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GQ June 2016

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get the gq look

Sundek swim trunks More on page 96 >EACH MONTH, the editors of GQ will select a series of items from our pages available through our online retail partner, Mr >TO LEARN more—and see what we have chosen for you this month—go to Just a few of our picks from this issue... Boss suit p. 142 Saint Laurent sneakers p. 131 Persol sunglasses p. 138 Saint Laurent jacket p. 131 PHOTOGRAPHS, CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: PEGGY SIROTA; MARK SELIGER; ANDERS OVERGAARD; MARK SELIGER; ANDERS OVERGAARD. STRIPED TANK TOP: SATURDAYS NYC…

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Introducing Julia Ioffe The June issue welcomes Julia Ioffe’s GQ debut, “Lady and the Trump,” a deep dive into would-be First Lady Melania Trump’s roots. Ioffe, a longtime editor and writer (The New York Times Magazine, Foreign Policy), answers our burning-est Q’s about world leaders and Trump slumber parties. SOME BIG QUESTIONS FOR JULIA 1 What rhymes with “Ioffe”? Coffee. 2 What rhymes with “Julia”? I’ll never forgive Adam Sandler. 3 What’s the most Melania thing you heard Melania say? “He is a very understanding husband. If I say, ‘I need an hour—I’m going to take a bath’ or ‘I’m having a massage,’ he doesn’t have nothing against it. He’s very supportive in that way.” 4 When Trump has slumber parties, which Julia Roberts movie does he put on first? Pretty Woman, don’t you think? 5 Which president’s hair do you…

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the summer peacock look

Finally, the sun’s back and you’re ready to shed layers, right? But wait a moment—hear us out. This year the dandy look is in, more is officially more, and bold is best. Look for a summer-weight double-breasted suit, a GQ staple now made in less stuffy styles perfect for the hot months. Then get crazy with look-at-me accessories. Tie? Of course. Bag? You got it. A hat, watch, and shoes with swagger? You’re just getting started. Turn the page for more ways to tap into your inner peacock. Wear the Rainbow You’ve spent the chilly months swaddled in a cocoon of navy, gray, and black. And nothing against those colors, but they’re no fun when the sun comes out Afraid of the DB? Don’t Be Particularly not in summertime. What you think of as…

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the backpack that’s been two centuries in the making

Storied Parisian label Goyard, founded on the art of trunk-making, has been a favorite of the crusty socialite set since monocles were all the rage. Lately it’s begun taking over U.S. street style, too. There are a lot of theories as to why: Maybe because the brand’s signature Escher-esque print is hypnotic and geometrically infallible. Maybe because hip-hop’s most stylish faces—Pharrell, A$AP Rocky, Kanye—have been carrying Goyard gear for a few years. (Did Goyard play the long game and plan to take over America one MC at a time?) Regardless, this backpack—crafted with centuries of leatherworking, handstitching know-how—is the laptop-stashing, lunch-toting, big-timing style move of right this second.…

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all your burning questions, answered

While we realize too much sun is bad, all those warnings to stay indoors during the sexiest season of the year strike us as the dermatological equivalent of abstinence education: mighty naive and no damn fun. This is what a reasonable, sun-loving guy needs to know before stepping into those ultralight beams. What time of day should I be soaking up rays? In the morning, before all the sand-flinging children and Pitbullblasting douches show up and spoil the fun, anyway. The sun is at its most murderous between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. What should I do during those hours? Patronize the nearest shady tiki bar. You can go back out in the late afternoon. Once and for all: Which sunscreen should I buy? Beverly Hills dermatologist Harold Lancer, whose guest book includes actors, politicians, and…

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rock died so your tee could live

Lately we’ve noticed that celebs are as likely to sport Metallica’s blade logo or the Grateful Dead’s lightningskull emblem as they are some highfashion Parisian brand. Even the ’90s babies, like Justin Bieber and Harry Styles—kids who think Ozzy Osbourne’s claim to fame is an MTV reality show: They don’t know Black Sabbath deep cuts, but they know how to look cool. And nothing looks cooler than faded, scratched-up rock tees that have seen two, three, maybe four decades of hard partying. If you don’t have any in storage, it’s time to start hunting. (It won’t be too hard; turn the page!) This summer you should look like you’re fresh off tour—even if the only thing you shred during the day is paper. GROOMING: CARRIE LAMARCA USING MALIN+GOETZ. MANICURE: MARTHA FEKETE…