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The Thousand-Dollar Pair of Jeans • A grand is probably a little (or, okay, a lot) more than you’re used to paying for denim. But you’re also probably not used to customizing your jeans by choosing the fit, the wash, the metal of the hardware, and the precise size and exact placement of any sanding, staining, or distressing. Not much in this world is absolutely perfect, but your 3x1 jeans will be just that. For the same level of craftsmanship that goes into a custom suit, it’s an extraordinary investment. —JIM MOORE 3x1 made-to-measure jeans, up to $1,800 at 3x1, 15 Mercer St., SoHo, N.Y.C. THE $1,ØØØ GUIDE TO 2Ø17 Even in uncertain times, there’s still fun to be had, clothes to be bought, money to be…maybe not blown, but spent less than responsibly. Here’s…

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the $1,000 guide to 2017

Two Ways to Watch Your Money A grand might not buy you a Rolex, but it can get you a work of art. No joke: They sell this Junghans watch at MoMA. Its design harks back to Bauhaus-era modernism, and inside it’s got the Swiss-made guts of a contemporary masterwork. If you prefer variety, that same $1K will buy you a full watch arsenal: an everyday warhorse from Timex, a go-go gadget (with a sunny yellow strap) from Apple, and a dressy stainless-steel timepiece from Bulova. Armed with all three, you’ll be set for any conceivable scenario— always in the right place at the right time. —JOHN ORTVED > How the Style Guy Turns $1,000 into $3,000 My editor bet me that I couldn’t pull off a complete suited look for under a thousand…

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run this town >your $1,000 new york weekend

Friday Night • Arrive at JFK and skip the line for extortionate taxis. Instead, ride the subway ($7.75) to 42nd Street, where you’ll check into Yotel (1; $258 for two nights), a futuristic budget hotel with a robot for a bellhop. Now it’s dinnertime: Uber downtown for a wood-fired pie from Pasquale Jones and learn to pair white wine (from France!) with your pizza ($100). Then hit the beer-and-shot doubleheader at Botanica Bar ($6), where people you’d actually like sober go to get wild, and Milano’s ($7), one of the few old bars in N.Y.C. that haven’t become a tourist trap (because it’s so narrow it can only fit, like, four of them). Finish with Sand Tigers at Tropical 128 (2; $24), a campy club that feels like a degenerate Rainforest…

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the $1,000 guide to 2017

Stop Paying for the Gym! TOTAL COST: $910 Here’s an idea: Rather than sinking your $1,000 into a perpetual monthly fee, buy these wellness tools recommended by CrossFit Games champion Mat Fraser. (Or if you love your gym membership, get more out of it by following our 2017 fitness plan later in this issue)—CLAY SKIPPER NIKE METCON 2 TRAINING SNEAKERS • $130 If you decide to quit exercising, at least you got a new pair of shoes. PHILIPS WAKE-UP LIGHT • $170 “When you’re woken up by sunlight, you don’t feel so groggy. Your body is just naturally waking you up.” UE BOOM 2 WIRELESS SPEAKER • $200 “It’s small and wireless and pumps music. I throw it in my gym bag and it’s good to go. The battery seems to last forever.” INSTANT POT RICE COOKER • $140 In…

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seven great ways to blow a grand—serious enthusiasm required

1. A DRONE THAT’S HARD TO CRASH, EASY TO STASH Use your phone to peep footage from the Mavic Pro portable drone’s 4K camera, which floats on a stabilizer, then watch as the thing sets itself down like a Mars rover. But it’s worth a grand, if only because it all folds up into the size of a brick. $999 | dji.com 2. IT’S EITHER THIS OR 9,315 BICS The palladium-coated Roadster pen by Cartier comes dotted with tiny (and probably laborintensive) rivets. $930 | cartier.com 3. ABSURDLY OLD SCOTCH With Highland Park’s 30-year, you pay for the wait—and the richness liquor takes on when it’s aged this long. $1,010 | parkaveliquor.com 4. HIGH-END HIGH-TOPS These Buscemi 150 MM Black/Whites stand out because of their minimal styling...and shiny gold padlocks on the heels. $995 | buscemi.com 5. THE TURNTABLE UPGRADE With a carbon-fiber…

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the punch list

Misunderstood Monsters of the Month Just how monstrous are these cinematic beasts? MONSTER TRUCKS 1/13 ✔ Dirt monster skulks around a high school picking up teenage boys. ✘ But also helps a boy build monster trucks while his father is away at sea! A MONSTER CALLS 12/23 ✔ Tree monster possesses a child and vandalizes his grandmother’s living room. ✘ But also befriends the kid during his mother’s illness and helps him confront a bully! THE MONSTER IN THEATERS NOW ✔ Forest monster lurks in the woods, “intent on never letting [a stranded mother and daughter] leave.” ✘ Actually, this monster is just a dick. The Patriot An abridged history of Mark Wahlberg’s most American moments 1971 Born in fahkin’ Boston—evah heard of it, chucklehead? 1999–2010 Plays cops in The Corruptor, The Departed, We Own the Night, Max Payne, The Other Guys 2011 Opens restaurant that sells…