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PHASE 1 Burn Your Old Gym Clothes Forget jumping jacks. Hereffis a new first step in your workout routine: Get a fire going in a metal trash can and incinerate your ratty shorts and tees. This may sound counter-intuitive, but you might need to cancel your gym membership, too. Because gyms—and the weight-lifting circuits they’re built around—perpetuate an outdated fitness model. We don’t want inflated beach muscles; we want a full-body workout. In the following pages, NBA rookie De’Aaron Fox carves out a new path for sweatin’ it out. Let him show you what to wear, eat, lift, carry along, and charge up for the quietly revolutionary anti-gym workout. Because the best fitness inspiration we can think of? The thought of never stepping on an elliptical again. PHASE 2 DRESS LIKE YOU HATE THE…

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the dark optimism of p.t. anderson

His parables about cruel and powerful men have made him the most admired filmmaker alive, but they’ve had the side effect of making PAU L THOMAS ANDERSON seem a little down on the state of humanity. And he is! He definitely is. But, as he told ZAC H BARON on a sunny afternoon in the San Fernando Valley, his new movie—a romance about an uncompromising man who meets his comeuppance—gives away what he really believes: There just might be hope for us yet PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON WANDERED down the hallway of the house he was renting in Encino, California, this summer, past his o∞ce, where a lamp illuminated a hardback of Thomas Pynchon’s Against the Day and a pack of American Spirits, and then he turned right, into the room he’d…

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the wider world of paul thomas anderson

Thomas Pynchon The reclusive novelist, who hasn’t made a public appearance in more than 60 years, was reportedly present during the filming of Inherent Vice. Anderson has hinted that Pynchon might have had an onscreen role as well. David Foster Wallace In the early’90s, Anderson was a student in Wallace’s English class at Emerson College in Boston. Wallace later said he was a fan of Boogie Nights and wished he had written a book about the porn industry. Stanley Kubrick Tom Cruise invited Anderson to visit Kubrick on the set of Eyes Wide Shut in London. When Anderson asked Kubrick if he always worked with such a small crew, Kubrick replied, “Why? How many people do you need?” Tom Petty When The Last DJ came out, Petty asked Anderson to direct one of the videos, but the…

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the new status symbols

We’re not exactly sure when it happened, but sometime in the past few years, all the old signifiers of wealth and prosperity got flipped on their head. Uber replaced the sports car, and running a bootstrapped start-up is cooler than heading a Fortune 500 company. Now status is all about experiences, man. And getting lots of sleep. To help you make sense of the newfangled yet still hyper-competitive world of being better than other people, we drew up a field guide. Just remember: It doesn’t count if you don’t post about it on social media SAMSCHUBE & BENJYHANSEN-BUNDY Practice Gratuitous Wellness CORE BELIEF No problem in life can’t be solved through meditation or, in trying times, a fresh bowl of acai. PATRON SAINT Gwyneth Paltrow— Goop empress, purveyor of jade yoni eggs, conscious uncoupler, goldfoil facial…

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seriousle funny

Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t want to cry. Not tonight, in front of millions. This is something he really, really, really would like to avoid. Jesus. On this December Monday, as the clock ticks closer to showtime, he can already envision it: Out he’ll come, in a perfectly fitted dark suit and a light blue tie, to amped-up applause, cymbals, and flatulent horn flourishes, and everything will putter down to silence, and he’ll be standing there alone and heave a deep breath, and right there in front of a studio audience of 177 previously whooping vacationers, his eyes might start tearing up and, in place of a joke, he’ll have to say something about Billy, his 7-month-old son, who just went for his second surgery on a faulty heart, because Jimmy had to…

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pop art

Khalid How you know him: From the 19-yearold’s platinum-selling American Teen, with its hit R&B single “Location.” On fan inspiration: “I went one day to get cupcakes, and in the middle of the street, someone hops out of their car, and they said,‘I feel like you’re my little brother. I’m so proud of you for expressing yourself the way you do.’” On the surreality of performing abroad: “When I was just in Australia, having them sing‘American Teen’ and scream the words about being proud to be an American— even though America is…whatever it is right now.” What is America right now? “I wouldn’t say I’m proud of America, but I’m proud of my own individuality. Everyone I’ve talked to does not like the place America is in right now. If [Trump’s] still in office…