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MEET MARIAH SMITH Mariah Smith is a comedian, producer, and writer. She covers entertainment in general and the Kardashians in particular. In this issue, she hits the gym with the men of Insecure (page 92). We asked her about fitness, her high school jams, and spoooooky stuff. 1 ________ is to 2018 as Jazzercise was to 1969. Overpriced boutique group fitness. 2 What's the worst thing about the gym? The lights are too bright. We don't need to see what we’re doing. 3 What’s the least worst thing about the gym? The Wi-Fi. 4 What’s the best getting-in-shape montage of all time? Khloé Kardashian's Snapchat. 5 What purchase will make you feel self-actualized? A TV that's hidden in the foot of my bed. 6 Which song did you play the first time you drove without parental supervision? “The Bitch of Living" by the…

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the unreckoned

THIS IS THE LEAST FUNNY THING you will read in this issue, but it’s a story someone dear to me has carried around for years, and it bears telling. This is a ghost story. My sister was a young lobbyist in Washington, D.C., in the 1990s, and she was unlucky enough to speak out against sexual harassment before speaking out was permitted. It crushed her, and she’s still paying for it. She was in her 30s, fiercely intelligent and ambitious—I once heard a man describe her as “a real pistol,” the way bosses in screwball comedies would describe Rosalind Russell or some other brazen woman who had wandered into their line of work. She had started as an assistant at what people in D.C. call a K Street law firm, and while she…

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the hippies won!

THAT FROM NIXON TO TRUMP, IT’S THE SQUARES WHO CONQUERED. BUT ONLY RECENTLY HAVE WE COME TO REALIZE IT’S THE HIPPIES WHO TRIUMPHED OVER THE STUFF THAT REALLY MATTERS. SO OPEN YOUR MIND TO THE NEW REALITY… I HAD A CONVERSATION at a wedding recently with this guy who runs a “distressed debt shop” in New York City. The man leaked a pure, cold draft of privilege that sent a chill right down my spine. Like, he told me he’d struggled growing up because his dad was “a lowly managing director at Lehman Brothers.” This guy lacked human emotion, carpooled with the Trumps as a kid (and found them to be a bit coarse, naturally), and actually fucking wept when Mitt Romney wasn’t elected president of the United States. Had we…

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12 things hippies made cool

Eats VEGETARIANISM The number of vegetarians in the U.S. has grown by some 1,300 percent since 1971. TOFU Or tempeh, if you prefer. Hippies loved their soy products. BROWN RICE Good source of fiber, good for your soul. What more could you want from a grain? TURMERIC This hippie spice is having a moment. Add it to anything from chicken to yogurt. FREE LOVE Sex ORGIES You don’t need to move to the Haight for this! There’s likely a vast, trendy world of sex parties in a city near you. Respect is mandatory; participation, optional. NUDITY Tasteful photos from a naked retreat will be a hit on your Insta. POLYAMORY Free love is woke. Vibes MEDITATION Hippies called it meditation; we call it mindfulness. Think you don’t have the time? There’s an app for that. YOGA Office yoga is a thing now. Namaste, kids. Jams PSYCH ROCK Tame Impala psychedelic wunderkind Kevin Parker collabs…

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“you smell like a hippie” is a compliment now

“Natural” is now “Big Natural.” Conglomerates (like Unilever) are snapping up independent brands (like Schmidt’s Naturals) by the dozen, and big-box chains like Target are dedicating entire sections to green products. Naturally (sorry), this is great, right? Almost. The dark green underbelly of green grooming is that the consumer has to work even harder to know what’s in a bottle. With any booming segment comes misleading marketing—but a “clean” and “honest” category can be especially hard to navigate because what constitutes a natural product is mostly unregulated. Labels come with all kinds of near meaningless terms, like, you know, “natural.” So to help you through this garden of confusion, we not only tested hundreds of items to see if they actually work but rejected anything that doesn’t contain a large…

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how to pull off (almost) anything

Hey, M.A.G., I saw a pic of John Mayer rocking cowboy clothes and a Native American necklace at the same time. Is that…kosher? I once wore a bolo tie to a wedding—I own more than 100—and a guy who works in the fashion industry asked me how I thought a real cowboy would feel about me wearing a bolo. I thought about it for a couple of days and came to this conclusion: I don’t care what the cowboy thinks. I feel no shame about carrying a Filson bag and not being a hunter. I sleep just fine at night in Supreme boxers even though I can’t do a kick-flip to save my life. But I also recognize that this makes me a poseur. And I deserve whatever mockery comes my way.…