and an elegantly recessed sub-seconds dial,…

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the radical wellness of pro skater alex olson

ALEX OLSON comes out of nowhere. I’m waiting on the sidewalk in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where we agreed to meet for breakfast, expecting to see him roll up on a bike or behind the wheel of his Mitsubishi Delica minivan. Instead he appears silently on a mini skateboard with big, soft cruiser wheels, as a blur of hair and limbs flying off the street. The scion of legendary skate punk Steve Olson, Alex is one of a few second-generation professional skateboarders. He skates for Nike and his own successful board company, Nine One Seven, but these days you’re just as likely to see him surfing on Long Island or DJ’ing a club on Avenue C—or, maybe, shopping for medicinal herbs at an Indian grocery store called Dual Spices—as you are to see…