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Welcome Back, Jason If this election year so far is any indication, the national conventions are going to be doozies. Fortunately GQ’s political correspondent, Jason Zengerle—who headed south for “The Love Song of Governor Horndog” (page 44)—will be on the scene, keeping you posted via GQ.com and eating really crappy food. THE BIG QUESTIONS 1 Who is your favorite Jason from cinema or history? As a kid, I liked the bewildered yet loving way Rodney Dangerfield said his son’s name in Back to School. “Jay-SON!” So, Jason Melon. 2 Which party’s convention has better snacks? Neither. The dirty secret of political conventions is you eat at the same concessions as NBA and NHL fans. 3 What’s your favorite phrase to say in a southern accent? “Appreciate ya!” Which means “Thank you, good-bye.” 4 What’s the most GQ thing you’ve…

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melania and the media

Journalists speak up for Julia Ioffe In April, Melania Trump named writer Julia Ioffe in a Facebook post decrying “dishonest media and their disingenuous reporting” following the web release of Ioffe’s profile, “Lady and the Trump” (June). After that post, Ioffe began to receive ugly, often anti-Semitic vitriol from some of Donald Trump’s fans—on Twitter and at her home. Many journalists voiced support for Ioffe and called for Trump to denounce his bigoted followers. • “Trump could make a statement clarifying that he doesn’t condone any form of anti-Semitism, and imploring his supporters not to abuse Ioffe.… Would that make a difference? Maybe. We’ll probably never know.”—L. V. Anderson, Slate • “If Trump were a true leader, he would’ve encouraged his ‘fans’ to stop spewing such hate.”—Dean Obeidallah, The Atlantic • “Though he may…

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the two-in-one summer haircut

GQ Endorses You can mess it up… …or dress it up. As you’re shedding excess clothing for the hot season, you’ll probably also want a shorter haircut. But instead of buzzing it all off this year, try a more versatile look: high and tight on the sides, longer on top. With a side part shaved right into the cut, you can comb it slick through the workweek and wear it mussed for the weekend. Either way, maintenance is easy—which is crucial. Who wants to spend all his summer Fridays in the barber’s chair? H A I R A N D G R O O M I N G : J O H N N Y H E R N A N D E Z F O R F I E R R O AG…

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your sandals just went to the dark side

Opening Ceremony x Teva $95 The post-ironic adventure sandal that’ll be all over Lollapalooza. Valentino Garavani $345 For the discerning man whose feet require Italian craftsmanship, even in the shower American Eagle Outfitters $35 Where to buy it? Go to GQ.com/go/fashiondirectories The quintessential hippie sandal gets a 2016 remix. Ralph Lauren $395 You’ll need a dressy option for that destination wedding in the Maldives. Dan Ward $300 The ancient Greeks only wish they had these bungee straps. When you want something more sophisticated than the neon 99-cent flip-flops they sell at the surf shack, turn to your favorite designer label and grab any of the classic sandal shapes in basic black. They’ll go with every swimsuit known to man—and with just a touch of beach-goth attitude, they’ll carry you straight off the sand and onto the street. Heal Your Heels Like…

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AT THE COOKOUT IN THE CLUB Say Aloha to the Camp Shirt (the Hawaiian’s Little Brother) • With its smaller collar, boxier fit, straighter hem, and shorter sleeves, the camp shirt is exactly 34 percent less kitschy than a regular Hawaiian. By some miracle of tailoring, it’s structured enough to work under a suit and yet casual enough to wear while napping against a palm tree. So take yours everywhere (the office, the bar, the barbecue…) and make the world your luau.–NICK MARINO Left, shirt, $650, and slides, $510, by Louis Vuitton. Jeans, $248, by Citizens of Humanity. Watch by Rolex. Right, shirt, $155, by AllSaints. Tank top, $38 (for four), by Hanes. Suit, $420, by Topman. Loafers, $565, by Church’s. Necklace by Degs & Sal. Where to buy it? Go to GQ.com/go/fashiondirectories DIY Move of the…

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this vacation, let someone else do all your reading

• I got hooked on audiobooks when I started running again. The mind-clawing boringness of running had kept me away for years, until I realized it was actually a unique benefit. Boredom meant my mind was free to focus elsewhere. And you know where else you can bask in constructive boringness? The beach. Which is why it’s a far better place for reading than a coffee shop or park bench or subway car, where something criminal or romantic or insane seems to constantly vie for your attention. The beach, though? Just the boring ocean and that hardback you’ve been meaning to crack. This summer I’m borrowing from my running regimen and making those beach-“reading” experiences audioonly. Going audio means gifting yourself a day of uninterrupted story—no starts and stops for wayward…