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GQ February 2017

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Devin Friedman This month we sicced longtime GQ editor Devin Friedman on former Bella Hadid dater and current pop golden boy The Weeknd. We interrupted Friedman (as he posed before a mirror whispering “Starboy” to himself) to ask him a few questions. 1 Who are you? To my children, I’m the teller of bad jokes. To my wife, I’m the person who can’t put his shoes away. To some, I am the editorial director of GQ. 2 Who were you in 1997? Someone who read more novels. Also, maybe kind of a hater? 3 If you were a pop sensation, what would your name be? The Weekdy? The Clevelandr? 4 And your album is called… Are You Mad at Me? 5 What’s one item in this issue that you can’t pull off? I look amazing in everything, especially whatever Pedro Almodóvar…

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Dress Like a Badass (and a McCartney) • The best way to survive a gloomy time of year is not to huddle inside until you can wear shorts again— it’s to liven up what you’re wearing right now. Go bolder, louder. Do whatever it takes to make 2017 the bravest year your closet has ever seen. To start, you’ll want to get your hands on the vibrant, intensely graphic first menswear collection by Stella McCartney. The pieces have a 1990s bent, echoing English-lad sportswear and dancehall culture— and McCartney’s unimpeachable musical cred infuses the looks with a streetwise cool factor you simply can’t fake. Just ask wild-child rapperactor Joey Bada$$, shown here in the next-level clothes we’ll all be fighting over come spring.— Stella McCartney jacket $1,990 | T-shirt $315 | pants…

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punk up your suit!

The Breast-Pocket Bomb Now that every guy with a Ludlow knows gotta try a little harder to make an impression. Lately we’re reaching for brash black patterns that look like a Bond villain’s wallpaper. Shoes That Lift Your Look The easiest way to add an edge to a charcoal suit is through a pair of thick-soled, blackas- death creepers, dress shoes that say “I listen to Titus Andronicus when I get off work.” Even if the brand name is a fancy designer, the attitude is very Doc Martens. The soles will help you stand out—and up. The Louder-Than- Thunder Raincoat Pop quiz: When it’s 38 degrees and sleeting, do you (a) pull a hoodie over your head and make a run for it, (b) wear the same kind of trench Grandpa commuted in, or (c)…

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the style guy

I’m 35 now, but I still look and dress like the punk skater kid I used to be: tattoos, jeans or shorts, skate shirt, Vans. I’m starting to feel too old for Bad Religion tees, but when I throw on an oxford and Red Wings, it’s like I’m playing a part. Help! Tattoos are the saving grace here. Those crosses and dragons and outlines of the Monopoly man, or whatever you have tatted on your person, will forever solidify your rebel status. So even if you wanted to wear a suit and wingtips, you wouldn’t look traditional. If you don’t want a tailored look at all, just know that you’re too old to wear a $15 T-shirt on a date. Thanks to the influence of Saint Laurent, every designer on earth…

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give your face to science

• my adventures on the fringes of grooming began when I was just shy of 30 and a facialist asked if I’d ever considered Botox. “For preventative purposes,” he said, trying not to crush my already fragile self-esteem. I shrugged it off at the time, but the more I thought about it, the easier the choice seemed. Either I could take perfect care of my skin by never smoking, squinting, frowning, eating junk food, or going outside, or I could get a little bitty shot in the forehead. Look, I realize most guys aren’t quite so willing to suffer for their skin. Some don’t even moisturize, which to me comes as naturally as breathing (or smoking, or frowning). But at least400,000 men a year try Botox, and plenty of us don’t…

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honolulu is having a non-touristy moment (tourists welcome)

Touch down in Honolulu and mentally you’re already laid out on a white beach, dousing your workaday brain in a tsunami of booze straight out of a coconut. This is a good instinct, and you need to honor it. But Resort Honolulu is old news. A smaller-scale movement is finally turning up. Hotels are boutiquey-er, and the food tastes better, and the drinks way outclass the sugar bombs at Duke’s that, let’s face it, you’re definitely gonna have… Later. Your first stop: Chinatown. (How do you get there? Back away from Waikiki and head west.) It’s all dusty brick buildings that used to be brothels but are now world-class cocktail bars and locavore restaurants. Skip theround of golf you had planned and head to that nondescript office building over there—no, the other…