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GQ March 2017

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get the gq look

LIKE WHAT YOU SEE IN THE PAGES OF GQ? NOW YOU CAN GET IT—AND WEAR IT— RIGHT AWAYthe editors of GQ will select a series of items from our pages available through our online retail partner, Mr Porter.comTO LEARNmore—and see what we have chosen for you this month—go to a few of our picks from this issue...Hugo suit p. 109Tom Ford sweater and henley p. 150Bremont watch p. 62Dolce & Gabbana shirt and jeans p. 135C LOCKW I S E F R O M TO P : DA N F O R B E S ; E L L E N VON U N W E R T H ; A D R I A N G AU T; S E B A S T I A N K…

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The latest news from the monthly, the daily, and the all-the-time-ly world of GQ.This month GQ correspondent Taffy Brodesser-Akner strolled through London with Tom Hiddleston, the star of Kong: Skull Island (and some Taylor Swift paparazzi shots). Here, the interviewer becomes the interviewee.1 What happened the last time you said, “What’s the worst that could happen”?My children are a blessing.2 How long did you have “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” stuck in your head after your interview?I shook it off pretty quickly.3 What’s your drink?Sparkling rosé.4 What’s your drink when you’re putting on airs?Ironic sparkling rosé.5 Write a haiku about Whole Foods.Can someone help me? The chia seeds evade me God, I hate myself6 Where are you least likely to shop?At not the Gap.GQ Does a 360Take an…

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Look Sharp Live Smart• We’ve loved 1980s-style varsity jackets ever since Teen Wolf and The Breakfast Club, but at this point the ultra-sporty kind feels a little…junior varsity. The re-imagined version that Dev Patel wears here is way more sophisticated. With the dark color and extra zippers, it’s closer to a motorcycle jacket than to what you earn when you make the baseball team. Wear it with anything from a tie to a tee, and you’ll look less like a high school jock and more like a style superstar.—JIM MOORECoach 1941 $995 | coach.comThe Retro revolutrionLook around the present and you’ll notice everyone finding inspiration in the past. There’s La La Land; there’s Bruno Mars; there’s probably a senator advocating for Prohibition somewhere. It makes sense: We’re in an era…

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the forward way to go back in time

It’s 2017. There’s probably some fancy “app” on your “device” that can tell you what time it “is.” But there’s still no app for eternal style. And nothing captures the classic appeal of 1930s watches like these rebootsC LOCKW I S E FROM TO P L E F TOris $1,990 Timex $55 Hamilton $1,695 Panerai $11,700 Rado $2,700 Shinola $650 Bremont $3,695 Where to buy it? Go to /fashion-directories ■…

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make the vertical leap

Unless you have a side gig as a referee, you’ve probably spent your life wearing only subtle, thin vertical stripes. But right now, the standout move is to go wider and wilderDig that midcentury fit!• Pairing stripes with more stripes might seem like voodoo magic, but there’s actually a simple trick: Just make sure some are wider than others. With that one change in scale, all those vertical lines will slim you down and raise you up.Polo $620 Dsquared2 Pants $295 The Kooples• In the fashion rule book, right alongside “Show a little cu≠” and “Easy on the jodhpurs” is: “Wear light shirts with dark stripes.” Well, it’s time to retire that rule. Because what fun are stripes if you can’t turn them on their head?Shirt $170 Reiss…

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the style guy

GQ style editor Mark Anthony Green shows you how to go old-school but not oldfashioned. But first: the problem with spring weatherWith all due respect, 50 degrees is the sweet spot from a sartorial standpoint, because you get to wear layers without one of those layers being a giant coat. A thick sweater and a leather jacket should be perfect. Or a cardigan and a military jacket. Some bombers are down-filled and therefore super warm and cozy. And all of those should hold up in the rain just fine. Bottom line: Add one more layer to your 65-degree outfit and you should be good. But I have to ask: Are you generally hard to please? Are you having trouble finding joy in perfect things? Were you one of the three…