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GQ GQ Style - Spring 2016

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it’s the sexiest season of the year

IS ANY TIME MORE glorious than springtime? The snow melts away. The flowers bloom. Women shed their Snuggie-like arctic parkas in favor of little strappy dresses and thin cotton tank tops that allow their shoulders to get smooched by the sun. It’s all so joyous, hormonal, and intense that a man can start to over-rev a little. The engine can run a bit hot. And this season, we say: Don’t fight it.Because, as you’ll see in this issue, the wild and libidinous sexual energy of the 1970s has returned to menswear. So grow out your hair. Put on the kind of brown suit that hasn’t been seen since the Boogie Nights days. Undo a button or three on your most fearsomely floral shirt. Wear a belt buckle that draws attention…

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gq style

MAN ON FIRE• In his prime as an actor and playboy— we’re talking late ’60s, and basically all of the ’70s—Warren Beatty conquered Hollywood with raw charisma, roguish looks, and alpha-male sex appeal. (Dig that wide stance.) Our tribute (page 74) explains how to peacock the Beatty way.(King Collection/Retna UK/Retna Ltd.)HENDRIX PLAYS THE BLUES• With fashion, as with music, Jimi Hendrix knew how to layer tone upon tone until the effect became singularly electrifying. This issue is full of tricks like that: little style moves that seem complicated at first glance but really aren’t that hard. We’ll teach you how to dress like a rock star—or, if that’s not your thing, like a prep, or a skater, or…a painting? Read on. ■…

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brown is the new khaki

+ SPRING HAS FINALLY broken, and we’re ready for a new go-to suit. Something striking. Something that works for business, or barhopping, or a whole slate of summer weddings. Sure, khaki’s always reliable, but suddenly brown looks fresher. Cosmopolitan brown, like the cool guys wear at Wes Anderson’s stylish Bar Luce in Milan. Handsome brown, which has always worked at the office but now has swagger and sex appeal. (Especially with a tan.) It’s the suit color of the moment and the easiest way to look a whole lot, well, richer all season long(Marcus Tondo/GoRunway (4))MEET OUR BUDDY MARIANOHe looks so good in a brown suit that we asked him to wear the clothes in the rest of the issue, too. Watch him closely and copy his moves.It’s Gotta Be……

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bring me your finest cacao!

BURBERRYSALVATORE FERRAGAMOAMICANALIBEIGE Off-white but on pointMILK CHOCOLATE Darkly classicTAN For that trip to Cuba you’ve been planningMAHOGANY Be a walking corner officeAUBURN A touch of red, you classy bastardCACAO BEAN It’s like black, but just a little less…black ■…

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how to mix (and how not to mix) black and brown

•For years, wearing brown and black together was akin to wearing both a belt and suspenders: extremely not recommended. But lately guys are cracking the code on how to mix ’em. Here, two new-school guidelines to live by.AllowedDo wear a black tie with a brown suit. It’s the fastest way to make a business-brown suit evening-appropriate.Not AllowedDon’t overdo it. Blackand-brown is a cool combo, but a brown suit with a black tie, belt, socks, and shoes is trying too hard. ■…

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15 ways to wear your brown suit

1. To the office (duh)2. To a wedding, instead of khaki. (You’ll be the only one this year. Next year? Don’t count on it.)3. With a crisp lightblue dress shirt and a dark tie4. Over a Henley5. With a white band-collar shirt (look it up)6. Double-breasted, with the jacket open and your sleekest tortoiseshell shades (like you’re from Italy)7. Single-breasted, with a T-shirt and your sleeves pushed up (like you’re from Miami)8. Just the jacket— with super-faded denim9. Just the pants— with a cotton turtleneck10. With loafers11. With espadrilles12. With your best bench-made dress shoes13. To meet the parents14. With a baseball cap15. Anywhere you’d wear plain old blue or gray ■…