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GQ March 2020

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Rasmussen styled two cover stars at once: The Houston Rockets’ Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Westbrook is more opinionated about how he’s being styled, claims Rasmussen, while the quieter Harden will say yes to just about anything. During the shoot, “They were bouncing off each other and competing to have the most fire outfit,” he says. “There was some friendly trash talk.” Sounds about right. Office Grails NIKKI OGUNNAIKE Deputy fashion director “I instantly knew I needed this jumpsuit from the Karla Welch–Levi’s collab.” DANIEL VARGHESE Commerce writer “This jacket smells like my hometown of Louisville.” NICOLE BAE Associate manager, social media “I bought this tee on my phone, sitting on my couch.”…

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the radical pleasure of shopping slow

WELCOME TO GQ’s first-ever Shopping Issue. Occasionally, people ask me if I like to shop. (An occupational hazard, I guess.) My usual response is “I’d say I have a few favorite rituals.” The most ritualistic of them happens twice a year at a small store in Milan. It’s called Eral 55, and it was opened in 1976 by a wizardly man of style named Ermanno Lazzarin. When you walk into Eral, it feels like an Italian vintage shop with an Americana fetish—which it is. But the true magic of the place hides somewhere between the neat stacks of old Levi’s 501s and the rail of Brando-worthy motorcycle jackets. Because that’s where Ermanno stashes his fabric books. He’s low-key about it, but Ermanno specializes in truly unique suits made from painstakingly sourced deadstock and…

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the vibes of march

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how to shop online like a gq editor

The internet has shrunk the planet, making it easier than ever to buy the weirdest, rarest garments on earth. But that also means things can get a little… complicated. Luckily the GQ staff spends an irresponsible amount of time coming up with novel hacks to finding the best gear. If digital shopping in 2020 is a jungle, consider this your machete. Speak Etsy to Save Big If you search for designer vintage on Etsy by name, you’re gonna pay for it. Instead, find the gems that their owners don’t recognize as such. Try these search koans, and then come up with your own: WANT: Versace shirt. SEARCH: Get vague: “silk loose men’s top vintage.” WANT: Anything Gucci. SEARCH: Start with “’70s.” WANT: An Hermès tie. SEARCH: “Hermès tie.” Even on Etsy, everyone speaks Hermès. —RACHEL TASHJIAN THE 10 MOST…

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the new elegance

THE THING THAT MAKES the classic watches truly iconic is the irreducibility of their design. As with a Barcelona chair or a Lamborghini Countach, there is not one detail you would want to remove or change. Grand Seiko has a new classic in the SBGK009 model, which launched last fall. The only thing I would get rid of from this watch would be a zero from the price tag ($7,700), so that I could buy extras to keep in my house, my car, and my studio. To me, it is the most perfect watch the Japanese brand—which has created plenty of showstoppers since its founding in 1960—has ever made. Which is funny, because it’s a bit of a new direction for Grand Seiko: The fine-linked steel bracelet is a completely fresh…

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the wildest shopping frenzy in fashion

SANDRO BOTTICELLI’S painting Madonna del Padiglione depicts the S Virgin Mary joined by an abundance of angels with perfect Timothée Chalamet hair in a scene that represents the fulfillment of an Old Testament prophecy: the birth of Christ to the Virgin. Seated in front of this Italian Renaissance master’s work, hanging on the second floor of Milan’s Pinacoteca Ambrosiana museum, is Scott Hershman. His attention is not trained on this 15th-century master-piece at the moment because he has just spotted a sweatshirt embroidered with a crystal-studded lion he would like to buy. “It’s a piece of art,” he says. Hershman, a Manhattan-based lawyer, isn’t in Milan to view the very best art the 1400s have to o≠er, but is seated in the Pinacoteca for a fashion show put on exclusively for…