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Meet Carvell Wallace Interviewing cover star Mahershala Ali is a dangerous business—you might get lost forever in his tranquil gaze and winning smile—but Oakland-based writer Carvell Wallace was up for the challenge. Read his debut GQ piece on page 48. 1 Under what circumstances would you stay at a Trump property? The year is 2019, conditions at the camps have deteriorated, a new warlord has arisen among the inmates... 2 Define “to Carvell Wallace” (verb). To hide the fact that it’s your birthday and then resent everyone for not celebrating it. 3 What’s the worst meal you’ve ever had? I’ve eaten placenta. 4 Which artist best exemplifies “pool music”? Philip Glass. I get very reflective around pools. 5 What’s the closest you’ve come to looking as good as Mahershala Ali? LOL. No, seriously, though. Travel and Eat with Us You love our travel,…

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Rules of the Pool 2017 •RULE• 1 Be Fully Dressed When You’re Half Naked Swimming is overrated. You jump in and it’s fun and it’s wet and it’s…really just fun and wet. Chilling by the pool is where things get interesting—where you can hang with your friends or doze o≠ on a deck chair or rub sunscreen onto the delicate shoulders of your bae. These paw go forth and cannonball! Or not!— JIM MOORE On him: Shirt $120 Saturdays NYC | Shorts $98 Life After Denim | Belt Eleventy | Sunglasses Ray-Ban | Necklace Renvi Bracelet Tateossian | Backpack Valentino Garavani | Where to buy it? Go to the fashion directories on GQ.com RULE• 2 Wear Anything But a T-Shirt When you’ve got on swim trunks— especially nice, trim trunks like these— don’t wreck your look with some…

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the ballsiest father in america

No one looms over the sports universe right now quite like L AVAR BAL L . From the moment his now teenage boys could walk, he’s been molding them into basketball prodigies. His wife calls it “LaVar-ology.” Now Ball’s dream is so close to reality: getting all three sons into the NBA. So why is he taking so much heat for such unprecedented results? Why isn’t he being celebrated as a sports-dad Svengali? Just listen to the man talk. And talk 2ZACH BARON THERE’S A GUY in LaVar Ball’s kitchen in Chino Hills, pitching a TV show. Andy. He’s got gray hair and a bright yellow coat and yellow sunglasses perched on his forehead. His idea is a cartoon: Basketball players by day, superheroes by night. They live a double life,…

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20 dad hacks for enjoying dadhood

BEING A DAD is joyful, invigorating, purposeful— and a day-to-day shit show. Which is why the smart dad has shortcuts, little hacks that save his sanity when it’s under siege by tantrums, exploding diapers, and bedtime stories that stretch as long as Infinite Jest. So we compiled all the sneakiest tricks in the dad book. Because the best dad is a sane dad 1 Believe in the Value of the Dad Hack With every parenting decision you make, you’re weighing your child’s emotional well-being against the need to not lose your shit. Which is why the first hack you must learn is recursive: The dad hack is okay. Imagine you are Matt Damon and Robin Williams is saying it to you, over and over, until you break down and believe it. The.…

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the empire knocks one back

I ARRIVED AT the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., on an evening in late March, just as the cherry blossoms were shedding pink all over the city. The assignment was to hole up for five days and four nights within the president’s most luxurious monument to himself. Since the election, the hotel has attracted protesters, a raft of foreign dignitaries, and a few lawsuits, including one that questions the legality of an elected o∞cial operating a moneymaking enterprise in a federally owned building. But those were the headlines. Inside, political tourin, the hotel has attracted protesters, a raft of foreign dignitaries, and a few lawsuits, including one that questions the legality of an elected o∞cial operating a moneymaking enterprise in a federally owned building. But those were the headlines.…

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lime light

THERE’S NOT actually a golden light shining down on Mahershala Ali from the ceiling of the Santa Monica café where I first meet him, but it feels like there is. He looks in real life the way old MGM movies made leading men look on-screen. Vivid and dashing. We are the only black people here. Ali is, by a substantial margin, the best-dressed man in the room. He wears a brown cardigan and a simple maroon T-shirt; a knit skullcap sits tilted on his head. They are not fancy clothes, but they are worn with certainty and ease, as if they were. I watch as the people around us notice him and then try to play it cool. The past year has brought Ali a rash of fame after nearly two decades…