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GQ April 2020

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VICTORIA GRAHAM Bookings director Graham is responsible for orchestrating all of GQ’s ambitious photo shoots, including the behind-the-scenes “invisible moments,” she says. For the April issue, she helped pull off the Daniel Craig cover shoot in New York City, took care of DaBaby in Los Angeles, and nailed down an Eliud Kipchoge shoot in Kenya. She says an essential, underrated “invisible moment” is making sure to provide tasty food: “It makes a party.” Office Grails…

3 min.
my last spazz

How this $16 book cured a decade of back-pain hell. LAST JUNE, I WAS IN PARIS for the men’s fashion shows and had a Friday-morning plan to meet my friend Joe Holder—GQ’s wellness columnist—for a workout. (For Joe’s tips on working out while traveling, see page 40.) Instead, I texted him from the floor of my hotel room to cancel. My back had spasmed. I was unstable and in pain, and over the next few days, people started texting me street-style photos that depicted me walking into fashion shows physically holding my back in place with my hands. Glamorous stuff!! The indignity was nothing new. For about a decade, my life had been oriented around lower-lumbar pain and the constant lurking threat of sacral spasms. But things have changed. I’m writing this…

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gear for the fashion trenches

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live from new york, it’s bowen yang.

IT’S A CRISP morning in January, and Bowen Yang and I are eating lunch in a rustic little Italian restaurant in one of those quaint Brooklyn neighborhoods where your statistical risk of getting maimed by a $700 Baby Jogger shoots up like a hockey stick. He used to live around here. Misses the easygoingness. But he upgraded not long ago to a nicer apartment in another trendy neighborhood—one of the many things, big and small, that have changed for the 29-year-old in the months since he transformed into a breakout star on Saturday Night Live and debuted as the show’s first Chinese American cast member. It’s just past noon, and the joint is mostly empty, save for a specific phylum of middle-aged male (stringy white hair; indoor scarves; “working on a…

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the fashion cheat code you'd better not miss

WHAT STARTED in 2015 as a collaboration between ex–Hermès artistic director Christophe Lemaire and Uniqlo has grown into a full-blown sub-brand. With two seasons each year and Lemaire installed as the full-time creative head, Uniqlo U has become my most trustworthy closet standby. Ever since I discovered the collection of smartly designed, phenomenally affordable menswear, shopping has felt like getting away with an Ocean’s Eleven–style caper in which we all make off with enormous fits. It’s as though Uniqlo U is the result of one massive accounting error, if not an actual heist. The blazers are tailored expertly enough to outclass department-store competitors, the corduroy pants I wear multiple times a week were once confused with a coworker’s exponentially more expensive pair, and the heavy, boxy T-shirts I buy in multiples…

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king krule wears the crown

I MEET ARCHY Marshall in a recording studio called Shrunken Heads, near where he grew up, just south of the River Thames. Inside is a junkyard of off-color pop ephemera: a replica of Alex’s dick-nose mask in A Clockwork Orange, three-headed Barbie dolls, a bust of Darth Vader. Outside, on our walk across Nunhead Green to the pub, Marshall is just another neighborhood fixture. A shopkeeper who spots him as we pass waves through the window. “I like that about this area,” the artist better known as King Krule says in a knuckle-dragging bellow that belies his slight frame. There’s a lot about the musician that feels out of time, as if he has jumped off the back of a Victorian apple cart into the present. “Today I saw about…