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GQ March 2016

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vote for a bitter tomorrow!

FRIENDS OF MINE keep talking about a Trump presidency, what it will feel like the day The Orange One comes to power. (Answer: It will feel just like the botched Miss Universe pageant, a fatal coronation you can’t easily take back.) Others are convinced that Ted Cruz has just the right Canadian-American chutzpah to go all the way to the White House. But I don’t think so, and I’m not worried about either of them. Why? There is one overwhelming reason a Republican won’t win the presidency this year, and her name is not Hillary. Doesn’t matter which candidate the Republicans field in the end, either, because, considering the glut of contenders—now 16, now 17, now 8 or 9 or 10—they were all surprisingly, depressingly, same-same. In fact, I like to play…

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GQ Style Is on Instagram! Follow @GQStyle for more tips Not only are we bringing you GQ Style with greater frequency (four issues a year!), but we’ve also developed a style-only Instagram, with all the Fashion Week updates, tips, and vintage style inspiration you need. Oh, snap, there’s more! Follow GQ_Magazine on Snapchat so you never miss any style tips. KANYE WEST vs LUCKY BLUE SMITH Most Stylish Man Showdown (Brought to you by the Kardashians) They tweeted, you voted. Behind every great man are four women with millions of Twitter followers. Kim, Kris, Kourtney, and Khloé took to Twitter to campaign for Kanye as’s Most Stylish Man. The Kardashian Kampaign was rivaled only by runner-up Lucky Blue Smith’s fans, who aggressively tweeted their support after Smith promised to send direct messages for votes. (Take note, Hillary.) Oscar…

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The New Distressed Way to Get Dressed If you’re anything like us, the best things in your closet are also the most worn: the perfectly broken-in jeans you’ve had for a decade, the effed-up sneakers you can’t throw away. But it’s not easy being patient. Which brings us to this spring’s distressed-everything style. It’s denim—and leather jackets and flannel shirts and cardigans, too. In fact, all the new stuff we want? It looks, well, old. With the help of ruggedly cool actor Brenton Thwaites, we’ll show you how to distress to impress: what to buy, how to style it, and ways to DIY a decade’s worth of patina. Invest in Distressed Assets We haven’t seen this many ripped, torn, and beat-to-hell clothes since Guns N’ Roses ran the Sunset Strip. Here’s how to…

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are you up for a rudes awakening?

•Let’s say you start a denim brand and it becomes a hit. Then, nine years later, you sell off your share for, oh, around $300 million. What do you do next? For Jeffrey Rudes, once the “J” in J Brand jeans, the answer after stepping away was to go upscale—way up the scale—and launch a sleek eponymous menswear line that rivals Tom Ford for louche sex appeal (and price) The Business Plan “I knew five years ago I’d be selling J Brand,” Rudes tells us. “And I knew I wanted to start an American label that could go up against the Italians, the French, the English. It would be fun.” He kept his headquarters in Los Angeles (where men have perfected the art of powerdressing without a tie), opened a flagship New…

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the oldest tricks in the bathroom

SMOOTH Shaving Safety razors— the simple nickela-blade ones—are back, with high-style brands like Ae-sop ($105, getting into the game. Upside: You feel like a ’50s movie star while saving money. Downside: They require time and patience (especially around tricky spots, like your upper lip). If you’re always running late, stick with a many-bladed drugstore wonder. HOW NOT TO Save Face Barbasol ($2, is eerily handy for dissolving a paint stain. As for shaving, we can say that the thick lather goes on easy but makes your cheeks feel like they’ve been wandering the desert for a week. Upgrade to Clinique for Men Aloe Shave Gel ($17, It’s smooth and soothing, so razor burn won’t be a problem. DOWNGRADE YOUR Pomade Looking for a rubber-cementstrong hold for your ’do? Then glop on Murray’s…

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the suited man > establish a pattern of greatness

Your Suit Could Use Some Micro-Aggression From across the store’s sales floor, the handsome suit you see here appears to be a solid shade of purplish blue. Then you get close enough to check the price tag and a distinct micro-pattern emerges—as if the fabric were stamped with a million evil eyes, or maybe sewn from sheets of LSD blotter paper. We have no proof whatsoever that Banana Republic’s design team was tripping balls when it decided to scale the pattern up to a full suit, but we guarantee that pulling this one on will help you blow a few minds of your own. Walk Tall Under African Ties What you notice first about the ties from Nigerian–via–New York label Post-Imperial are the unfinished edges. (Like we said, distressed is everywhere.) Then you…