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Meet Zach Baron → On page 34, GQ staff writer Zach Baron shares his manifesto on being “washed”—a state characterized by maximum golf and minimum ambition. We asked him some questions, and he found it within himself to answer half of them. 1 What’s the most “I’m washed” thing you wear? I have succumbed to New Balance 990s and pale baggy jeans, which is literally the uniform my father has been wearing my entire life. I think he’s still wearing it better. 2 Where do you wear it? During my one to two social engagements a week. 3 Where is the line between washed enlightenment and ennui? I take a walk every day and ask myself this question. So… long before you do that. 4 What is the anthem of the washed? Jadakiss’s “We Gonna Make It.” Because it’s…

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the last-minute, totally spontaneous summer hang

→ It’s 11 A.M. on a Saturday, somewhere in the depths of summer. You want to do something tonight, but you don’t feel like spending the whole evening at a bar, or even changing out of your basketball shorts. The only answer, then, is persuading people to come to your place for an event that resembles a party—but doesn’t require too much effort. Enter the low-key summer hang: It’s a little more advanced than your standard spread of PBRs and tortilla chips. People will come for the large-format cocktails and crispy barbecue, and they’ll stay until someone eventually yells out the name of a local bar. So here’s how to put together the tasty, un-boring cocktails and the snacks that’ll keep everyone going. —MARIAN BULL DITCH THE KEG Mix Your Beer A large-format hang…

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5 irreverent summer style moves

1 THE COMPLETE SET Not every suit is a masterpiece of tailoring. One of the easiest ways to look put together this season is to pick a pattern and wear it head to toe. 2 THE KNIT TANK TOP Meet the summerized, psychedelic version of the standard sweater-vest. 3 PATTERNED PANTS When it comes to prints, think big, bold, and botanical and pass on the dainty critters and camo. 4 THE PERFECT PASTEL SUIT Shake up the navys and khakis by reaching for one of these tasty new suit flavors: mint green, lavender, eggshell blue. 5 LOAFERS & SHORTS There’s nothing more unexpectedly dope than wearing your strongest statement loafers (and finest hosiery) with a pair of beat-around hiking shorts. →JUSTICE SMITH is the rare 22-year-old actor who tried to bail on his first blockbuster role. Not because he didn’t…

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superpowers of the fashion world, unite!

Here’s a question for you: If Gap had never stitched those three letters on a pullover, would the hoodie as we know it—Supreme-logo’d, Gucci-embroidered—exist today? Probably not. Like Levi’s 501s or Converse Chuck Taylors, Gap’s most readily recognized design is an icon of democratic American style. It’s the Michael Jordan jersey of mall-store menswear: bought by 13-year-olds looking for their first wallet-friendly swerve, worn by Mark Zuckerberg (at least on-screen in The Social Network), and re-discovered by grown men nostalgic for their earliest style status symbol. That’s why we’re so excited to see how this year’s bestin-class crop of Coolest Designers on the Planet will interpret—or straight-up overhaul—the quintessential cozy-guy staple. The limited-edition lineup hits Gap stores (and our pages) this fall. LEFT: MATT MARTIN. 1) PETER WHITE/GETTY IMAGES. 2) JACOPO RAULE/GETTY…

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the coolest car you can buy is a…wagon?

YOU, A PHILISTINE, probably believe that station wagons are dorky. That they always have been and always will be. But I, a genius, know otherwise: Wagons—right this moment—are actually extremely cool. First, you should know we’re in the midst of a wagon resurgence, and it’s being led by the world’s swankiest car manufacturers. From BMW and Mercedes and Volvo—longtime wagon believers—to newcomers like Jaguar, Ferrari, and Porsche, the high end has been putting a luxe sheen on this historically dweeby automotive category. These cars are all varying degrees of offbeat handsome, muscular, and expensive. Inside they’re leather-lined, pin-drop quiet, and technology-laden. One of them has 550 horsepower. Two of them have more. There’s a certain timely logic to the wagon-aissance, arising just as Dad Style blossoms into a genuine high-fashion movement. Dad…

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i get emotional about my baggage

Hey, M.A.G., I have the same black luggage as everybody else shuffling down the aisle. How can I up my carry-on game? Great personal style is generally instinctual. Miles Davis just knew how to lasso his bandanna ever so artfully around his neck. Clark Gable just knew how to dangle a cigarette in a way that made the surgeon general say, “Now…that is cool.” Pharrell just knows how to rock green hair. And red hair. And orange hair. But there’s one sartorial sense no one is born with: sporting the perfect luggage. I’ve tried everything. The massive army-surplus knapsack. (Too Top Gun–y.) The leather trunk. (Too Titanic-y.) The cowhide duffel. (Too many visits to my chiropractor.) So after approximately 247,629 flights in the past eight years for GQ alone, I’ve finally found what…