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Februwy 2017, New York City SAKS FIFTH AVENUE MEN'S STORE LAUNCH GQ partnered with Saks Fifth Avenue to celebrate the opening of the new Saks Downtown Men's store. The event drew a stylish crowd of New Yorkbased influencers and tastemakers, including Rashad Jennings and artist Timothy Goodman, in addition to Jake Lacy, Blair Underwood, Justin Hartley, and Leighton Meester, along with a live DJ set by James Murphy (DFA LCD Soundsystem) and food by Marcus Samuelsson's Streetbird Rotisserie. VISIT REPORT.GQ.COM FOR MORE Twitter is a registered tradmark of Twitter, Inc Facbook is a registered tradmark of Facebook, Inc All Instagramlogos and tradmarks are proparty of Instagram.L.I.C,…

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louder than bombs

COMEDY '17 DOES DONALD TRUMP have a foreign policy? Americans (and ferriners) want to know! Is there, as The New York Times recentl y wondered, a Trump Doctrine? If there is, the Times av erred, i t is “situational” and “improvisational,” like the worst jazz you ever heard. Let’s begin with what we know to be true. Donald Trump, owing to his genuinely superlative nature, is the least intellectually curious person to ever occupy the highest o∞ce in the most important country in the world. You’d think this deficit of humanity might eventually bleed into his foreign policy. In fact, it already has. In the cartoonish sense, there is something very 19th century about Trump’s view of America’s place in the world. We’re here t o git what ’s ours. It’s a return,…

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Prada vest More on page 84 EACH MONTH, the editors of GQ will select a series of items from our pages available through our online retail partner, Mr Porter.com TO LEARN more—and see different ways to wear what we’ve chosen this month go to GQ.com/selects C LO C KWI S E F R O M TO P : P E G G Y S I R OTA ; PAO L A K U D A C K I ; P E G G Y S I R OTA ( 2 ) ; TO M S C H I R M A C H E R . TO P L E F T, O N T H E R O C K , S H O R T S : N A U T I…

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The latest news from the monthly, the daily, and the all-the-time-ly world of GQ Amy Wallace Knows Comedy > Which is to say, she’s profiled some of our favorite comedy gods of years past: Jeffrey Tambor, Garry Shandling, Rob Lowe, and Kevin Hart among them. In this issue, she gets to know Baskets’ Louie Anderson and Spinal Tap’s Harry Shearer. Below, we get to know Amy. 1 What’s the most Louie Anderson thing Louie Anderson said to you? We’d both dug into a charcuterie plate, and he told me, “We’ll probably be friends for life now.” 2 What was the firstGQstory you ever read? I remember being struck by “Lucky Jim,” Elizabeth Gilbert’s story about Jim MacLaren, a quadriplegic who’d been hit not once but twice by vehicles that robbed him first of one leg and…

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manual look sharp live smart

GQ Endorses 1 of 4 The New Vows of Wedding Style • When you’re a wedding guest, your only job is to make sure the celebration is lit. And there’s nothing better than partying till breakfast time in a well-tailored suit. Just don’t fall into the boringtux trap. Seize the opportunity to go bolder with your colors (burgundy, maybe?) or the patterns on your tie. Wear a funky dinner jacket. Or steal a floppy bow tie from the red carpet. The rules are looser than ever, and the new message is: Take a risk. You’ve got the next three pages for inspiration, so use them. And then get out on that dance floor. —JIM MOORE First generation Indian-American, Muslim, and avowed “fake journalist” Hasan Minhaj was tapped to host this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner,…

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sickest collaborations of the year, part 1 > gap x gq

M AMI French Design Within Reach •WHY WE LOVE HIM: Alexandre Mattiussi used to work for Dior and Givenchy, so he knows how to make clothes look and feel luxurious, even if his own designs are way looser and more playful. •HIS TAKE: “When you’re a designer for a big brand, you can’t a≠ord the pieces you’re designing. My goal is to imagine the clothes I’m designing now on real people I might come across on the street, on the subway, on the terrace at the café.” Kinfolk Brooklyn’s Finest •WHY WE LOVE ’EM: Kinfolk built their name in 2010 with an event space– slash–café and then got into fashion, designing tees and hoodies indebted to skate crews, gra≠iti, and the Beastie Boys. •THEIR TAKE: “Clothes are as much a part of our DNA as nightlife…