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GQ December 2016

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the marriage bas

(ERIC RAY DAVIDSON)•2016 MARKED the first calendar year in which marriage equality has been the law of the land. So quickly has the idea been embraced, so wildly uncontroversial has it become that we almost have to remind ourselves: Last year’s Supreme Court decision allowing it was epic, heroic, a rare crying-in-the-streets moment. Unless you’re a homophobic baker upset about the fabulous cakes you have to bake for gay couples, I think we can all agree: It has made us a kinder, better nation.But now that we can all marry ourselves, I keep wondering when we’re going to have the larger discussion, the one we’ve been putting off. The one about marriage itself. Because it’s been here the whole time, sitting like a veiled elephant in the room.This country is…

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EACH MONTH, the editors of GQ will select a series of items from our pages available through our online retail partner, Mr Porter.comTO LEARN MORE-and see what we have chosen for you this month—go to FROM TOP: ALAS DAIR MCLELLAN; STEVENPAN; ROBERT MAXWELL; TIMHOUT; JAMES RYAN G. TOP LEFT, TURTLENECK: TOMAS MAIER. LOCATION: FOX STUDIOS. ■…

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Readers’ Choice Awards EditionEvery year we pour ourselves some fine bourbon, loosen our smoking jackets, tally up our page views, and revel in the year’s most popular mic drops.Your Favorite……Long-form A Positive LifeJustin Heckert told the story of Badger, a man who’d been infected with HIV as a child—by his father. Even the Internet’s trolliest trolls were moved.“Since I’ve forgiven him, that’s all I can do. Just live my life and show him what I’m made of.” —BADGER, ON THE MAN WHO INFECTED HIM WITH HIV 25 YEARS AGOBEST of the BESTThe 2016 editions of the “Best American” series nodded to GQ stories in several anthologies.THE BEST AMERICAN TRAVEL WRITING MITCH MOXLEY “The Reddest Carpet,” MarchTHE BEST AMERICAN SPORTS WRITING DEVIN FRIEDMAN “J. R. Smith Is Always Open,” JanuaryBUCKY McMAHON…

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best stuff of the year 2016

THE SHARPEST WAY TO SHAVEThe weight and balance of Hone’s Type 15, a Dutch-born hunk of solid textured brass, make the safety-razor shave safer (and more stylish) than ever.$140 | honeshaving.comSWITCH TO A WHOLE NEW FREQUENCYEven high-end headphones sound low-end when you’re plugging them directly into a computer—or even worse, a phone. JDS Labs’ The Element amp/digital-to-audio converter enriches your sound without requiring audiophile expertise: There’s only one knob. Pair it with the Focal ELEAR headphones, so clear and comfortable you’ll re-listen to your favorite songs to hear all the sounds you’ve been cheated out of.The Element | $349 | ELEAR $1,000 | focal.comLOAD A LOWER-KEY PIPEWe don’t get why head shops are still stocked with twisty, swirly paraphernalia that seems inspired by a trippy experience a glassblower had…

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call it the neck tie of winter

ANTHONY HUMPHREY, 1 9 Waiter Coach New York $95 | coach.comSETH MULVEY, 41 Artist Nautica $55 | macys.comKURTIS HILLIARD, 27 Poet Valentino $495 | mrporter.comALFREDO L. RABINES, 38 Doctor Thom Browne New York $190 mrporter.comALFRED LINDBERG, 24 Communications consultant Gucci $410 | gucci.comANTONIO MENDOZA, 25 Massage therapist H&M $50 | hm.comClockwise from top left: 1. Jacket Saint Laurent at Jeans The Kooples. 2. Jacket Hilfiger Edition. T-shirt Levi’s Vintage Clothing. Sweatpants John Elliott. 3. Coat J.Crew Ludlow. Turtleneck Michael Bastian. Pants Salvatore Ferragamo. 4. Denim jacket Gap. Jeans Earnest Sewn. 5. Coat Dior Homme. Suit John Varvatos. 6. Jacket Neil Barrett. Sweatshirt Palm Angels. Jeans Gap x GQ John Elliott. Where to buy it? Go to BARRY WHITE AT BARRYWHITEMENSGROOMING.COM. GROOMING: KUMI CRAIG USING CLARINS MEN.ON GUYS ,…

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the style guy

I just bought my first pair of nice shoes. But now I’m afraid to scuff them, so I mostly keep them in the closet. Is it silly to save them for special occasions?This speaks to a bigger issue: Do I wear my good shit, or do I save it because it’s good? It’s the Sneakerhead’s Dilemma, and it’s confounded philosophers for decades. There really isn’t a right or wrong answer, just di≠erent outlooks. Here’s mine: Wear them as much as possible. Nice shoes especially. They can take a beating without falling apart and more often than not look better with a few war wounds. And the more you wear something, the less the price tag hurts. Those $800 boots seem a lot less expensive when you wear them four times…